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  1. 4-2ndtwin

    Thread Captivate - PC Connection Issues, Download Mode and Recovery Mode Help

    (I'm reposting this thread per request. All credit and thanks goes to the original OP and to others that helped compile and write up this helpful info. This is basic knowledge for the experienced Captivate user, but a treasure of info to the novice user. Please keep all posts thread related...
  2. 4-2ndtwin

    Thread [MOD] {One Click Odin} Stock I897UCKH3 with boog_kh3_kernel3, NO Bootloaders

    Made a One Click Odin. :cool: By the way, I'm not a developer by any means. This was easy to do and I just wanted to share this with everyone. I hope some of you find it useful. And of course, standard disclaimer applies... What you do with your phone is on you. :) Stock I897UCKH3 with...
  3. 4-2ndtwin

    Thread Gingerbread ROMs Charging Bug Possible Help

    JoeDV deserves any thanks for his find on this ! I just wanted to post this as an FYI and hope that it helps some, as it did help me... The charging bug is an issue in the GB Roms. -- that is, leaving your phone charging for an extended period of time and expecting to unplug it and be at...
  4. 4-2ndtwin

    Thread Gingerbread Roms vs. Froyo Roms

    What are the advantages to flashing one of the new up and coming Gingerbread Roms over staying on one of the many stable Froyo Roms that are currently available ?