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    Thread Enable Huawei floating app for P7-L10?

    The Chinese version of p7 when enabling suspend button has the possibility to use some float app: video, sms, notepad, music, calculator. I've tried to extract from Chinese emui 3 rom the apk but for me it is impossible to deodex these files...then I found an emui 3 deodex rom for coolpad from...
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    Thread [P7-L10] [EMUI 2.3, 3.0, 3.1] Enable call recording function

    I've tested this mod succesfully with b133, b615, b621, b623, b830 [EMUI 2.3] Requisite: full root here are the step: 1- in build.prop add/modify "ro.config.hw_voicerecord" from false to true 2- delete in system/priv-app folder phone.apk and phone.odex (MAKE A BACKUP) 3- copy this phone.apk in...
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    Thread [solved] Fix icon color in setting's volume panel

    Hi... I was trying to edit rakz992's settings.apk and everything it's ok except for the color of the icon under audio->volume panel...anyone knows how to fix? Xperia U devswift1 v6 JB with rakz992's Z1 framework
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    Thread [ICS/JB][U-P?]SmallApp Converter fix

    Hi this is a fix for the SmallApp converter (not showing converted values because in white text with white background) from Andrewasth's Xperia Z taskswitcher for: - erorcun's Xperia i1 Framework - JB rakz992's Z1 framework I didn't find a similar thread so i created this one... INSTRUCTION: -...
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    Thread [help][xperia u] stk installed but no icon in app drawer

    i've a problem with stk.apk: this app suddenly disappeared for unknow reason (before working). i've tried to flash stock fw but nothing changed... it is very strange because if i search in setting-> applications, is installed (with this name vodafone SIM v4.0.4-m7t3zw) but no icon is...