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  1. ldrifta

    Post [Q] How should I de/recompile a system app? What did I do wrong?

    1 thing i would recomend is not using the actual apk you just built. instead, open your new apk with a file manager such as 7zip and remove your newly compiled files out of it, then put them into the original apk from your rom using 7zip as well! thus keeping the apk's original signature :D try...
  2. ldrifta

    Post [Q] stuck after several reboots, then system partition full???

    im thinking you need to do an actual format of the system partition through the custom recovery you have installed.. may have flashed things in it not realizing that they dont delete unless the installer-script does it for you, so try manually formatting then reflashing the stock rom or...
  3. ldrifta

    Thread [ROM](WIP)D2mtr_NumberTwo v1.1 | MB2 | Multi-Window

    Stock Based ROM for the Metro s3 if anyone is interested? Rom Base: --Stock_4.1.2_MB2 Kernel(s): --Stock_MB2; [Un/In]?-secured Rom Includes: ~Root + SU ~Google Apps...
  4. ldrifta

    Post [MOD][GUIDE] Multiple Lockscreen MOD [JB_BLK3]

    hey didact, first let me start by saying you are a genius!! lol to actually write these guides out and everything your such a huuuge plus to the android development community :D now on to my typical noob question LOLOL, im also experiencing some issues at the very end of this guide to-do with...
  5. ldrifta

    Post [MOD][8/25/2012] Turbo Prop v4.0 (beta) [AV any]

    please tell me im not the only one who caught the underpants gnome ref? :D epic!! haha phase 1: collect underpants phase 2: ??? phase 3: profit!!! :D
  6. ldrifta

    Post [ROM]tvall's cm7

    wow man... LOL im so shocked that this thing still lives... (not the rom, the actual device :D) im glad to see development still happening over here :D, again i apologize for not being around anymore.. fel like i abandoned you guys.. DREAMteam no longer exists.. :( LOL.. i've learned so much...
  7. ldrifta

    Post [GENERAL-GUIDE] You Are A Noob on Xda |How to Theme|How to Mod|How to Tweak|And More

    some guides toward editing kernel sources would be nice :D jus sayinn LOL great compilation though
  8. ldrifta

    Post [How To] Add Customizable 15 Statusbar Toggle Buttons to ICS Roms

    what are the odds of getting this ported to the lg esteem? im gonna try it but a few things i know will cause a HALT in the proccess... the device is GB based and also it does not have the desired smali file mentioned in OP for modifications.. so my question to you respected developer is, can i...
  9. ldrifta

    Post [Guide] Add toggle settings to hide clock/AM/PM

    yeah. me and some friends are trying to port this over to the LG-Esteem, running GB 2.3.4, everything works fine for modifying the 'Settings.apk', but when doing the edits for Clock.smali i get that same error :( i know it's not your resposibility, but you sound like you have a wayyy better...
  10. ldrifta

    Post [Guide] G1 How-to: Root, Un-Root & Everything in-between; 2708 1.33.0013d

    huh...? lol your flashing the DREAIMG.nbh so you can downgrade to 1.0, because 1.0 is the only fw version you can use keyboard to type in cmd ie: enabling usb debbugging. the reason your doing this is so you can properly install adb drivers, then you can use adb to open your settings menu on...
  11. ldrifta

    Post [ROM][WIP] United ICS

    haha nothing, just wanted to pop in and say hello :D i feel like an a-hole i haven't been here in so long.. i've learned a LOT since the last time we talked tho lol i'm advancing very well and have a great amount of respect in the lg-esteem community, i dont have access to a g1 anymore (for now...
  12. ldrifta

    Post [ROM][WIP] United ICS

    im a ghost ghost ghost
  13. ldrifta

    Post [MOD][TWEAKS] ThunderBolt! v3.3.0 5/15/16 [Performance+Battery Life Mods & Tweaks]

    7.???? 8.PROFIT!! lol hahaha yes!!!! i literally am leaving this comment to share my love of this 1 part of OP lolol for those of you who dont know its a south park quote haha underpants knomes :D love it!!! ur tha man dude!!
  14. ldrifta

    Post [UTILITY] Simon's HTC Utility v4

    i need some help if possible.. im trying to root a MetroPCS wilfire s, completely stock!!! where do i start? i've been lead to this guide but im not sure what to do...? do i need to install drivers? any specific usb 'mode' i need to be in?? im completely lost.. sorry lol
  15. ldrifta

    Post [ROM][4/21/12][UNITED] Liberty v0.51 | AROMA Installer | Sense 2.0 | Android 2.1

    heyy you lose my email or somethin?? lol how and where has everyone been??
  16. ldrifta

    Post [ROM] Froyo Cream Sandwich (AOSP and FroyobyLaszlo) (2012-04-17)

    Nice Work man!! i am also constructing an ics theme for gb rom tho lol
  17. ldrifta

