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    Post Gestures Vs Navigation Bar

    Ive been using edge gestures with immersive mode since last year and love it. I tried the Android p gestures and couldn't stand it.
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    Post I'm new and normally would not ask this but I'm torn.

    Noone can make this decision for you. Figure it out. You are an adult right?
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    Post get out of beta P on verizon

    I don't think you will get an update back to 8.1 until nexts months security patch.
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    Post May update giving wakelocks

    Usually wakelocks after an update/flash is just a bad flash. Factory resetting usually fixes those.
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    Post anyone running android P beta?

    Really smooth so far my two gripes so far. Text prediction or auto correct feature just seems "janky" random letters are being typed more often causing me to delete and retype. And the keyboard seems to want to minimize often on it's own while I'm typing. Other then those annoyances it's been...
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    Post beta program

    As honorable intention that seems, spreading misinformation on these forums is not a good thing.
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    Post anyone running android P beta?

    It's like the xda app really is not user friendly. Sometimes it hits a reply function when you didn't want to or sometimes it quotes the wrong post. Good **** post though. Here's a cookie.
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    Post May Security patch?

    I usually check for update for right before I flash the monthly update.
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    Post Anyway to take longer shutter speed photo than 5 second?

    I would like to experiment with taking pictures like that too.
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    Post Immersive Mode...

    Could be something with substratum too, you using any substratum themes/overlays?
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    Post [8.1][Magisk Module] Multi-Touch Fix for 8.1 Devices

    Nice, just tested before and after and it seems to have fixed the issue on my pixel 2 April build.
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    Post Gestures App?

    Been using edge gestures for ahwile and haven't had one issue with it.
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    Post The Pixel 2 Photography Thread

    Ya same here. They look like old school low res contact thumbnails.
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    Post April Full and OTA images are up

    What screen brightness are you using ?
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    Post Show off Your Homescreen

    Clean and simple.
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    Post The Pixel 2 Photography Thread

    Right one for sure. Left is over exposed.
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    Post anyone running android P beta?

    Intructions are on the Google developer site where you download the OTA from, make sure you download load the correct one for your device i.e. XL or non XL
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    Post Are you getting the Pixel 3 ?

    How would I know, is there any specs out yet?
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    Post Network showing as LTE instead of 4g

    They are two separate things. If it says 4g then you are using 4g connection, If it says lte then you are using the lte connection.
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    Post What's the best way to update drivers or place to get fastboot drivers.

    Just download the platform_tools from Google and install it.
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    Post [GUIDE] Root/Kernel+ViPER/Dolby+Theme/Mods

    Is Dolby only benficial if you watch movies with headphones? I don't really watch movies on my phone so just wondering if Dolby is even worth installing.
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    Post Flashing Android P Dev Image

    Also from the official website where you download the images it has instruction which include needing to unlock the bootloader for full images. And also tells you that OTA do not require unlocking the bootloader.
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    Post Stuck at Google logo

    I second this. Same thing happened to me. I had to reflash the previous image to get it to boot.
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    Post [Guide] Updating your Pixel 2 to latest factory image, no wipe

    If you post instructions and someone bricks their phone from it then they are going to come here and post about it. We already have threads that talk about updating and there was really no need for this one anyway.
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    Post anyone running android P beta?

    Pretty sure they don't want theme support in their developer previews. They want to work on getting the base code working. They probably will add theme support later on as long as licensing with so you is still negotiated.
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    Post [Guide] Updating your Pixel 2 to latest factory image, no wipe

    We know that, but the dude he is trying to help is soft bricked probably by following op instructions which I do t k ow why we have a other thread about anyway.
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    Thread Immersive mode on android P?

    Anyone know if immersive mode (adb commands) works on Android P dp1?
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    Post anyone running android P beta?

    Than don't even worry about the "developer" release and keep on Oreo.
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    Post anyone running android P beta?

    Just flash it and try it, if you don't like it flash back to O
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    Post Flat profile for video recordiing?

    Use a third party app, I use filmpic pro.
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    Post TWRP 3.2.3-1 for Pixel 2

    Factory images don't use sideloading, however a flashable can be sideloaded.
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    Post TWRP 3.2.3-1 for Pixel 2

    To to clear up some confusion. "Sideloading" is not the term used when flashing a factory image via adb. "Sideloading" is when you push an APK from the computer to your device for installation.
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    Post [HomeBrews] Pixel 2: LineageOS/CarbonROM/DirtyUnicorns

    Did you guys read the article. It talks about all that.
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    Post [HomeBrews] Pixel 2: LineageOS/CarbonROM/DirtyUnicorns

    Open GApps Now Supports Android 8.1 Oreo (ARM+ARM64, x86+x86_64)
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    Post Maybe a stupid question about Verizon Pixel 2's and rooting

    I like it for future proofing. Like always in a couple years Google will stop supporting the pixel 2 with updates so having an unlocked bootloader gives you peace of mind to flash custom ROMs later if needed. Or if any Google updates start slowing the device down you can flash a more optimized...
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    Post IR I frared beacon/sensor always active?

    That's interesting. I will try with my phone and nest camera and see if it acts the same on mine.
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    Post IR I frared beacon/sensor always active?

    I don't think the pixel 2 has an ir on it.
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    Post [HomeBrews] Pixel 2: LineageOS/CarbonROM/DirtyUnicorns

    Ya it does this on stock too, nothing to do with custom ROMs.
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    Post The Pixel 2 Photography Thread

    Pretty cool pics
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    Post Lag?

    I've had mine since release and have no lag issues. However I don't have Facebook Snapchat etc on my phone, and the only time I restart my phone is when doing an update.
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    Post February Security Patch (Auto Fix?)

    The Feb update is out?
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    Post Sold my iPhone X and got an Pixel 2 XL

    The xl communities has found immersion mode hacks so he is best to ask there to see those ways of removing the navbar. It's not really discussed in this forum.
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    Post Unlock Bootloader on Verizon Pixel 2 [CONFIRMED]

    I was unlocked and rooted and then unrooted and then flashed the January 5 image then booted and took the latest OTA. I'm still showing unlocked bootloader in developer options.
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    Post Unlock Bootloader on Verizon Pixel 2 [CONFIRMED]

    Are sure your adb is setup correctly? And you are typing the right command?
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    Post Best budget Bluetooth headphones

    Anker slimbuds on amazon with aptx.