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    Thread The Driver for Mi mix.

    Hi. I have problem: My Pc (Wind 10) could not recognizes my Mi Mix when connect it via USB gate. Can you give me some help please? Thanks
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    Thread MarshMallow V6.0 for Oukitel K10000. How to root it

    Hi. I have update my phone (Oukitel K10000) to new ROM. But can not root it. Can you give me the advice how to root it. The MarshMallow V6.0, OUKITEL K10000 V8.0 Thanks
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    Thread How to root and up the custom ROM for Oukitel K10000

    Hi I just have new Oukitel K10000. Couldn't find out the forum of this machine. Please advice me how to root and change custom ROM for it? Thanks
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    Thread Question to the manner transfer some of the data from main to ExterSD

    Hi! Some day ago, I have seen the topic to show how to transfer some data from main to ExtSD. but now I could'nt find it agian! who help me to see it agian please? Thanks
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    Thread How can recharge batterry from USB link with PC

    Hi! Due to the batterry time not ling enough, some time I am on the trip with PC. But the GS7.7 is not support to recharge batterry via USB link. Who have the Idea or soft support GS 7.7 recharge batterry via USB please? Thanks
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    Thread Ebook

    Hi! After up to ICS 4.04, my Ebook does not working. Who have slution to get it work please? Thanks
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    Thread How to set My location after up ROM?

    Hi! I have some up ROM since i get the HD2. The problem is: the first using it, it can download the weather update for My location is very good (by the wifi, data on, and the PC Microsoft ActiveSync), then after some up ROM time, very sad. I could't get the My location information any more...
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    Thread How to set the Hard button for design?

    Hi! I am using the HD2 and all the hard button are using for power ON! the question: How can set to one power On\OFF instead of all of them? Thanks
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    Thread Ask Phone Profile button

    Hi! It quite not easy to change the phone to silence, meeting, flight profile! Who have the better solusion? for examle: just one button to change phone from Normal to meeting program? Please give me, Thanks you very much.