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  1. rmcsc

    Thread Did my notification light just stop working?

    Hello. I just ran into something that simply baffles me. It seems my notification LED has simply stopped working. Yes, I've checked / double checked / triple checked settings on the phone: it's on. I had been using the oft-recommended Light Flow (Lite, still, since I was trying to test it a...
  2. rmcsc

    Thread T-Mobile branded version doesn't even come with headphones?

    So I was watching Phonedog's Aaron unboxing the T-Mobile version of the HTC One S (linky) and was really surprised to see no headphones inside the box! I'm not talking about Beats, either. I understand they don't want to ship them with Beats (read: they're expensive!). Come on, T-Mobile/HTC...
  3. rmcsc

    Thread Quick Keys on a custom ROM (MIUI.US)

    Hello boys, girls, and friendly animals. I installed MIUI.US yesterday and noticed the same thing that's always bothered me from non-stock or non-CM ROMs: there's no way to use the phone's Quick Keys (other than setting them to work like, say, a Back button using ButtonRemapper). One of the...
  4. rmcsc

    Thread Unlocking and running on T-Mobile USA?

    Hi all. Just wondering if the Inspire can be unlocked and ran using a T-Mobile USA SIM card and if it'll work? Will it be limited? Sent from my HTC Vision using Tapatalk
  5. rmcsc

    Thread Phone went by itself to a ... recovery screen?

    WI don't know what happened (really, I don't) but last night something really strange happeend to the phone. I wasn't even using the phone or running any apps (heck, even background data was turned off) and the next thing I know, my girlfriend points out something weird on the screen: my phone...
  6. rmcsc

    Thread [Q] So, this is basically a Defy?

    I was wondering if this is basically a Defy but for AT&T and without all the extra ruggedness. The two phones look a lot alike.