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    Thread Honor 6 plus PE-TL10

    here for all your questions and problem reagrding to update
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    Thread your experiences with alcatel phones?

    I am planning to buy this awesome phone But I want to hear some user experiences, because I never have had an Alcatel before. So.... - How is the service of Alcatel? Especially when it comes down to warranty - Is this phone future proof? (talking bout the idol 3 5,5'') - How about the...
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    Thread Does this seller really sells the 2,3ghz WW version ?

    Seems like this seller sells the 2,3ghz WW model for €317 (included shipping, excluded taxs) Who bought from this seller and can confirm this?
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    Thread File explorer in eclipse????

    I have setup eclipse and my device is recognized, ADB is also working fine but when I want to look into the root of my device via Eclipse it shows nothing. But on the emulator I can look through all the files etc. Note: - I use galaxy s2 for testing apps - I have windows 7 professional -...
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    Thread [URGENT] Which app is this???

    Hello guys for school I have to answere some questions and Im stuck on this one!! A logo of an app is displayed but I dont know which app it is.. Does someone know which one this is??? PLZZ I REALLY have to know it 1000x thanks to the good answer!!!
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    Thread How to port themes??

    I want to port theme from s3 to my s2. But I know its not as simple as replacing files because s3 has other resolution. Can someone PLZ tell me how to do this the easiest way?? And which device is same as S2 that only replacing files work?
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    Thread How to mount usb storage?!!!

    It really *** piss me off every time I connect to pc I have to click TWO times to get my phone connected. I have alliancerom v7.3 and Speedmod kernel and REALLY like solution!
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    Thread Custom bootanimation!!?

    Hi, I really want to change my boring samsung boot animation to something news. But I have this kernel doesnt support and only Siyah does but I always get random reboots from that kernel. And they say it IS possible but what do I have to do? Manual solution...
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    Thread [Q, SOLVED] Remove text under quick-toggles!!!

    EDIT: SOLVED! Issue: Couldnt mod Lidroid.apk because of systembar fc Solution: Go to link on last post! [Lidroid is different than any other app] Ps. Lidroid is for the toggle in the notificationpanel and also the background of it! Thank me!:laugh:
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    Thread Custom boot animations!!!

    Anytime I change my in data/local it get unchanged And in system/media I dont see PLZZ help me get the nice mw3 bootanimation.. Thnx!!
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    Thread [Q] Editing the lockscreen, help!!!

    I want to change the DATE on my lockscreen to black. Now its yellow and dont like it. I know how to re-decompile but cant find the path to edit! Help, thanks!!
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    Thread [Full guide][ICS/JB] Make your own theme!! [09-03-2013]

    About me I didnt see any thread with ALL guides in ONE place. And I think alot people want to know how to do this or that. Its also clearer for myself to have an all-in-one placed tutorials! So with all the help of awesome people and myself Im gonna teach you stuff! All credits goes to other...
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    Thread restoring?? no!!

    Hi, I wanted to restore but always when I do I get endless boorloop. Firstly, I was on neatrom, I flashed a test-mod and didnt work. So restored from cwm. Still SAME. Then I flashed back to stock ics. Then flashed speedmod ics kernel. At last flashed neatrom. And then restore again to get my...
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    Thread [solved]Mount /sd card failed? HELP!!

    I wanted to flash a Custom ROM via custom recovery but got error It cant mount SD card. I choosed flash update via externel storage. One thing: I dont have a SD card and put the ROM in my phones storage [so internal] How can It mount the internal storage???? PLZZZ HELP THNX!!
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    Thread Buying Razr M!

    Hey if you have it and want to sell it I am your buyer! Pm me or email me I will reply ASAP Also I live in Europe if u live here too it will be great!;)
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    Thread [Q] where did you buy?

    I really want a Razr M but there aint in The Netherlands:mad: Is there anywhere they ship them and not too expensive? [let say <$500] Oh, and if theres a verizon logo, does that mean my Hi sim-card doesnt work?
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    Thread gggggggggg

    delete / close thread, :laugh: ty
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    Thread [Q] How to make Custom ROM?

    How can I make / port custom ROM for this phone? and why does it have so little development as this phone beats HTC one X, iPhone 5, and s3?? thnx in advance
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    Thread [Q] Which phone to buy??

    Hey guys:fingers-crossed: Last summer I found this forum and had alot of fun with my Xperia Pro Now I am looking for new phone, its been 4 months and still spending too much energy to find my perfect phone.. So, which from these phones u think is best to buy? s2, s3 mini, s advance, optimus...
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    Thread [Q] Buy which phone???

    Hey guys:fingers-crossed: Last summer I found this forum and had alot of fun with my Xperia Pro Now I am looking for new phone, its been 4 months and still spending too much energy to find my perfect phone.. So, which from these phones u think is best to buy? s2, s3 mini, s advance, s plus...
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    Thread [Q] Which phone to buy??

