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  1. TheMadScientist

    Thread Note 20 exynos official Android 11 discussions

    I see the update is out for Slovakia a few hours ago. So its here. Let's get some links so the rest of us can get it installed.
  2. TheMadScientist

    Thread Ps4 remote play on rooted op7pro

    Hello there, so this is a simple guide to get PS4 Remote Play working on Rooted phones. Requirements: 1. A Phone with unlocked BL 2. Magisk Steps: Do not open remote play or any sony apps. If you do. Clear data. It remebers it's root check. Navigate to Magisk Manager Head to magisk hide and...
  3. TheMadScientist

    Thread Modemst1 and 2 possible sim unlock tmobile

    So I'm playing around. I've tried th 6t unlock method and so Far I've managed to get the sim lock dialouge to not show. But no sim is reading. I need some one to give me a copy of modemst1 and 2.from a unlocked or international device to try. BTW zeroing these does not wipe imei. So imei is...
  4. TheMadScientist

    Thread KG Status normal. No OEM unlock. Let's figure this out

    I have a note 20 exynos. My kg status shows as Normal. Never prenormal. I have flashed several firmwares to oxm. I have tried the date tricks time and time again. Internet no internet. Sim in and out. Seems like I got the only locked bootloader exynos device in the world. Let's figure...
  5. TheMadScientist

    Thread Viper 4 android selinux enforcing. No bootloop

    Same as my 9 plus. Follow this guide for a sure fire working viper install
  6. TheMadScientist

    Thread About time i upgraded where i want

    So boys and girls. I finnaly got me another note series obviously a 10. So its on now. Ill be here a while. I already got viper working. A few other things just under 24 hours. Only issue i see is im on june patch and my camera wont work. Im pretty sure its software firmware. Not hardware
  7. TheMadScientist

    Thread Odin cant open com/serial port discussion

    So I've been working at this for weeks now. I have 3 PCs in my house all windows 10 latest updates. I cannot get them to open com ports to flash anything on any of them. Things I have tried include drivers,adding exceptions and disabling firewalls. I have enabled legacy support in bios...
  8. TheMadScientist

    Thread Please be careful and be safe,to all my friends on XDA

    With the virus spreading worse than a wild fire. To all my friends here on XDA please be safe. Careful. And please show humanity. If you see people in need of help. Do the right thing. But Keep you and yours protected
  9. TheMadScientist

    Thread Be careful and be safe to all my friends on XDA

    With the virus spreading worse than a wild fire. To all my friends here on XDA please be safe. Careful. And please show humanity. Keep you and yours protected
  10. TheMadScientist

    Thread Viper working on 10 no bootloop

    They moved my thread to the wrong spot so heres a link Thread closed as topics should be in the original post.
  11. TheMadScientist

    Thread Viper 4 Q working no bootloop

    So I've managed after hours of messing around to get viper to work. Endless bootloops to download mode. I don't know if it was me not knowing how to install it or if it is just still a bit buggy on 10 but either way. I managed to get it installed working and some what simple. None of...
  12. TheMadScientist

    Thread Enabling wifi calling on non cricket samsungs

    So this is a hack so to speak as of right now Crcket does not have a bit 7 firmware but thats ok screw them. So download any Us multi csc firmware you need for what ever bit number your on. Flash that in latest odin. Insert your cricket sim,It will reboot to personalize the device for the new...
  13. TheMadScientist

    Thread What??? Gear s2 surprise update r730
  14. TheMadScientist

    Thread 80% snap drag charge bypass possible

    I made this up with the help of a few guys. Works on s8 snap rooted should for you too... Figured should go here in dev for snap
  15. TheMadScientist

    Thread 80% snap drag charge bypass possible

    I made this up with the help of a few guys. Works on s8 snap rooted should for you too...
  16. TheMadScientist

    Thread G950U SnapDragon bit 7 combination firmware

    Bit 7 Combination firmware is here. Merry Christmas every body... Greetings from the lab. A friend was kind enough to get this for us.
  17. TheMadScientist

    Thread Aquariums?

    So who all does aquariums. I got 4. A 8 gallon. A 40. 2 55s. One's a axoltle tank
  18. TheMadScientist

    Thread Any Verizon users help?

    I picked one of these up at nearly no cost bad screen Before I put a screen in can Verizon users confirm its gsm unlocked. It works on Verizon based some cards but every time I put a cricket or other sim in. I get a sim card not readable. I don't want to buy a screen if other hard ware...
  19. TheMadScientist

    Thread Any methods to change mah?

