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  1. azZA_09

    Thread [ZeusROM/KERNEL][N960F/N][Q][BLKMQ|WBT|GCMA|LTO|SimpleLMK]-Truly Most Powerful Kernel

    Hello, XDA! Me and @Da-BOSS would like to publish the Ultimate Kernel - Zeus :victory: . Without too much hassle, let's see what this Kernel brings to our beloved Note 9. Behold the wall of features Android Q kernel is based from Google sources Android-Q branch with applied on top of...
  2. azZA_09

    Thread Change Splash Screen (Working on Pie)

    First of all, thank you a lot hanspampel (For the zip) pendor24 (For your tutorial --- Redline (for adb) everyone that ever contributed to this platform Required: 1. PC with Windows 2. ADB...
  3. azZA_09

    Thread Personal Audio Profile

    Hey guys, not a big problem here, but anyway: While setting audio profiles, when selecting quick answers it doesnt let me rename that profile. Accurate method lets me change the name, but I want to know if it is a chance to change the name from system files or any other way *my eyes hurt seeing...
  4. azZA_09

    Thread A little update

    What's up guys. I'm using my LG G4 for a hard year now. I'm on RR ROM with custom kernel, but i think that the end is near for my phone. The question is, HTC 10's worth all the money? I had an One S 3 years ago and it was a beast. Soo, should I buy it? Thanks in advance
  5. azZA_09

    Thread LG G4 MultiROM

    Hey Guys, any news about MultiROM for LG G4? I know that sometime ago devs were working on it.....
  6. azZA_09

    Thread Bootloop*no recovery,no OS*

    Hello guys! I know that this phone is old but it still rocks. Please, I did big mistakes and now I need THE ORIGINAL recovery.img and boot.img to run RUU,but can't find them anywhere. Please,somebody, take 2 minutes and give me these 2 files. Thanks in advance!
  7. azZA_09

    Thread [request] quick circle cyanogenmod 13

    Hello guys! Im verry happy with what LG G4's CM team accomplished,activating the quick circle thing. Now, can somebod port a QuickCircle app (like one from LG G3 forum) with all the widgets? I know that LG G3's QuickCircle is working, but it is not totally designed for our phones.Soo, anybody...
  8. azZA_09

    Thread XPOSED FOR MARSHMALLOW bootloop

    Hi guys. Big problem here. I tried several times to install that xposed module. Everytime it ended in a bootloop. I tried v78 and v79 both sdk23-arm64. Neither of them worked. Can somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong?(aslo, ask if you need any file, I'll provide them). Thanks in advance!
  9. azZA_09

    Thread [Q] Please Please Help!

    Hello everyone! I have had a HTC One S for 2 years and everything was perfect.But friday,I accidenlaty dropped it in water(it had 1-1,5 meters depth). I get it out fast(1-2 seconds after that) and i closed it because i didn't want to brick it.I put him at warm for 5-6 hours than i started...