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  1. lawong

    Thread [Q]ultrawide full 40mp resolution

    why cant we set the ultrawide cam to 40mp? it only shot at 10mp with lack of quality compared to my mate 20x 20mp ultrawide .
  2. lawong

    Post Best working camera for custom ROMs

    i had to go back to miui because of this.
  3. lawong

    Post Favourite rom and why?

    yes it is possible , i am myself using banking apps , make sure to set magisk hide if using magisk.
  4. lawong

    Post Favourite rom and why?

    for aosp like custom rom ,i'll choose crdroid ,because its stable enough , lots of customization , up t0 date . for miui based =, im using it now , had to switch to from crdroid because of the camera . and for android 10 will choose evolution rom.
  5. lawong

    Post [ROM][11.0][OFFICIAL][LMI] crDroid v7.4 [08.03.2021]

    weird ,i cant find the latest update link 😅 edit: nvrmind it appears now 😀
  6. lawong

    Post [ROM][11.0][OFFICIAL][LMI] crDroid v7.4 [08.03.2021]

    thanks , it solve the problems , nice one (y)(y)(y)(y)
  7. lawong

    Post [Q]miui 12 android 11 downgrade?[SOLVED]

    allright thanks, i will give it a try .
  8. lawong

    Post [Q]miui 12 android 11 downgrade?[SOLVED]

    allright thanks , can i know which firmware are you came from and to which firmware you downgraded it? i want to follow the same so that i had no issue as you are.
  9. lawong

    Post [Q]miui 12 android 11 downgrade?[SOLVED]

    can be flashed without any problem? like sensor or any issue?
  10. lawong

    Thread [Q]miui 12 android 11 downgrade?[SOLVED]

    hi, has anyone tried downgrading from miui 12 android 11 to miui 12 android 10 using fastboot or any other method? the reason is that i want to use android 10 based custom rom.
  11. lawong

    Post [ROM][10.0][OFFICIAL][LMI] crDroid v6.15 [10.02.2021]

    thanks,had tried it yesterday, didnt even boot up haha
  12. lawong

    Post [ROM] [11] [OTA] [lmi] MSM-Xtended XR (Discontinued)

    i guess anx camera still not support android 11 , maybe still in development . but for the issue , just simply delete the module from twrp file manager ( /data/adb/modules )can fix the bootloop.
  13. lawong

    Post [ROM][11.0][OFFICIAL][LMI] crDroid v7.4 [08.03.2021]

    flashed and had some issue on this rom , i cant install pubg from playstore, it will fail upon instalation , and google chrome wont sync,.
  14. lawong

    Post [ROM][10.0][OFFICIAL][LMI] crDroid v6.15 [10.02.2021]

    can this rom flashed over miui 12.2.4 with android 11?
  15. lawong

    Post [ROM][10.X][UNOFFICIAL] Evolution-X Quantum 4.7 [mi-atoll][16/10/20]

    can be flashed over miui 12 ,im currently in miui 12 .
  16. lawong

    Post [ROM][10.0][N9][OFFICIAL] Evolution X | Quantum [24/09/2020]

    thank you very much, thats what i needed to disable wake up .
  17. lawong

    Post [ROM][10.0][N9][OFFICIAL] Evolution X | Quantum [24/09/2020]

    allrght thanks , using it now , pretty smooth rom, just one question , how can i completely disable the 3d touch button?
  18. lawong

    Post [21.02.21] [OneUI 2.5] N960F_DS_N I Dr.Ketan ROM I SecureFolder I SPay (Gear) I Dex

    hello sir i have tried ,both safetynet pass but cant use banking app, if disabling xposed i can use back banking app.
  19. lawong

    Post [ROM][NOTE9] BlissRom 12.12 [OFFICIAL][04-10-20][OTA]

    been trying several setting but i cant completely turned off the screen when charging , it always shows clock and charging item at bottom , is this a bug or is there somekind of setting that i didnt find? edit: solved ,i found the setting in lockscreen display , the ambient display is hidden...
  20. lawong

    Post [ROM][NOTE9] BlissRom 12.12 [OFFICIAL][04-10-20][OTA]

    okay thank you sir ,gonna flash it now hehe
  21. lawong

    Post [ROM][NOTE9] BlissRom 12.12 [OFFICIAL][04-10-20][OTA]

    its the same file as in the bliss download server right? because i downloaded from the bliss server :D
  22. lawong

    Post [ROM][NOTE9] BlissRom 12.12 [OFFICIAL][04-10-20][OTA]

    helo sir , i saw the new rom is up , is it the new updated rom that quoted?
  23. lawong

