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    Thread Help, Getting Low Speaker Sound in Nitrogen OS 8.1, Kenzo

    I am using latest Nitrogen OS 8.1 ROM in my Redmi Note 3 since last week, I love everything about this ROM compared to MIUI but the Sound which I get from speakers while listening songs or watching videos is quite low as compared to MIUI. In MIUI the sound quality and loudness was much better...
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    Thread [Q] Please Help, Not getting Calls on 2nd sim while using 3G on 1st sim

    Whenever I use DATA (3G)on my 1st Sim, I am not able to receive any calls or messages on my second sim When I switch tha data connection off, everything works fine, The problem is while using 3G Data only, If I use 2G Data on 1st sim then calls and messages are coming on second sim...