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    Thread September Security Update

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    Thread [SOLVED] Apps Force close (no error message)

    So today im installed modern combat 5 and after 4 attempts it finally extracted the game and compiled shader, the issue now is i can enter my age, the keyboard simply doesnt come up. If i wait to long the just closes... Any ideas? I played already even more demanding games on devices with 1 gb...
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    Thread 31/05/2013 and exynos source code

    By the idea of codeworkx and skiflyer and maybe others.. here we go! i take the lead deciding that in a month all of us will spam samsung's twitter / FB / mail. I'm giving a month so this grow up and more and more people join!!!!!!!! Please lets do it! note the data in your calendar...
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    Thread LiquidSmooth back to buisness?

    so i was looking for roms in goo and i found a liquid smoth buid from the 4/03/2013! i verified by loooking into the build prop, its based of 4.2.2
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    Thread Getting a s3 lte

    So right now i own an s2 and a nexus 7 (to awnser my gaming.needs). And im about to sell both and buy a s3 lte. So what u guys have to say? How i preformance of this device? 2gb is plenty enough but the exynos and the mali are more powerfull than the tegra 3? Can i play games with no problems...
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    Thread Factory mode service?? [DELETE PLEASE]

    Could soneone explin to me what service is this one and why its running? Thanks Sent from my GT-I9100 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Is this good or bad?

    So i bought this phone 2weeks ago and two days ago i flashed via odin xls8. This is my battery life. Is this good? Im unrooted and totally stock, on ics i had almost 5h of screen... Sent from my GT-I9100 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread [ROM] (OFFICIAL) XYLON 4.2.1 (crespo) DISCONTINUED

    Xylon is fully transformed distribution for Android Devices. It is designed to take full advantage of the device’s hardware and to provide the user pure Android experience. The team is constantly working on making things better for the users and are happy to do so. We, the team, believe that for...
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    Thread Bye bye nexus s community

    After 8 mounths with this phone i decided to accept a deal where i trade a nexus s with a lumia 800. Im still an android fan (bought an nexus 7) but i was so curious about windows! Just to say thank u all for the help u gave and these great roms. I will continue to check this thread and help in...
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    Thread Is it still a good deal?

    So i have a nexus s and i was thinking buying the nexus 4 cuz the S as a screen to small and cant handle.multitasking. but now i have for 250 a 32 gb nexus 7!!! Is it fast enough? How its compared to a galaxy note 2? Does 1 gb of ram is enough? OC make it really faster? Thanks sent from my...
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    Thread Pc wont turn off

    so im running windows 8 release preview 32 bit. and every time i use an usb device my pc gets an error when i shut it down and i have do manually shut it... intel pentium D dualcore 3.2 ghz 2gb of ram kingston mobistar 945P-A7A
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    Thread Google gathering info for 4.2?

    Since yesterday my phone as almost all the time those little around on the wifi icon.. and chexked android os and its using more data than normal... How about that? Is 4.2 coming to our nexus s? Sent from my TH3M3D NEXUS S
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    Thread Which is the best kernel for u? and why?

    so there is 3 man kernels for our nexus s in JB: -Trinity (der kernel) -Marmite -Matr1x which is the best for u? im looking to see wich is the fastest but at the same time stable and battery friendly.
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    Thread [RECOVERY] [Crespo] Official TWRP 2.8.x.x

    If you want the Official TWRP Recovery (now compatible with KK) for your Nexus S just check this link, there will always be the latest TWRP recovery officially out. For now the latest is: TWRP LINK: How to flash this? (Recommended way) - enter in fastboot...
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    Thread [ROM-CRESPO] [AOSP] [JB] Crossbones
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    Thread AOKP JB build 4 IS OUT! (DELETE PLEASE) NEW bootanimation! IT'S AWESOME! and more...
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    Thread TWRP-TSM recovery 2.3 and more by slukk

    Here is a link to slukk forum where u can find the latest twrp recovery (and his roms/kernels): sent from my Nyan NeXus S "You're either NEXUS or against us!"
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    Thread [PORT] /STOPPED/ RemICS (S3 style) Testing fixes (helped by xboxfanj)

    as requested from some users, here it is the port of the latest version of the RemICS-UX rom (= galaxy S3 style) i cant test it right now, so im asking if anyone is willing to. Please let me know if it boots up or not, if wifi works, etc... DOWNLAOD: ... SHOUT OUT to: ICS_XD for the rom...
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    Thread Delete this thread, dev has stopped

    so im tring to port the resurrection rom from a galaxy s2... just tell me if the wifi work and if u dont get an message error for google text to speech. if there is any other bug just tell me download:
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    Thread [PORT] RR-JB v.3.8 JRO03R (Resurrection Remix) v.2 WIFI NOW WORKS

    I managed to port the new jellybean RR (Gapps included) from th S2 to our nexus S thanks to a tutorial: There is some little issues although.. -WIFI doesnt work ->SOLVED on v.2 -extweaks (cuz of kernel) -devices options (cuz this is not...
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    Thread [TUTORIAL FOR N00BS] Install drivers on windows (fastboot and adb)

    Little tutorial to help everyone out ;) download: Some pictures, step by sptep to help! PUT YOUR PHONE ON FASTBOOT MODE AND PLUG IT TO YOUR PC! (truned off, press vol+ and power button) READ THIS: - at step 5 you...
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    Thread Help NS wont boot/ no charging icon/ no google icon

    so my nexus is stock, but unlocked. i cherged my nexus today an i read on a thread that to calibrate the battery it should be plugged at 100% and then u should turn it off then on and while it boots u should take out the battery. i did it. and now it doesnt boot, not even in fastboot. some help?
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    Thread I this normal?

    hey, my problem is that even using most of the time the brightness at 50%, google services can drain even more battery! To me, that's not normal because on ics those never appeared on my stats saying that it was eating X% of battery = google services never wasted to much battery
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    Thread Best weather app do you agree with me? try it then post your thoughts
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    Thread [q] compiling a rom; lessons??

    hey can someone give some tips or a link where i can learn to make a rom from another at least, bcz i know that to make a rom u need to learn codes but i dont have the time to do it right now. What i really want is to understand how they work, what they need,...
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    Thread Touchwiz lockscreen

    Hey i'm curious if there is any mod to the touchwiz ics lockscreen on our nexus s. I'm a bit tired of the stock lockscreen. I'm using codename 2.0 rom and matr1x kernel. Does any one know the awnser?