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  1. ganeshp

    Thread Still getting plauged by Android OS wake issue?

    As the title says are people still getting a wake lock of "android OS" .. keeping the device awake until the battery runs out? I'm having Tilapia ans even with 5.1 the wake issue is still there. Any workaround yet?
  2. ganeshp

    Thread [Q] when themer is set as default launcher does the native launcher gets killed?

    The situation is with HTC Sensation Im on sesne a rom. Im using themer as default launcher as sensation has puny 768 MB ram (around 580 is usable ) The default HTC sense (HTC Launcher) is still in RAM thus causing Themer launcher to reload everytime when a memory hungry activity was done...
  3. ganeshp

    Thread Radio block?

    Hi ppl Can someone tell me or link me.. As to which mmcblk represents radio? Or if someone can kindly post the output of this command (need to be done after su).. It will be greatly appreciated adb shell su cat /proc/emmc/ Thanks Sent from my HTC Sensation 4G using xda premium
  4. ganeshp

    Thread smart stay beta clone app

    Hi fellas .. just browsed trough portal and i had a great news smart stay -a feature of samsung galaxy s3 (google for more details) has been cloned and a great app released I can confirm its working on SENSATION 4G ... so why wait anymore :D :) go here [portal link] original thread here
  5. ganeshp


    Finally Hyuh and Fuses released their next version of JB SOFF which now doesn't require HTCdev UNLOCK and ROOT (after a lot of pestering from me of-course :D want proof?? here and here) THIS VERSION NOW DOESN'T NEED HTC-DEV UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER :D :D UPDATE: it is assumed that you have stock...