    Hey guys:fingers-crossed: Last summer I found this forum and had alot of fun with my Xperia Pro Now I am looking for new phone, its been 4 months and still spending too much energy to find my perfect phone.. So, which from these phones u think is best to buy? s2, s3 mini, s advance, optimus...
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    Thread [ROM][PRO]Sense for Xperia BETA STAGE!!! WARNING

    Oh, everyone encounter problems / they say its the wrong rom. So i will look what i did wrong and re-upload asap. And if it still doesnt work i will close this thread. Sorry for the discomfort but im just a noob still. I just do my veyr best to try to port a Sense ROM:o Feature list: How to...
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    Thread [NEW][KERNEL] Xkernel test build for Xperia pro VERY SMOOTH

    So i asked Sirkay to port his nice xKernel from Arc to Pro. He did and the 2nd time it booted! EVERYthing works and it is smooth! List of features can be found on his original thread: Fixes: WIFI MODULES [not out yet]: 1...
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    Thread Change icons!

    How do i change icons via file manager?? Where are they located, in miui? I want to change titanium backup icon
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    Thread undervolting the cm7 kernel?!!

    i downloaded serveral apps for uv, but dont see it. That means the cm7 kernel [fxp 129] cant uv. Is there an app that still let me undervolt?? And i heard it can be done via terminal, how?? thnxxxx:good:
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    Thread How to change framework???

    I am on a project and its for GB. But it has quite a ugly 'recent apps' screen and also no wipe option or swipe away apps. I REALLY wanna change it to sth like this: So do i have to edit the framework res?? Can one PLEASE gimme tutorial. info: its a Miui ROM based on CM7. It also has a miui...
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    Thread Miui v4 2.8.3 for Xperia Pro [closed]

    i quit XDA. No maintance this rom anymore. Happy porting by urself ^^
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    Thread UCCW backgorund????

    Yesterday i went to search for a nice UCCW widget and came aross this beatiful, clean SGS3 widget:LOOK So i found it in serveral threads, download links here: CLICK-CLICK-CLICK PLEASE, can someone try all of them and if u also have no background then it is ok but if has then i think mine has bug!
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    Thread [Awesome][ROM] MiuiMOD for Xperia 2011 Devices **UPDATED**

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    Thread [Q] miui for gingerbread??

    wonder if there is miui for gingerbread??? i dont like the ics version. lol
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    Thread [REQUEST]BlendMiui on Android 2.3.4!!!

    I saw ALL xperia 2011 devices has GB Miui version instead of ics. ONLY Pro[mk16] not:( Can a developper plzz compile / port it to the Pro?? It would be awesome and a donation is no problem! Also, GB Miui has much more [beatiful] themes.. PM me or post here ill test the build:cowboy:
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    Thread How to create FLASHABLE themes?

    im not a big fan of launchers, and i want a REAL home replacement. i very like the SUAVE icons:good: i want a clear tutorial about how to make that a FLASHABLE theme [via cwm]. thanks!!! Ps. - Xperia Pro [mk16] - Gingerbread
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    Thread [Q] Which file do i have to change?

    wanna play games on my kerboard but dont know which file is specified for it. Also tried but no luck, help!! Thnx thnx thnx
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    Thread [Q] Java not found error help urgent!!!

    Noooo!! Today ive bought new laptop, windows 7. on my old windows xp android sdk was working 100%. everytime i start the setup i get this error:[see attachment] Can someone plzz help me im fed up everytime setting up the android platform costs me 2 days :silly: thaNKs
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    Thread How do i undervolt?

    I wanna undervolt and how to start? I have xperia pro [mk16i] with Arc knight kernel [email protected]
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    Thread How to check deep sleep?

    I had to check this because my battery had some issues so really appreciate help! I saw app called spy cpu but i dont know how to check if phone goes to deep sleep or not. PLz help thanks!!!
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    Thread How do i make android games compatible??

    Dear friends, I have a phone with hardware keyboard reason I can play games with hardkeys. Problem is android games doesnt allow key mappings as in Emulators [Fpse]. Is there any way to make an .iso file out of an .apk??? And if not, is there a way i can create a 'game keyboard'??? Thanks...
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    Thread Wifi authentication problem!! HELP

    Ive just flashed Cyanogenmod 9 to my device, everything is ok, exept Wifi :( It says 'authentication problem' I did everything right as the tut. and most people have no issues, so is it me or? Ps. I try to connect with a WPA2 [only this prob. on CM9]
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    Thread Best kernel for battery life!!!

    Hey im a big newbie, but I was able to port a ROM from Arc to Pro. Now I want to create a battery saving kernel for our pro! But... How do I start and how do I make it best battery saving?? Thanks alot mates!!!
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    Thread How to enable keyboard on android games??

    Hey friends, If I play FPSE Tekken 3 I can use my Qwerty keyboard to remap keys. But I cant use the keyboard or remap the keys on android games, like: Fifa 12, GTA 3 etc. On the xperia play you can use the keys for EVERY game! So can somebody plzz tell me how?? Thnx:victory::angel:
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    Thread Is stock ROM less battery drain??

    Which rom is the best [for battery life] between these one?? - cyanogenmod - miui - stock ics All with the ultima kernel from riyal.
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    Thread [Q] how to increasing your battery life alot!!

    Hi I have really low battery life even I turn off everything. I play games alot but 4h is just not normal. I really like to have more battery even if you think its enough because it cost me alot for charging and annoying. thnxxx I KNOW THERE A TONS OF SMILAIR QUESTIONS BUT I COULDNT FIND ONE...
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    Thread How to fix error: application not installed?

    Delete thread, problem solved by myself
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    Thread HELP! How to flash back to stock rom?

  45. Rene_ajax

    Thread Game in Gameboid crashes