    I bought a over sized battery for my g5. Is there a way to change the mah reported. 3c and any where I look it's calibrated for a 2800. I got a 3200 and it seems like I'm still only capping around 2800. But to be sure is like to set it to the 3200 for accuracy.. I'm on a 830 rooted Oreo.
  20. TheMadScientist

    Thread H830 sim unlock issue

    So I aquired a h830 Sim unlocked. I unlocked the bootloader. And flashed the thing is Sim locked again and the unlock app fails and won't unlock it Any ideas
  21. TheMadScientist

    Thread anyone know where i can find aio cricket firmware?

    I am trying to rebrand my 8 to cricket I cant find aio csc user data or firmware anywhere I can find it in U1 unlocked s8 csc but i dont get VOLTE. So I assume I need for U model not U1 I saw a post somewhere with crickets userdata in it but it was for bit 2 or 3 Im on bit 6 I dont recall...
  22. TheMadScientist

    Thread R just cases are no good.

    Guys this will probably be one of my last posts here in S8 threads. As some of you know I just replaced the battery in my s8. New back glass new ifixit kit. I give cheap plug to ifixit there parts and tool kits. Thank you guys for awesome parts. This last 24 hours my s8 has seen like new...
  23. TheMadScientist

    Thread New to mate se 64 GB us

    So I've had sammies for a while now did a lot of work with the s8. I'm picking one of these up tonight. Can any one give me the low down of it's even root able or bootloader unlockable. Figured I'd ask and see what pops up while I'm googling it
  24. TheMadScientist

    Thread Verizon bloat apps needed

    I have been trying to rip all the apps from verizon section of the system images and to mo avail i cant get em yet. Is there any kind soul here that can rip the all the verizon apps. I dont need the nfl or anything just trying to get wifi calling working and from what i see i need other...
  25. TheMadScientist

    Thread 80% charge threshold broke on rooted US snapdragons

    Works on s8. Figure it should work for any US snapdragon faced with 80% charge limmit from rooting.
  26. TheMadScientist

    Thread 80% charge threshold broke on rooted US snapdragons

    I own a s8. But i would assume this will work for any US snapdragon faced with the 80% threshold from root
  27. TheMadScientist

    Thread 80% charge threshold broke Rooted US s8 SnapDragon

    So without further ado, I bring you a manual way to charge past 80% and with the new root s9 this should work for you guys to. Let me know and we can or will adjust accordingly. First off, The good stuff. I Nor anyone else is responsible for what you do to your devices.This is all done...
  28. TheMadScientist

    Thread Drivedroid and s8 Im on a g950u locked bootloader stock kernel I remember a few months back,Me and several other people tried to use drive droid and nothing but fails.. Well it seems to have been updated since I've tried and...
  29. TheMadScientist

    Thread System mode Su for US locked bootloaders

    This is the Su needed to root from safestrap on locked bootloaders This does not modify the boot img and this only works currently on permissive s8 nougat bootloader Figured it would be good to post up here as we...
  30. TheMadScientist

    Thread [Discussion] What do you guys remap bixby to?

    Out of curiosity what are all of you remapping your bixby buttons to? What methods are you using for remap? I mapped mine to second power button. And I edited the key layout text file. Not using and apps for it... IMO second power button is awesome. Screen shots power and other functions are...
  31. TheMadScientist

    Thread Is it possible to switch models

    I want to swap my r730v which is 3g model to a non 3g 720 i guess would be the model number? Will net odin throw model mismatch?Or is it as simple as CSC swapping from a us CSC to a non 3G CSC
  32. TheMadScientist

    Thread A question for mods

    malybru Did you guys change up the themes for XDA My quick links and everything are gone my notifications and everything do not show anymore My top bar now displays news, forums, devices, topics, and best posts When I click the little guy in the far right corner and click notifications it...
  33. TheMadScientist

    Thread Oreo and flashing errors in odin fix for some

    Hey guys. A small piece of info. Oreo uses a new form of file compression .lz4 format not tar Older odin does not know how to handle lz4s When flashing Oreo firmwares always have the newest Odin 3.13 or higher
  34. TheMadScientist

    Thread Adding wifi calling to older rooted firmware 950u rev2

    Hello to all my friends here at XDA So I have never had wifi calling before, My carrier just released a update on rev 5 oreo on my wifes device with added wifi calling options... Since I have never had to worry about this on a device before.Is it possible to add to my current rooted stock...
  35. TheMadScientist

    Thread G982 bit 3 combo password minus space www.
  36. TheMadScientist

    Thread Roms and GPL

    Ihave been seeing a lot of roms popup Remember if it is not 100% Stock based Means aosp,RR Lineage,CM any other non stock Correct kernel sources must be posted As well as No pay per click file servers No adfly nothing like that
  37. TheMadScientist

    Thread Using the thread search bar.

    A message to every one. Remember we have a wonderful search bar at the top of every page. Not the device one near control panel. But if you scroll to the top of this or any other thread or section. Once you get to know it well you can search keywords and such within a given rom or such. For...
  38. TheMadScientist

    Thread Using the search bar???

    A message to every one. Remember we have a wonderful search bar at the top of every page. Not the device one near control panel. But if you scroll to the top of this or any other thread or section. Once you get to know it well you can search keywords and such within a given rom or such...
  39. TheMadScientist

    Thread ? about updates

    So I noticed a while back people talking of tizen 3.0 is this a thing? My att version gears s2 is on latest from march cant find but only and My Verizon gear s2 dont say anything of tizen version but may of 2018 nm it also says So how do I go about updating mine to the 3.0 Dont...
  40. TheMadScientist

    Thread Find my phone volume issue

    So before no matter if my phone was on silent or not when i click find my phone on gear s2 it would raise my volume and ring so i could find it Now no matter what I doo no matter how loud all my volumes are it only vibrates:confused: It was kind of a useful feature around my house as I set my...
  41. TheMadScientist

    Thread Odins all versions current (Comsy included)

    Didnt see any of these but here all versions of Odin for any one who needs em:good: Comsy is in this zip too So make sure to thank him too Google says this file is infected I can assure you it is not.... Thanks a lot google for...
  42. TheMadScientist

    Thread J3 2018 Verizon prepaid J337vpp combo and firmware

    So here it is I know not a big demand but here is the combination firmware Everywhere I looked these are paid files and not released for free. Well I know a guy who knows some guys who probably knows a few more guys....:p:p:p But either way thanks to the man I am here releasing these files for...
  43. TheMadScientist

    Thread 950U stock rom 7.0 with flashable root... SafeStrap needed

    First off Safestrap is need for this to work...:good: This is a complete stock system .IMG I pulled from BQL1 /BRB1 just to keep the same as rest of the roms out there.....Fully bloated nothing removed...100% Stock The stock images here will now work for SafeStraped Revision 5 or 6...
  44. TheMadScientist

    Thread Research into 950u root and Bluetooth fix.....

    So I found this many many months ago on 950U root and Xposed not being completely compatible with our s8,Like in previous Xposed versions Wanam and such have modified Xposed To properly work on Galaxy devices... Btw Thank you Wanam and Rovo for All the hard work. :good::good::good: So What it...
  45. TheMadScientist

    Thread So kinda funny story

    So I know a guy who knows a guy who has another gear s2 so I traded a weed eater He wanted for it lol Only got 20 USD in the weed eater,So I think I come out pretty good Now I have 2 of the same devices Its time for testing finally.........
  46. TheMadScientist

    Thread How tuff is your gear s2

    So I am a mechanic and avid landscaper so oils grease dust and rocks are the norm. I mean I take it off it times are real rough. But every day life and mines a trooper day in and out. It's not got but a single scratch and looks great.
  47. TheMadScientist

    Thread 1.5 gb ram bypass gear app

    So I dont remember where I found this at here or off site but this zip is a modded gear app and couple other for non sammy devices less than 1.5 gb ram As I have sent my s8 in for repair I am stuck on a 30 $ cheapy straight talk zte which does not support gear s2 but its working...
  48. TheMadScientist

    Thread New to S2 Any incites?

    So I didnt know they where carrier dependent...I got a AT&T s2 I use xfin on Verizon so im sure mobile data wont work but in reality I dont use my mobile data as i am on wifi all the time.... So my ? is will the watch still get and send texts and or calls over Bluetooth connection to s8? And...
  49. TheMadScientist

    Thread LG-K540 device dump Cricket

    So here is a device dump Version K54012d and security patch 10/1/2016 I know it has antirollback 1 As well I forgot to rename all the file before uploading them all need renamed -com8 and put .MBN after them all As of right now I have not found a way to reflash these to our device Lgup...
  50. TheMadScientist

    Thread Cheapo temp glass

    El cheapo tempered glass protectors are out as well 2.99 ebay I ordered the for the 775 but of coarse works on crickets too.....?