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  1. OhayouBaka

    Thread [THEME][SUBSTRATUM] yoru. for Samsung/AOSP Oreo (REDIRECT)

    Main Thread: This Substratum theme just got updated to support the brand-new Galaxy S9! Go try it out if you want a Pixel 2-esque AMOLED black theme!
  2. OhayouBaka

    Thread [THEME][KLWP] hana.

    It's been a while since I made a KLWP theme, but trust me, the patience will definitely be rewarded! This is a KLWP that is mostly black-themed, and has a fusion of Material Design and iOS design inspiration. Huge thanks to InFlames03 for helping me out with making this KLWP possible...
  3. OhayouBaka

    Thread [THEME][SUBSTRATUM] yoru. for Samsung Oreo

    Ever wanted an AMOLED black theme for Samsung Oreo, in the style of Pixel's Oreo or Pie? And with plenty of aesthetic system accent colours to choose from? Well, look no further! Introducing, yoru. Huge thanks to InFlames03 for letting me use his Oreo Theme as a base for this theme, check out...
  4. OhayouBaka

    Thread [THEME][SUBSTRATUM] Transparent Lockscreen for SAMSUNG

    Make elements of your lockscreen transparent on your Samsung device (status bar, clock, bottom lock icon/unlock/charging text), for a cleaner look or for custom KLWP lockscreens. Screenshots in Play Store links, or attached files. This theme should be compatible with any Samsung smartphone...
  5. OhayouBaka

    Thread [THEME][SUBSTRATUM] StatusBar Icons (+extras) for Samsung [Redirect]

    Main Thread: Just posting it here to bring to attention to Note 8 people, since the theme got updated to support Note 8!
  6. OhayouBaka

    Thread [THEME][SUBSTRATUM] StatusBar Icons (+extras) for Samsung

    Since Good Lock looks like it's been silently discontinued (no word on an update for Nougat to this day), I've taken the liberty to replace it with this, revamping the SystemUI with AOSP-style icons (and some extras). Screenshots in Play Store links, or attached files. This theme should be...
  7. OhayouBaka

    Thread Good Lock 24.0.16, modified for Android N-ify (v2)

    If you've used Android N-ify with Good Lock, you will have known that there's an annoying bug, that the Good Lock settings icon overlaps the alarm section when the Quick Settings is expanded. This will fix that, and fix up a few things in Good Lock to match AOSP/Google Pixel visuals...