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  1. brd912

    Thread What roms for J727P (PERX)

    What are the options as far as roms for this device? I'm running lineage 14.1 but the no sound in call issue has me in a bind. Fixing to drive to McDonald's to steal WiFi so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated lol. I know of the stock rooted RA1 rom, I'm looking for an AOSP based rom...
  2. brd912

    Thread flash stock firmware with locked device?

    I bought my buddy a phone to use while he was working with me. 4 days later he quits and didn't want to give the phone up so he wiped it while logging in locking the phone. I bought the phone used off Facebook perfectly unlocked so no receipts or anything. I know that pretty much stops me from...
  3. brd912

    Thread General questions about the s6

    I'll keep it short and simple..does edge unified development roms work on the flat g920i? And can anyone tell me which touchwiz rom would give me a little bit better battery life? I'm super rusty on my flashing skills and can't seem to figure out which roms have the most support and or battery...
  4. brd912

    Thread broke my screen!

    Let a buddy hold my phone and my luck kicked in, he dropped it. It was a very light fall and only have it 2 cracks on the edge and one hairline Crack across the screen. Phone works fine and I can see and touch everything. I've heard it's pricey to replace the screen on this thing because the...
  5. brd912

    Thread broke my screen!

    Let a buddy hold my phone and my luck kicked in, he dropped it. It was a very light fall and only have it 2 cracks on the edge and one hairline Crack across the screen. Phone works fine and I can see and touch everything. I've heard it's pricey to replace the screen on this thing because the...
  6. brd912

    Thread what's my options?

    At&t user here. When I first got the phone I didn't have service on the phone so I immediately rooted and installed echo rom. After getting my service hooked up I realized I didn't have volte anymore so I went back to stock. Now I'm noticing the battery drain with at&t firmware and I'm dying to...
  7. brd912

    Thread Sim unlock?

    Has anyone successfully Sim unlocked this thing? Thanks in advance
  8. brd912

    Thread iPad mini a1432 nand replace with iPhone 5s?

    A ex girlfriend locked me out of my old iPad mini by setting it up with a random name and after days of the phone with apple trying to get it straightened out it come to the conclusion since I bought it second hand in 2013, there's no way to prove its mine without the info she set the iPad up...
  9. brd912

    Thread need some help

    Totally non device related but I'm lost as where to ask this and since this is the m9 is the only thing I own with a decide thread I'm hoping someone here can just point me in the right direction. I own a Verizon ellipsis 7 tablet and as far as I'm aware, an MTK device. I use the MTK tools to...
  10. brd912

    Thread Verizon ellipsis 7 MTK unbrick?

    So I used MTK tools to create a custom cwm for my Verizon ellipsis 7 and it all went smooth until I accidently flashed CM for the wrong decide and now it's stuck in a loop going no further than the initial Android boot screen. It will not connect to the computer in any way I'm guessing because...
  11. brd912

    Thread looking for general opinions and info

    Verizon m9 user here. In download mode my os versions shows 3.37.605.7....I'm trying to make sure I'm on right firmware because I'm having issues with signal and roms taking literally 8 hours to optimize apps after a freshly flashed rom. Also looking for general opinions on what the best up to...
  12. brd912

    Thread roms

    Just a quick question... I'm now unlocked and s-off and I'm it possible to flash roms from other carriers?
  13. brd912

    Thread Root without sunshine

    So I've done my reading and I understand sunshine will unlock my bootloader and get me everything I need but it's not really clear to me if root and recovery can be obtained without bootloader unlock and s-off. I've been with Samsung for a while so I'm use to safestrap methods. If anyone can...
  14. brd912

    Thread verizon ellipsis 7

    I've been looking around and it seems as if this thing just hasn't caught the attention of someone with the know how to get some development going..its sitting on stock 4.4.2 with root only. Safestrap installs fine but won't actually boot and there's absolutely no luck with custom recoveries. My...
  15. brd912

    Thread Stuck on locked option?

    Just looking for opinions on the most stable rom out right now for locked bootloaders. I'm looking for a rom that doesn't do the whole screen dimming out randomly. Just drop some opinions and I'll go from there. Sent from my SM-N920V using XDA-Developers mobile app
  16. brd912

    Thread Echo in call on any 5.1 rom

    Title explains it. I just flashed telsa ROM and the problem is still there. Could a kernal fix it?
  17. brd912

    Thread Quick help please

    I'm at the phone store and I'm looking at the Verizon note 2 for pageplus. Is it unlockable? I just want to make sure because I don't want to be stuck with safe strap again
  18. brd912

    Thread Sprint G3 or naa?

