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    Thread In Call Volume is very low

    This issue not old but now it becomes a big problem. Whenever I receive or make a call the incall volume is very very low. Tried searching but no help. I am using CM12.1..... Please help.

    Thread All ROMs are same

    Hi guys, I know its really hard to create a new ROM and updating it and giving to users. But since the launch of Android 5.0 Lollipop I don't find difference between all major ROMs. If there is difference, it is of the Bugs. Some ROMs got big bugs and some with small bugs. But rest is same. The...

    Thread Rooting, CWM, Stock Firmware And Custom Roms for Spice stellar Mi-509

    So Guys I am here to give you all rooting tutorial for spice mi 509, how to install CWM recovery and firmwares installation First of all download SPflashtool(download here), mtk droid tool(download here) firmwares for spice m 509 download1, download2 ALL firmwares are stock firmwares...

    Thread How To Root Spice Stellar MI-509

    Anyone out there who knows any good method to root Spice Stellar MI-509....?????

    Thread [4.1+] Google Experience Launcher

    Many of you guys maybe already using this but for those who are not I present you Google Experience Launcher. You can go to this thread for further information:- [HERE] Prerequisites:- - Android 4.1+ -Google Search App Version: 3.1.8+ I know its really hard for MI-410 to get KitKat right...

    Thread How To Use Immersive Mode and start ART runtime?

    Hi, I may sound a little dumb. But can anyone of you please tell me why I am not able to see any settings regarding ART runtime or Immersive mode on my Nexus 4,? I updated to Android 4.4.2 through OTA update. Just asking.

    Thread Phone got dead.. Need help.

    My MI-410 is bricked. It is not booting up, no keypad lights. At first tried to connect it to my laptop without inserting battery and then insered the battery. The phone started at that time. But then it again bricked after 2-3 days. And it is not starting since then. I tried the the same...

    Thread Dragon Ball Z Fans club

    Dragon Ball Z, a animation series which is for me the best animation series ever. This thread is for all Dragon Ball Z lovers like me. Go ahead, post which is your favorite character from this awesome series. And tell why you loved him/her.. Also share your favorite episode. Here's mine :-...

    Thread Share A Joke (nothing adult)

    Lets see who got the best humour bone inside him/her... Share any kind of joke, pj's, funny pics, funny song anything. No adult joke.. Here's the first one.. ;) Have You Ever Rearrange the Letters ... " M O T H E R I N L A W " It Would Come As " W O M A N H I T L E R " :p...

    Thread Which is the most stable ROM in JB, ICS and GB category...??

    Can you guys please list out which ROM you think is the best in all three categories i.e. Android versions. From Gingerbread to Jellybean..??? visit for latest tech news..

    Thread New oppo rom for lenovo a60/65 and spice mi 350

    Here is the new OPPO rom for spice mi 350 and lenovo a60/65.. It has 2.3.6 android version... faster than previous version.. some new changes are.. 1: icons changed 2: launcher changed 3: tweaks and scripts added for faster and smoother experience... 4: camera repaired with working video...

    Thread Update Andro-id rc3- With Kernel

    Here's the latest Kernel for Andro-id-RC3 by Abenagial. This is an update package for this ROM, so you should be on this ROM to flash it. :cowboy: It includes -kernel 35.14 - gpu update - gui update.. HERE IS THE LINK NOTE:- Please make a Nandroid backup before flashing this, in case...

    Thread Colors v5 for lenovo a60/65,spice mi-350

    The most beautiful rom for our spice mi-350 is here. Very fast and very stable rom... temple run 2 running smoothly(using chainfire3d)... Here are some screenshots.... Downloadhere Enjoy.......

    Thread Need Paranoid Android v3

    Thanks to all developers for there great ports. But all of oyu guys can just provide a New Paranoid Android for our device. v3 of it. We already have one PA ported many times ago, and I love to say it was a great ROM. But there's no phablet mode in it. Is there anyone porting/developing...

    Thread Porting from Samsung Galaxy S

    Can't we port our ROMs from Samsung Galaxy S l900.. As it almost have the same hardware... When i was buying mi410 at store, i rejected Galaxy S for not having flash and price. If someone can try as they are nowadays running 4.2.2... with almost everything working.. Here's the link Samsung...

    Thread How to get your reach for All Market Games......

    Everyone of us have a problem of not able to access all market Games. And end up downloading it from some site.... :silly: Although we know we can play that game on our Device. So here is your solution. We will edit our build.prop to look as Galaxy Note. You will now able to buy, download, run...

    Thread CARPAD rom for lenovo a60/spice mi-350...

    Need a Gaming ROM... This the new rom for our lenovo a60/spice mi-350.. Ported from CarPAD 3gs... very fast rom... Stable annd great gaming performance. Android version 2.3.6 Download link:-

    Thread Oppo Rom For Lenovo A60/Spice MI350

    A beautiful ROM. Highly stable with beautiful Themes. Superb looks and feel. It's in Chinese so you have to change Default language to English. Android Version 2.3.6. Note:- Please wipe Data Factory Reset before flashing this ROM..... Download...

    Thread Sense ROM porting

    Hey Devs... Is there any one who can help or can port a Sense ROM for our device. I am trying to port thi ROM.. But it never installs. Maybe it's because of Aroma feature included in it. Also I am working on this too...

    Thread CM9 RC2

    Tanuj told me post this link on Development section so all can easily follow and use this beautiful, fastest , smoothest ICS ROM till date. All thanks to RCset for this ROM. CM9 RC2 by Rcset Here's the link:- Screenshots are provided in attachmants. Maybe it's the...

    Thread Notification Lights

    I m fed up of asking in different threads about this.... So I thought of asking it here... Anyone please anyone know how to change the blinking Red notification light in Milestone ICS ROM to Green for upcoming notifications.... ??????????

    Thread Boot Audio Change Help..

    Anybody know how I can change the Boot Audio of my device.. I am on Milestone Rom and wanna change to some Boot Audio.. Thank You.. :highfive::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed:

    Thread S voice App for us.. Working...

    Okay Guys here's the working version of S Voice for our device.. Just download it and enjoy.. No need to change build.prop. Awesome With some bugs Only for ICS.. I tried it on Milestone ROM.. here's the link... If got some bug or need help than...

    Thread [Q] Burst mode photography App needed..

    Can't we have burst mode photography(having many pics in a row) as in galaxy S3 or One X..????? Isn't there any app for it on android market...???

    Thread HELP in Bluetooth...Acer aspire one...

    I m using this consumer build on my Acer aspire 1 since a long time.. i suddenly saw that i also have Bluetooth in my device. but i m unable to operate it. please any body there help me how to use bluetooth on Win 8...... Thank you...

    Thread Post your WP7 homescreen here.. Launcher7..

    I really love this launcher as it's really beautiful.. So start sharing...

    Thread HD games for our device..

    OK guys n gals welcome to this thread... Everyone be ready.. These are the HD games which our Mobile can easily play.. New games played (all these new games are played on Sharp ROM) :- -Iron Man the official game -Frontline commando 2 D-Day -real racing 3 -Dungeon hunter 4 -Blood and glory...

    Thread How to remove UC boot pic...?

    I m using Utter Chaos(UC) in Spice MI-410... It's awesome.. But i don't want that starting logo of it. Anyone there who knows how to remove it and we can use another logo or any pic ... Thank u....:confused::confused:

    Thread [Q] MMS help...

    I m unable to get MMS on my MI-410.. Anyone there who is facing the same problem... or any one there who can help me...?? :confused: