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    Thread When Android 10 custom rom will landed on Mix 3 ?

    Anyone working on it ? I'm happy to test it Waiting so long since AOSP is officially announced, and seeing other phone like Mix 2/2s Mi8 already got a custom rom made me sad
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    Thread Any port of Google Camera 7.0 (From Pixel 4 ) that worked on Mi Mix 3 yet ?

    Any port of Google Camera 7.0 (From Pixel 4 ) that worked on Mi Mix 3 yet ?
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    Thread Anyway to get Android Q on Mi Mix 3 right now ? any GSi ?

    have anyone tried to port it to Mi Mix 3 yet ?
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    Thread [Q] can someone provide me a guide how to unlock bootloader. i got some problem here

    i tried to do it my self. follow an instruction from a official website and other which i got...
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    Thread Can Xperia 10 Plus install Android Q GSI cause of it compatible with Project Treble ? Can i use this guide to try Android Q beta on my Xperia 10 Plus ?
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    Thread [Q] how to replace camera app ui

    I want to theme camera app samsungcamera4 (S6) with samsungcamera6 (Note 7) just theme it to lookalike tutorial please (replace drawable file)
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    Thread Need Some help From Implosion Project

    Just like you know that our thread was closed so we cant update anything but we are working on it and now we need some of yoi rhelp to make it faster for unlock thread. We want some help from someone that have a knowledge about porting kernel or creating kernal And from Implosion Project...
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    Thread [Custom Rom] [IMPLOSION Project] [N900] [6.0.1] Note 7 Full Port Coming Soon

    IMPLOSION PROJECT N900 NOTE 7 FULL PORT [6.0.1] :)About:) After we saw a lot of 6.0.1 custom roms on N900x Snap It's because Snapdragon Chip is Open Source so it's have a way to port to Snapdragon Chipset . And i just got a good news that our Chip (Exynos 5420) on Tab S just get 6.0.1...
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    Thread Ask Darklord Developers Team for help to port Darklord Rom for our N900

    As we see that you are The Developers on N900x Snapdragon Variants . And you didnt make the rom for n900 one cuz exynos variants didnt get open soruce like Snapdragon one and SS didnt realease us for MM official update . And now i see the way to port your rom for us .as the message that...