    Post [12 NOV] [HDPI] Ice Cream Sandwich themed GB Keyboard [v2]

    for some reason mine doesn't look like your pic, all the buttons are smaller :( is this normal?
  18. ldrifta

    Post [Rom][2.2.3 AOSP] DREAMteam Froyo v2.0.0 [9/3/2012]

    hey man sorry lol i just been really busy lately.. my g1 is basically retired man but i can still give some feedback if needed lol once i get my own place and my sh*t back together ill come on and do what i can lol as of now i have no plans on updating anything yet i dont even know what needs...
  19. ldrifta

    Post [rom]senseless[gb 2.3.5][rooted and deodexed][fast][stable][oc][link2sd]

    sorry to be that guy... but can someone point me in direction of rooting guide/method? lol i tried a how to search for it but found nothing..
  20. ldrifta

    Post [THEME][2.25.2012] Ice Cream Kangwich for GingerVolt

    awesome!! ur the man haha i like that 4g icon :D will send you some pics when finished, you can take anything you need as well
  21. ldrifta

    Post [THEME][2.25.2012] Ice Cream Kangwich for GingerVolt

    wow dood this looks nice!!! lol why dont esteem version look like this???? haha mind if i use this to merge with the LDK-ICK? it's already half your project lol and i agree with the fella up there about stock ics pull down.. but i was thinkin maybe we make 2 versions! one more stock looking...
  22. ldrifta

    Post Theme issues

    hey i got a question, lol on a stock zvc rom i used on LG Esteem (similar to revo) i made like 1 or 2 theme tweaks with framework-res.apk, services.jar & LGHome.apk... i seem to have an issue where i hold power for menu, select power off. but phone just reboots to boot animation than powers on...
  23. ldrifta

    Post [ROM] SenseLX L2 edition 1-6-12 Apologies!!!

    lol how are you flashing it? tell me the order you did it
  24. ldrifta

    Post [ROM] SenseLX L2 edition 1-6-12 Apologies!!!

    xillius said that!! than he dissapeared again for another year... so untill then, L edition continues!!!!! haha sorry guys i dont know where the hell he went... but he said he had stuff done i just dont have a copy
  25. ldrifta

    Post [ROM] SenseLX L2 edition 1-6-12 Apologies!!!

    well i sure hope not... lol but i dont see much action with any of my roms anymore, believe it or not there's newer roms for the g1 lolol but i been doing a lot of work on the esteem now so i kinda forget to check here sometimes lol but whats up do you need help with anything?
  26. ldrifta

    Post [Rom][2.2.3 AOSP] DREAMteam Froyo v2.0.0 [9/3/2012]

    are you using apps & data2sd in froyoparts?
  27. ldrifta

    Post [ROM] "Froyo Melt" v2.2.1 DreamTeam Froyo 2.2.2 Mod/Theme (10-31-11)

    agreed +1 that thread should be sticky'd, but sadly it doesn't look like much is going to change in the g1 section anymore...
  28. ldrifta

    Post [ROM] "Froyo Melt" v2.2.1 DreamTeam Froyo 2.2.2 Mod/Theme (10-31-11)

    yeah you should be able to... unless i altered some serious files... but im pretty sure i didn't lol
  29. ldrifta

    Post [ROM] "Froyo Melt" v2.2.1 DreamTeam Froyo 2.2.2 Mod/Theme (10-31-11)

    yeah they are lol same rom, just dt is stock and fm is modded/theme-able
  30. ldrifta

    Post [Q] G1 Touchscreen issue - By Pass welcome screen

    ccheck the guide in my signature, it has a how-to root method and also a google by-pass method which could also be useful in your situation to get by the little guy, you need to do the google by-pass so you can enable usb debbugging(which allows you to run adb commands) then from there just...
  31. ldrifta

    Post [ROM] "Froyo Melt" v2.2.1 DreamTeam Froyo 2.2.2 Mod/Theme (10-31-11)

    why is something wrong with the link? or do you need a diff mirror? on a side note, im sorry for the lack in updates... i have one semi ready but just want to get the dam playback issue fixed.. :( soon guys i promise!!
  32. ldrifta

    Post Dreamteam Froyo.

    in order to add reboot the way you specified, you would need to do some file editing which takes time and patience... but there are alternative methods (apps) and to change boot animation.... i think you need to seriously try the search bar... xda is loaded with boot animations in every device...
  33. ldrifta

    Post [Rom][2.2.3 AOSP] DREAMteam Froyo v2.0.0 [9/3/2012]

    nahh i just recently sold one to my uncle, he had a fender(MyTouch) but it got stolen so i gave em a rooted g1 wit stock froyo melt on it lol got $40 so screw it... i still have one tho.. probly gonna keep that till this forum dies out in 20 years haha
  34. ldrifta

