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    Thread VS99029A software update today 8/31/2017

    Received update today, guessing just a security patch VS99029A Meh, this phone didn't get as much development as I would have liked. for me root is getting less and less important. Back in the day we could almost double our battery life etc with custom roms. It feels like the glory days of...
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    Post updating, appears another security update

    I received this as well. I went ahead and accepted it. I know they are working on root, but I am probably going to replace the V10 with something else soon anyway. Update went smooth and no issues after. as rsswga stated it looks like it is just a security patch.
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    Post The latest news on the V10 root! (update 3/14)

    My phone received 26a security update last night. I have not installed it, but just a warning to others.
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    Post Testers needed

    Looks like 26a security patch rolling out.... Sent from my VS990 using Tapatalk
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    Post Root is coming! Not kidding :) (mm)

    Are we there yet? (I couldn't resist)
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    Post Root is coming! Not kidding :) (mm)

    I hope updating to 25A didn't ruin it for me... :) but fingers crossed.
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    Post Would you recommend this phone to a friend? What about G4

    I have the Verizon variant and it spontaneously died. I was 5 days out of warranty. Luckily LG fixed it under warranty. I love the phone, but the limited root/unlock and sudden death syndrome I would not suggest it.
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    Post New Update - VS99024A?

    my phone was running hot and really burning battery fast after update. I froze dtignite program and it seems to have calmed down.
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    Post LGv10 stuck on LG splash screen on boot

    Yep mine just died out of nowhere as well. 5 days out of warranty. Shipped to LG and will see if they will fix. I am guessing they will charge me. Still don't have the phone fully paid off yet. Sigh. Using my old note 3 untill the v10 gets fixed or pixel xl is back in stock :)
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    Post Upgrade to MM with Rooted LP, do you lose all data?

    Thanks for the input, I should just wipe it.... clean start is always nice.
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    Thread Upgrade to MM with Rooted LP, do you lose all data?

    If I have Rooted 5.1.1 can I go to 6 via LGUP without loosing all my data or is it a total wipe situation? I am ready to give up root, but to lazy to resetup my phone :)
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    Thread official LG bootloader unlock for Europe (except France)

    Now that LG has released official bootloader unlock to Europe, do you think there will be any chance for North American V-10 unlock? I am guessing no. but I am happy for those across the pond.
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    Post Upgrade to MM or Stick with Root - Which did you do and why?

    I'm sticking with Root, waited too long for it. Lots of benefits with root, wanam, adaway, titanium, etc. MM root will come soon enough, but if it doesn't I'm ok.
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    Post LG V10 Fingerprint Sensor FIX!

    If it is in a case it could be having this issue. There was a software update that fixed it for my Verizon V10. Try with out the case.
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    Post Slow-motion video not working

    Thank you, I think mx player was default.... Thanks it works now! Happy camper
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    Thread Slow-motion video not working

    I have a VZW LG-V10 and love it. Yesterday I tried to use the slow motion video, and it doesn't work. I select "mode" then select "slo-mo" and it says hit the button to record in slow mo. I record the video. After I record I use the gallery app, (stock) and it plays back normal speed with...
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    Post New Verizon V10 Update - VS99011B - Anyone try it yet?

    Ditto finger print reader working better than ever with all my cases. Surprised the did not mention it in notes. Sent from my VS990 using Tapatalk
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    Post Is there a notification LED?

    No led , sorry....
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    Post Only thing I miss, Notification light

    No problem. But really if the lack of notification light is my biggest problem I am doing awesome. I really like the phone so far. Looking forward to the 200 gb card. :) It is Friday and you have 2 more brain cells then I do. Have a great weekend.
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    Post Only thing I miss, Notification light

    Unfortunately as I stated in my original post, this feature isn't working for email for me. call and text yes, email no.
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    Post LG V10 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

    Ditto, I just installed my Yootech and fits great, exactly what I was looking for. Feels a bit thick but it works well with my Ringke case.
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    Post Your case modification?

    I used a piece of static bag from hard drive and cut a small slit in my case and wrapped it around. the static bag looks way nicer than tinfoil and works great. If I don't my fingerprint reads very randomly.
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    Post Only thing I miss, Notification light

    Wireless charging stickers are showing up on eBay and Amazon... Sent from my VS990 using Tapatalk
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    Thread Only thing I miss, Notification light

    I keep looking at the small LG circle at the bottom "chin" of the device and wish it were an led notification. I have turned on the accessibility feature to flash the camera flash but it doesn't work for email? So far no notification and quiet speaker are my only complaints. Love this phone...
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    Post 2nd screen is black help!!