    Should I get it? Are there certain firmwares needed for an unlocked bootloader or is sprint keeping this thing open? I love everything about the phone, I just don't want to be limited as to what I can and can't tweak. Also, for those of you using the G3, are there any regrets? Other phones you...
  19. brd912

    Thread Locked down?

    Its been a while since I've had the sprint s4. I've been on the Verizon S4 for a while. Is the sprint s4 locked down now like the Verizon s4? I'm thinking about hopping back to sprint and really the s4 is OK for me but if its locked down too, I'm gonna jump on the nexus 6 lol. ???
  20. brd912

    Thread Straight talk galaxy s3 Verizon version

    I have the straight talk galaxy s3 that runs on Verizon towers...I have my contract 4G sim in the phone running a Verizon rom and everything does work but it roams everywhere I go and I don't get any 4G (disabled by straight talk). I was wondering if flashing a sprint rom would help at all? I...
  21. brd912

    Thread Modem flash gone wrong.

    So I'm still running the straight talk galaxy s3 with my Verizon sin card in it. Everything was working fine but it was roaming everywhere I went. I figured since I had flashed a Verizon Rom (ml1) I could probably flash the ml1 modem and fix the roaming problem. I used the cwm flash able modem...
  22. brd912

    Thread Straight talk SCH-S986C

    So I snagged a straight talk galaxy S3. I've already got it rooted running official cm12 for the Verizon varient. Is it at all possible to get this thing to pick a verizon/page plus sim? From looking around I've come to the conclusion that the Verizon S3 is the most similar. What would be the...
  23. brd912

    Thread [Q] Nova launcher-Custom page indicator?

    Is this at all possible? Or a way to move the dots a little further up from the dock? They look entirely too squished against the dock.
  24. brd912

    Thread Cm11 theme manager?

    Is there a rom for our locked bootloaders that supports cm11 theme manager? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  25. brd912

    Thread Odin stock kernel to get cm11 through safestrap?

    Just so there no confusion, I'm using a previous thread to keep the litter at a minimum. Is this possible? If I understand correctly, the locked bootloader prevents us from flashing a custom recovery and a custom kernal and cm11 and similar roms all run custom kernal. .is it possible to flash...
  26. brd912

    Thread OCD over my phones I alone?

    Seriously, I obsess over it. Like every 10 minutes I'm changing a wallpaper, icons or downloading a new launcher. How far the icons are from the sides or bottom of the screen bugs me etc..just a million small things and I literally spend over half my day rearranging everything lol. Am I the only...
  27. brd912

    Thread A little direction

    I had a sprint galaxy s4 about 6 months ago and it seems as if things are different with the Verizon s4....I want to root and start flashing roms but I honestly don't know where to start and which way is the best way. I'm looking to be fully rooted. I'm on the latest stock software
  28. brd912

    Thread Hide navbar from only homescreen?

    I have searched high and low and tried many different things. Most modules I have found hide both the statusbar and the navbar and leaves the gap between my homescreen dock and the bottom of the screen as if the navbar was still there. I'm looking for some way to only hide the navbar from nova...
  29. brd912

    Thread Hide navbar from only homescreen?

    its driving me nuts! i have already turned the navbar off and started using pie but it gets to be a real pain sometimes. I dont mind the navbar but when on my homescreen i hate how much room it takes, does anyone know of a way to hide the navbar from only the homescreen? I use nova...
  30. brd912

    Thread [REQUEST] MIUI V6....anybody?

    Has any of our devs looked into this? I would kill to have this stable enough for a daily driver. I'm burnt out on AOSP roms and we all know the stock roms are garbage..
  31. brd912

    Thread I don't even know lol

    Its been a very long time since I've had to dig this deep into flashing and I've always been a Samsung user so I'm somewhat use to the less difficult route. I'm running the 4.4.4 mokee ROM with the kitkat boot loader. Im trying to get miui running on my phone. The miui ROM is on 4.2.2 and I'm...
  32. brd912

    Thread Alternate launcher...please.

    Ok my GS4 is 100% stock running 4.4. I haven't rooted and all that jazz yet...but for rite now I'm looking for some newer launchers that are nicely layer out for this phone. I love samsung but Touchwiz makes me feel like I shopped in the junior section lol. I'm pretty familiar with most popular...
  33. brd912

    Thread Trouble with ota manager.

