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    Thread mifare ultralight (G901F)

    i've tried mifare ultralight NFC tag (subway ticket) with S5 Plus (SM-G901F) and it doesn't work. But Mifare Classic tag is detected right. Is it by ok? I thought that Ultralight is a simplier version of Classic. People who has SM-G900F say it works with ultralights (don't know what about...
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    Thread sm-g901f versions

    I'm about to buy Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A SM-G901F Black. are these versions of 901f the same: lte-a, plus, 4g+? i mean - same firmwares, kernels etc.
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    Thread Charges in fastboot mode only

    I've bought a used Nexus 9. It was new and worked fine, but had only 13% of charge. As android battery stats showed - it was charged a little then switched of for ~20 days. When i try to charge this device it shows battery with a lightning bolt but says "not charging". When switched off it also...
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    Thread Cameras from CM10.2/AOSP with SD support and geotags/timestamp in Exif

    upd:The problem below affects some devices like Motorola Razr or Galaxy S3 Mini and is caused by camera driver. Hello. Recently i've been crying all around the internet that camera doesn't include gps info in exif tags. Nobody helped me, so i built camera from source in android studio. Used...
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    Thread [Q] Camera crashes

    I purchased Razr Maxx 2 days ago. It was used for 2 months previously (according to it's owner words). I checked IMEI and found out that the phone is Malaysian. At first there weren't any problems. Camera worked as expected. But after several hours it started to crash randomly. I mean it cannot...
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    Thread [Q] Wi-Fi Performance

    Hello. I see that GT8.9 has dual-band Wi-Fi in BCM4330 chipset. Earlier explorations (googlings) led me to believe that i need dual-band router to get performance which one could call real 802.11n:) Now i have 2.4GHz RT-N16 router and maximum connection speed which i've ever seen was 65Mbit/s...
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    Thread [Q] Galaxy Tab 8.9 Wi-fi speed, streaming video

    Hi. What's the maximum Wi-fi connection speed to 2.4GHz router (rt-n16)? As i googled i need 5GHz device to connect at 150 Mbit/s. Now the highest speed i get is 65 Mbit/s. It turns into up-to-20-Mbit/s when copying files from home NAS over Samba, and up-to-40-Mbit/s when using DLNA (AllShare...