    I would try a battery pull, and if that dosn't help back up data and factory reset? after that return to store.... sorry to hear about the issues....
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    Post Double Tap screen to turn on/off not working with Nova

    Hidden settings of Nova? Sent from my VS990 using Tapatalk
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    Post Double Tap screen to turn on/off not working with Nova

    I haven't heard of that app. I will look it up. Thanks.
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    Post Double Tap screen to turn on/off not working with Nova

    hmm, thanks, If i double tap in the notification area it will work. But anywhere else on the screen doesn't. at least now I can get it to work there.
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    Thread Double Tap screen to turn on/off not working with Nova

    I am using Nova launcher, I can double tap screen to turn it on no issues. I saw that with the v10 you can double tap the screen to shut it off as well. If I use the LG luancher it will turn off with double tap, but when using nova double tap will not shut off. On the lock screen it will...
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    Post LG V10 FREE Battery, Charger & 200GB SD Card

    That's what I thought as well I just hope it do not slow down the process too much, I was below 7000 on my transaction number.
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    Post LG V10 FREE Battery, Charger & 200GB SD Card

    I submitted on 10/30 and my status is "in processing" BUT, I returned my phone because fingerprint reader wasn't working and got another phone. (Then found out it was case, but that is a different story) I told the verizon rep that I had submitted the promo and they said to just wait a day an...
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    Thread Flash Alerts for email

    First off, LOVE This phone. Coming from Note 3. I miss the notification light and was looking into making the flash for the camera come on for notifications. in the Accessibility settings under "hearing" is the check box for "Flash Alerts". I have checked the box and it will flash for...
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    Post Power Button

    My fingerprint reader wasn't working well at all, took 20 minutes to register fingerprint and unlocking was hit and miss. Took it back to store and tried the demo. The demo was perfect. They gave me a new phone and reader didn't work. (the sales guy couldn't get it to work either) Then I...
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    Post Nexus payments plans available!

    I did notice they don't have the 128 gig option? odd....
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    Post Possible Root For Note 3 VZW?

    Unfortunately I worry that a lot of the people that pledged have moved on to other devices, not sure how much of the bounty would be recovered. Still clinging on to a sliver of hope. I love my note 3 and still have not seen a new phone that makes me want to buy one.
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    Post VZW N3 KK - Radio Signal SUCKS!

    Odd restore Ok, so I got my referb, and it was nc4. That dosn't bother me because I don't run other roms in slots or anyting, but what was odd is that when I restored my nandroid, almost every game, and application had to redownload data for them to run? I thought the nandroid would copy...
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    Post VZW N3 KK - Radio Signal SUCKS!

    Hmmmmm So I got my replacement today, I installed towelroot, busybox, safestrap, and then tried to restore my nandroid from before. At first the nandroid wouldn't show up and then after fiddling with it I got safestrap to see them. after restoring one it just loads to a black screen. my...
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    Post VZW N3 KK - Radio Signal SUCKS!

    Thanks, I will try it, worst case is that I have to start from fresh. best case is it all works.... :)
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    Post VZW N3 KK - Radio Signal SUCKS!

    replacement on the way I have a replacement on the way. I have a phone with bad signal issues as well. it has a build date of 09/13. Quick question. If I make a nandroid backup, when I get the new phone can I just root, safestrap, and restore my nandroid to it? I would think I could, but...
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    Post VZW N3 KK - Radio Signal SUCKS!

    My phone is a 13 09 model and I too am having bad signal after the update. Sooooo it seems that everyone is asking for replacements. Guessing I should do the same. sigh, then reroot, safestrap, etc. etc. reset up phone.... meh. stupid radio :D ---------- Post added at 11:07 AM ----------...
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    Post ★ [ROM/ROOT][N900VVRUCNC2][4.4.2] Stock Root Odex/DeOdex [04/23/14]★

    here you go. at this post, in the handy files section. version 3.09
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    Post ★ [ROM/ROOT][N900VVRUCNC2][4.4.2] Stock Root Odex/DeOdex [04/23/14]★

    SD card deodex Ok, so I installed the Deodex version of the rom, but when I try to take picture it says sd card not writeable. I thought this was fixed in the deodex version. Am I doing something wrong?
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    Post ★ [ROM/ROOT][N900VVRUCNC2][4.4.2] Stock Root Odex/DeOdex [04/23/14]★

    Ok, I just didn't want to fully wipe my phone, install everything and then find out that some thing I want to change required one or the other. guess I ll go with deodexed.
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    Post ★ [ROM/ROOT][N900VVRUCNC2][4.4.2] Stock Root Odex/DeOdex [04/23/14]★

    odex or deodex Trying to decide Odex or Deodex. Any reason to use one or the other? If I use deodex will it cause issues with anything like xposed modules?
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    Post ★ [ROM/ROOT][N900VVRUCNC2][4.4.2] Stock Root Odex/DeOdex [04/23/14]★

    odin 3.09 where can I locate 3.09? I promise I searched.
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    Post [MOD][Xposed] S-View Music Controls [2.5: Spotify support]

    Installed and purchased, Thank you for EXACTLY what I needed. I really appreciate your work.
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    Post [MOD][Xposed] S-View Music Controls [2.5: Spotify support]

    I am a little jealous but happy to see 4.3 version being worked on. Thinking I should purchase it now to support developer. Thank you once again for doing this. and thanks for testing for him.
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    Post [MOD][Xposed] S-View Music Controls [2.5: Spotify support]

    I will happily buy this when kitkat comes out for verizon note 3, or if you get it working for 4.3. This is exactly what samsung should have built in by default. Thanks for putting your time in for an awesome mod!
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    Post Samsung Keyboard Update / Change?

    I am rooted and runing Wanam. in Wanam under system show or hide keyboard symbols was unchecked I enabled it, rebooted and now the symbols are back! cool. Thanks for the help. It must have happend during my last wanam update.