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    Post Don't flash Magisk 17.0+ ***on STOCK ROM***

    Damn.. I'll see how long my Banking TAN app keeps working. I don't want to be forced to reinstall everything. I'm just using magisk because of GCam.
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    Post [8.0+]Google Camera Port with HDR+ on Axon 7

    The only way is to unlock bootloader and use twrp for api2 enabler. AFAIK there is no other way.
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    Post [8.0+]Google Camera Port with HDR+ on Axon 7

    I've looked around a bit and found this relatively new version working on Axon7 Oreo B02: from:
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    Post [8.0+]Google Camera Port with HDR+ on Axon 7

    So which one would you recommend for night mode? I don't mind using two versions simultaneously. One for HDR+ and one for night sight.
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    Post [8.0+]Google Camera Port with HDR+ on Axon 7

    Thanks, the problem was an incompatible default front cam model. I got it to work starting the app with "take a selfie", then changing the front camera model to Pixel3XL. Now I can try more versions. Night sight crashes on this one.:)
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    Post [8.0+]Google Camera Port with HDR+ on Axon 7

    For some reason this version or newer versions of this don't work any more after uninstalling and reinstalling. Crashes right after start. Even after deleting cache and app data. I didn't change anything else in the system. Any ideas?
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    Post [8.0+]Google Camera Port with HDR+ on Axon 7

    Thanks, but this version is giving me the same error. Trying to install on Firmware A2017GV1.3.0B02 Checked the apk and it seemed to be complete. I can successfully extract on it on PC. So it seems to be an issue with my phone. [Edit] This camera seems to be for Android Pie and newer I'm running...
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    Post [8.0+]Google Camera Port with HDR+ on Axon 7

    Downloaded it twice and tried to install. "There was a problem parsing the package." Before installing I deleted cache and data of the older version then uninstalled it.
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    Post [Discussion] Google Pay Magisk Discussion Thread

    Zero solution here. Magisk > 16.7 makes my phone (ZTE A2017G with stock Oreo) stuck in a reboot loop.
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    Post [Discussion] Google Pay Magisk Discussion Thread

    Step 4 worked now. The device admins weren't properly removed so I couldn't downgrade Google Play Services. I downgraded Google Play Services now and I'm on the correct version. Next step: Verification of Google Pay Mastercard via Phone paypal.:) Oh joy.
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    Post [Discussion] Google Pay Magisk Discussion Thread

    Unfortunately it fails at point 4 here. Error message is simply "App not installed". I can sideload other apps, so it's enabled in System settings.
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    Post [Discussion] Google Pay Magisk Discussion Thread

    On my Axon 7 (A2017G), I've tested with Magisk 16.7 on 8.0.0. Oreo (A2017GV1.30B02) - According to Root Checker Safety net is OK, and root not detected. Google Play Services are 15.0.90 (040400-231259764) Google Pay app is 2.83.235079858 Googe Pay setup with Paypal fails. Do I need an older...
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    Post [8.0+]Google Camera Port with HDR+ on Axon 7

    I'm currently using MGC_6.1.021_FINAL_V1b_A8.1+.apk (BSG, 2018-11-21) Has working night mode with awesome quality. (edit) I've just switched to MGC_6.1.021_BSG_Arnova-based_v.1.4_TlnNeun.apk My previous version had an issue that I had to wait for HDR+ processing to be finished until I could...
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    Post S-pushTAN still detects root, even with magisk hide

    I have the exact same problem. Axon 7 here, rooted via Magisk. Magisk is set to "hide" from pushTAN app and also "hide from various detections" in settings. pushTAN crashes and redirects to a webpage hinting that i have rooted my device.
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    Post Video quality

    Just wondering why 4k looks so much better than 1080p, even when watched on a 1080p screen. Almost as if they deliberately made video less than 4k look crap.
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    Post [PROJECT]Bootloader Unlock

    By just flashing a new bootloader which is included in the update.
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    Post Unreal Engine 3's Epic Citadel

    Best of 3 with Jelly Bean: 58,5 fps (High Quality)
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    Post Jelly Bean rollout started for XT925 - RAZR HD. [SFR, 4.1.1 - 9.8.0Q-97-XT925_VQU-18]

    Doesn't matter on which carrier I am, but the rollout started for SFR (Vodafone) France.
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    Thread Jelly Bean rollout started for XT925 - RAZR HD. [SFR, 4.1.1 - 9.8.0Q-97-XT925_VQU-18]

    In case no one noticed.. the rollout started 2 days ago.;)
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    Thread XT925 RAZR HD UMTS kernel source up
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    Post RAZR HD XT925 Firmwares SuperThread (Ice Cream Sandwich)

    Yes, the O2 Germany LTE network is up and running, as well as Telekom and Vodafone. The baseband version is VANQUISH_U_BP_1045.711.53.60P System version is 7.71.11002.XT925.O2.en.DE There's already an OTA available which fixes some legal stuff.
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    Post RAZR HD XT925 Firmwares SuperThread (Ice Cream Sandwich)

