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  1. adize

    Thread How to use Flashtool

    Hi I would like to know the correct procedure in flashing ftf firmware using the newest flashtool I will flash Android 5.1.1 firmware to my Xperia Z5 dual E6683 to root it. Screenshot is attached below. How should I proceed? Do I have to tick a checkbox under Misc TA? etc. A simple...
  2. adize


    Just want to share this awesome work of shoey63 for our Xperia ZR :) Pure stock kernel for unlocked bootloaders with TWRP recovery. Created using flashtool and mkbootimg Requirements Stock 10.6.A.0.454 LOLLIPOP firmware UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER Flashtool by Androxyde Download and rename...
  3. adize

    Thread [Q] [TX] CM11 not detecting sim card

    After installing Cm11 on my Xperia TX, it won't detect sim card, leaving my phone offline. NO Network service, signal, data connection 2g, 3g. What could be the reason? How to fix this?