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  1. agent205

    Thread [CUSTOM] Modded-CyanogenMod ROM discussion thread

    I made this thread to make it clear and separate between the 'official' CM and 'custom' CM ROMs to avoid confusion as the build-bot has already 'alive' from it's deep sleep :D the 'official' CM discussion thread goes here I'll put the Kangs here so everyone will know where to find it (if you...
  2. agent205

    Thread What will it be for the ( K ) ?

    Hey,let's relax a bit about all ROMs stuff and else let's chat a little about the next gen of android as we know the lastest generation of android is Ice Cream Sandwich (I) and the next rumor is Jelly Bean (J) so what will it be for the (K) serie ? Kebab maybe ? :p