    O2 Germany version has LTE enabled as well.
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    Post Kernel source (and more) up

    Didn't find the chocolate sprinkles?
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    Thread Kernel source (and more) up

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    Post *** New Device Forum Requests ***

    Motorola RAZR HD. Comes with an unlockable bootloader and root access is easily possible with the very same method as RAZR M: Unbranded, non-simlocked Motorola RAZR HD is currently available at O2 Germany...
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    Post Motorola Launches Official Bootloader Unlocking Tool for Android Phones

    Probably the same way as you can get Coca Cola to at least release the recipe for Coca Cola so that non-employees of Coca Cola can brew their own fizzy drink. ---------- Post added at 09:22 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:21 AM ---------- ...and the RAZR HD, as well as the RAZR i.
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    Confirmed working on O2 Germany RAZR HD: C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools>fastboot oem get_unlock_data ... (bootloader) ****** HEX CODE ENTFERNT ****** (bootloader) ****** HEX CODE ENTFERNT ****** (bootloader) ****** HEX CODE ENTFERNT ****** (bootloader) ****** HEX CODE...
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    Post Who thinks Dev Edition will sell well?

    Nothing.. That's what I was trying to say.:) The Developers Edition can be unlocked, the other versions can't.
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    Post Who thinks Dev Edition will sell well?

    Unpossible... remember the German RAZR Developers Edition?
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    Thread Kernel source (and more) Photon Q down the list.
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    Post Motorola Launches Official Bootloader Unlocking Tool for Android Phones

    According to the official FAQ none which was released before August 2012. (other than the RAZR developers edition of course, which has been unlockable right from the start) Read here:
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    Post #OPMOSH2 - "Developer's Edition"

    not necessary... with the developers edition you can also use unsigned.;)
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    Post OK, I'm pretty pissed, now...

    For once, you know how the "non-U.S." customers feel EVERY single time.;)
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    Post Is bu2go a thread?

    Plus, you have to actively send the data. It's not happening on its own.
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    Post #OPMOSH2 - "Developer's Edition"

    Also read the disclaimer on page 61 of said manual? ;) "All features, functionality and other product specifications, as well as the information contained in this guide, are based upon the latest available information and believed to be accurate at the time of printing. Motorola reserves the...
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    Post #OPMOSH2 - "Developer's Edition"

    The software that came with the dev edition, which allows unlocking the dev edition, but not the retail RAZR.
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    Post MotoBlur with the XT910??

    What happens if you log in here: and then try setting up Motocast on the phone?
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    Post Razr engineering sample : bootloader factory unlocked

    No. The SE bootloader cannot be used on retail devices.
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    Post Razr Unlocked BL edition

    From what I know the dev edition has a different bootloader version than the retail one, so chances are still good. Also I don't think the dev edition will be engineering phones.. The hardware should be identical to the retail RAZR. Time will tell.;)
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    Post [GSM] EternityProject's OTAs -- Android Ice Cream Sandwich for Motorola RAZR

    There is no new bootloader in this update AFAIK.
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    Post #OPMOSH2 - "Developer's Edition"

    What? What are you saying? You mean that U.S. law doesn't apply to the rest of the world? How dare they making their own laws? ;)
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    Post RAZR FM Radio : Guide mentions it... but where is it ?

    It's not hidden. The RAZR and Droid RAZR do not have FM radio hardware. The manual is wrong.
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    Post [Q] Is Motorola Droid Razr and UK version Motorola Razr The same phone

    USA is neither the first nor only country with LTE. In Fact, the world's first commercial LTE network started in Sweden in December 2009 and now they're already testing the next generation, LTE advanced with speeds up to 954mbit/sec...
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    Post [HOW-TO]Identifying Defective/Pre-release razr models

    There are no pre-release models for sale. If you had a pre-release model, it would be engraved with "Confidential Motorola Restricted Property: Not For Sale". If it's not, it's retail hardware. Easy rules: If it's not defective, it's not defective. If it is defective, it is defective.
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    Post General Questions about Droid Razr. Ask it here

    Problem is known and will be fixed. Current workaround is turn off wifi, then reboot.
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    Post Email setting - IMAP

    If your company uses Exchange, you should use corporate sync (active sync) instead of IMAP4. Should work as expected with Exchange calendar and contacts as well.
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    Post [SBF] is leak in the china forum

    or just open the included .xml with RSD lite. See? No .sbf..;)
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    Post [HOW-TO]Identifying Defective/Pre-release razr models

    And how exactly do you know that? How was it pre-release, when it was released to customers? Are you talking about "pre-release" hardware, software or both? From what I know, pre release hardware is marked with a "Confidential restriced Motorola property...." label.