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    Thread [Q] CPU keep running at 100% !!?? HELP!!

    My phone: Nexus 4 16GB ROM: Stock 4.2.2 Kernel: franco kernel M2 ----------------------------------------- One of my CPU core is always running at 100% usage! And the entire phone is very very hot even if I switch the screen off ! This is what I've seen: <fig.1> In System Monitor Lite: I...
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    Thread [Q] How to enhance the mic volume "on headphone"

    When I'm using Earpods(from Apple) or headphone(from HTC Desire HD) to make a phone call, I encounter a big problem of very low mic volume. Everyone I talk to says that they almost cannot hear my voice... I've tried many mods here like AwesomeBEATS, BEATS+XLOUDER and faux's kernel sound tweak...