    Post Gcam on Android 10 Q (for Exynos)

    all seems working fine , except for flash, it crash when turn the flash on.
  24. lawong

    Post Phone won't turn on after trying to install a custom rom

    try holding vol down+bixby button and plug in your usb cable to computer ?
  25. lawong

    Post [ROM] [Android 10] crDroid Android v6.x for Note 9 [OFFICIAL] [EXYNOS] [OTA]

    hi guys, does this rom had the option to customize nav button action like single pres,long press,double tap etc . thank you in advance.
  26. lawong

    Post [Alexis Rom 9.2_DUA3_01/2021 Patches][27/01/2021][Ported S10 Stuffs & S9Wallpapers]

    same as me, not lag but kinda internet ping spike. any solution
  27. lawong

    Thread [Q] z6 pro storage type ufs/emmc?

    hi all, as the tittle said, is lenovo z6 pro using emmc or ufs storage type? thanks in advance .
  28. lawong

    Post [XZ1c/XZ1/XZp] temp root exploit via CVE-2019-2215 including magisk setup [Locked BL]

    can i know what the benefit to have root in bootloader locked? tried to apply adaway but it failed .
  29. lawong

    Post Locked Bootloader SOV36

    if its written as "no" then it will remain in that state no mather downgrade or changing to another version of firmware.
  30. lawong

    Thread [Q] mate 30 ultra wide angle auto focus?

    hi just a quick question, im planning to upgrade from mate 20 to mate 30 , is mate 30 has auto focus on the ultrawide angle lens just like mate 20?
  31. lawong

    Post sound quality

    mate 20 speaker sound a bit poor compared to mate 10 or even mate 9 ,
  32. lawong

    Post [ROM][11.0] Havoc-OS 4.1 [OFFICIAL] [30-01-2021]

    dont really know,between i've get used to it or it fixed by itself ? . im fine with it now.
  33. lawong

    Post For how long have you been using high refresh rate?

    not recomended , it has only tiny noticable improve.
  34. lawong

    Post [ROM][11.0] Havoc-OS 4.1 [OFFICIAL] [30-01-2021]

    im kinda feel the same too when playing pubg ,but its not sensitivity , more to delayed touch.
  35. lawong

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][I001D][10] LineageOS 17.1

    lol he copied the entire post ?
  36. lawong

    Post [ROM][10.0][RAPHAEL] crDroid Android 6 [OFFICIAL][OTA][25/09/2020][EOL]

    hello sir , what is the recomended firmware for latest build ,im now on china , thanks in advance .
  37. lawong

    Post [ROM][11.0] Havoc-OS 4.1 [OFFICIAL] [30-01-2021]

    thanks for the answer ,unfortunately led notification and edge lighting nt working in my phone sir :D , mybe its my firmware. i was using k20 pro china raphael .
  38. lawong

    Post [ROM][11.0] Havoc-OS 4.1 [OFFICIAL] [30-01-2021]

    does edge lightning and led notification works?
  39. lawong

    Post [ROM][11.0] Havoc-OS 4.1 [OFFICIAL] [30-01-2021]

    you have to clean flash bro, its mandatory when coming from another rom.
  40. lawong

    Post What firmware version on your Mate 10/Mate 10 Pro?

    maybe we have to wait for ever ?
  41. lawong

    Post [ROMs][TREBLE] OpenKirin AOSP Collection

    yes same as me ,i had to go back to emui as most of the rom had few issue.
  42. lawong

    Post should I buy mate 10 phone in 2020

    as a backup phone for sure i will choose mate 10(not pro version) , because it suite all i need ,i got a brand new old stock mate 10 for cheap price $139 at my country and its still on ancient firmware where i can unlock the bootloader using dc unlock .
  43. lawong

    Post [GUIDE] [EMUI 9] Magisk Root MATE 10 (Pro) [ALP/BLA]

    yes but its super expnsive and you have to open the back cover for test point plus the procedure is complicated , not worth it .
  44. lawong

    Post how to unlock mate 9/10 bootloader if the offical bootloader unlock page is closed?

    same ,i also use dc unlocker last week to unlock my mate 10 alp l29 , paid 4 crdit using dc unlock playstore app . at first it showing error , but 2nd attempt success to read the booloader code.
  45. lawong

    Post [Q] Most stable custom rom for mate 10

    does everything works? like auto brightness ,infrared etc..
  46. lawong

    Thread [Q] Most stable custom rom for mate 10

    i just had my mate 10 unlocked using dc unlocker that cost me 4eur , now trying open kirin rremix oreo, but it seems outdated ,can anyone that had trying out various kind of rom suggest me which one is the most stable?
  47. lawong

    Post Orangefox vs TWRP

    twrp for better stability.