    So I got my inc2 back up and going and did a factory reset. It's on stock 2.3.4. Well for some odd reason it tried to ota during the reset. Now, when I check for an ota it does nothing. If I try to boot into recovery (stock recovery) I get the phone&triangle. Anyone have an idea what's going on...
  34. brd912

    Thread REQ- Android 2.3 stock launcher for JB

    Is it possible? Im looking for one that can be customized. What would need to be done in order to make it work? I love the look and simplicity of the stock 2.3 launcher. And with the rite layout it can look really sweet. Soo...anyone? Sent from my SCH-R760X using Tapatalk 4 Beta
  35. brd912

    Thread [ROM request] Anyone interested? Looks freaking amazing. Hopefully a dev decides too. If not, no biggie. Just figured I'd ask. Sent from my SPH-D710 using xda premium
  36. brd912

    Thread Gingerbread launcher for JB?

    Is there a gingerbread launcher that works for jellybean? I've tried the old ones in the market and they don't work. Has anyone ran across a GB launcher that will? Sent from my SPH-D710 using xda premium
  37. brd912

    Thread [HOW TO] Run Epic 4G touch ROMs on alltel Galaxy S2

    After many trials and errors and sleepless nights, I've figured out out how to run ORIGINAL ANDROID DEVELOPMENT ROMs (original roms only) on the alltel galaxy s2. Here you go. 1. Be rooted and have a backup. (for the the ones who forget this major step) 2. Download your choice of a epic 4G...
  38. brd912

    Thread Altell galaxy s2.

    Hey guys. I have an altell galaxy s2 and i have absolutely no idea why this thing is still running 2.3.6. As far as i can tell, its most similar to the epic touch 4G. Im just wondering if any of you guys know how to go about rooting this phone and what Roms need to be flashed to it. Any help is...
  39. brd912

    Thread Htc rezound flash to PP question.

    There is absolutely no support in the main thread so I decide to create my own thread. CDMA workshop is what's needed to get talk and text working, and QSPT gets data working, correct? If so, can I pay to have the phone flashed with just talk and text, and then get the data working my self or is...
  40. brd912

    Thread Lg spectrum on pageplus

    Anyone gotten it to work? Sorry to post this here, but google searches seems to show that people come here for help with the spectrum
  41. brd912

    Thread Nexus a 4G on pages

    Just wanting to get a few opinions from users who have there sprint nexus s 4G on pageplus. Has anyone gotten it to work 100% Witt 3G and without the reception issues I read about? Where I live, I can only get verizon coverage of seems so I need decent signal. Does it work smoothly? If anyone...
  42. brd912

    Thread Samsung i577 Galaxy exhilarate.

    Why is there no place on xda for this phone? I have been searching and so far I've only found a deodexed stock ics rom and the CM9 and CM10 rom. Does anyone know if there is a touchwiz jellybean rom for this phone, or a developer forum for it anywhere? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I577 using xda...
  43. brd912

    Thread Full TW rom?

    Im trying to find a full TW rom. Seems like most have different launchers and what not. Are there any roms similiar to the s2 or s3? Sent from my SPH-D700 using xda app-developers app
  44. brd912

    Thread ** Post your sense 4 themes! **

    Title explains the reason for this thread. Post any and every sense 4 skin you have found. So far I have only found 2 good custom themes for free. I know the vitruous skins on the play store are the best but I don't have a credit/debit card so I'm hoping a bunch of you guys participate in...
  45. brd912

    Thread (THEME REQ) Supreme Classic

    Anyone wanna take a shot at porting this? Jellybeaned OuT!
  46. brd912

    Thread HDC Galaxy i9300 S3 Plus

    I'm sure most of you have already seen this, but to those of you who haven't, check this out That is awesome specs for 209 bucks! It's pretty much a nexus device...
  47. brd912

    Thread HTC sense 4.0 themes.

    Anyone care to share? I haven't noticed many. Sent from my HTC Incredible 2 using xda premium
  48. brd912

    Thread Market: after viewing app, start where you left off?

    Every time I'm scrolling through the market looking at apps, it kicks me back to the top of the list after viewing an app. Its really frustrating when you scroll through 50 apps trying to find one you want, click on one and decide you want to go back and keep looking and then it makes you start...
  49. brd912

    Thread ICS, won't allow non market apps?

    I keep clicking allow unknown apps, but it doesent let me install any downloaded apks. I'm trying to install a modded hulu+ apk since the market one won't play videos. Can anyone help? Sent from my Incredible 2 using xda premium
  50. brd912

    Thread WebOS on inc2.

    Seems it can be done. I for one, am 100% for it and would love to see it done. Please respond if you would too. Let's get the attention of one of our great devs to get it done. Sent from my Incredible 2 using xda premium