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    Thread HTC Elf motherboard ?

    Hi there, my phone's motherboard / charging point has problem and I doubt it will work. So if anybody out there has there screen smashed, I would appreciate if you can offer the motherboard (working condition) of HTC Elf phone for cash. Please email me or respond here. Thanks in advance, Ash
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    Thread [Q] Dual Boot Android and Windows 7 on Asus Transformer

    Hello there, I am not too sure if this is a vague questions however I was wondering if an Asus Transformer tablet can be made dual bootable with Android and Windows 7? Has any one tried or thought of it or heard about it or if it do-able, please let me know. Cheers, Ashish
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    Thread No SD Card detected however .. (please help)

    Hi, (Strange problem - OS does not detect SD Card however Bootloader does and loads ROM from SD Card) I have a strange problem from this morning. I had WP7 mango installed which was working pretty ok apart from a few restarts if the bottom part of phone got warm/hot, so I kept it in from of...