    Post [Rom][2.2.3 AOSP] DREAMteam Froyo v2.0.0 [9/3/2012]

    i will try to keep up with you guys but i rarely check this thread lol... but i know its a damn good base because its being used for other roms :D but sadly i dont mess with the g1 that much anymore... i still have it tho so i can test any major issues or fix whatever bugs you guys stumble...
  35. ldrifta

    Post Help with senseLX newest version

    lol dood im soo sorry, i have no idea why you cant get the thing to boot... i mean unrooting and re rooting could possibly be the answer, did you try that already? i forget.. 2825 radio 0013d hboot RA dream recovery 1.7.0 sd card 96-128mb swap (optional) 512+mb ext4 fastboot wipe/recovery wipe...
  36. ldrifta

    Post [Boot Animation] 24.12.2011 Android Bios Boot animation | New: GALAXY NEXUS!

    sorry if this has been said before... but i would suggest making one without a devive name, just say like powering up android or something so basically anyone can use that one lol most new phones are hdpi nowadays so im sure one size could fit most right?
  37. ldrifta

    Post ░░▒▒▓▓[ROM] GBSense [HTC 2.3.3]▓ OFFLINE ▓ PROPABLY not updated... ▓▓▒▒░░

    no criticizms here lol just agreeing about the fact that he shouldn't start the thread untill he has a beta release or its jus so badass that its worth starting a thread for nothin lol (wont lie though i almost started a few threads myself, had them typed out and everything but then decided it...
  38. ldrifta

    Post [Rom][2.2.3 AOSP] DREAMteam Froyo v2.0.0 [9/3/2012]

    whoa... please tell me you didn't do all those in that exact order?? lol if you did than im pretty sure its bad... use the root guide in my sig than follow up with advanced steps at ezterry 2708+ thread!!
  39. ldrifta

    Post ░░▒▒▓▓[ROM] GBSense [HTC 2.3.3]▓ OFFLINE ▓ PROPABLY not updated... ▓▓▒▒░░

    +1 not sure why he just abandoned these projects... but theming only goes so far.. lol
  40. ldrifta

    Post [Rom][2.2.3 AOSP] DREAMteam Froyo v2.0.0 [9/3/2012]

    haha yeah app icon's suck because once they update it just switches back to stock, but yeah i got a nice test rom built so far, still some bugs to fix, but ill keep you posted
  41. ldrifta

    Post [Rom][2.2.3 AOSP] DREAMteam Froyo v2.0.0 [9/3/2012]

    o nice, did you theme the launcher yourself or you using ics+? lol
  42. ldrifta

    Post [Rom][2.2.3 AOSP] DREAMteam Froyo v2.0.0 [9/3/2012]

    cool good to know, have you rooted yours and installed custom recovery? my first project is a stock rom without all the metro crap and will design some flashable themes :D
  43. ldrifta

    Post [Rom][2.2.3 AOSP] DREAMteam Froyo v2.0.0 [9/3/2012]

    lol i work nights so im only around after 11 sleep all day... plus i just got an lg esteem and everything for root is still in like beta mode lol have unnofficial cwm on it with root and there only like 2-3 roms to choose from so i need to contribute... xda doesn't even have a thread for this...
  44. ldrifta

    Post [ROM] SenseLX L2 edition 1-6-12 Apologies!!!

    lol yeah its exactly how it was before... the script needs to be removed as well? from init.d?
  45. ldrifta

    Post [Rom][2.2.3 AOSP] DREAMteam Froyo v2.0.0 [9/3/2012]

    there is progress everyday around the world... but you chose to come here... the 1 place you will see no progress!!! hahaha im just kidding of coarse there's progress, just not enough for an update yet... want the next update to be worh another number lol
  46. ldrifta

    Post [ROM] SenseLX L2 edition 1-6-12 Apologies!!!

    yeah ext is no longer NEEDED only if you choose to install that waqy, but im pretty sure you still ant swap... on a G1 anyway...
  47. ldrifta

    Post [ROM] SenseLX L2 edition 1-6-12 Apologies!!!

    you gotta reboot after you flash fr-remove and wipe, then do rom installation process... but this still shouldn't be an issue... try 128mb swap thats what i use.. not sure if it'll make huge difference... where yu able to get a logcat? btw did you do a fastboot erase system -w after updating...
  48. ldrifta

    Post [ROM] SenseLX L2 edition 1-6-12 Apologies!!!

    any luck??
  49. ldrifta

    Post [ROM] SenseLX L2 edition 1-6-12 Apologies!!!

    5 minutes tops.. first boot up always takes a while... run adb logcat while booting see if you get loops?
  50. ldrifta

    Post [ROM] SenseLX L2 edition 1-6-12 Apologies!!!

    you checked bootloader you have all correct requirements right? try without the recovery and re-partition sd card... wipe everything again be sure mtd is removed and flash rom