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    Thread [CODE] Blockclock - Free Code Giveaway - A Metro Style Alarm Clock for WM6+

    A lot of people I spoke to whilst leaning programming didn't want to help with the Visual Basic side of things and started moaning about me not using C# - but that was my choice to make. So I make this post with similar minded people in mind - maybe there is someone else out there that doesn't...
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    Thread Bad News for Skype Users and WP7

    Did a search and couldn't find anything but it appears that when the Guys at Skype decided to discontinue Skype for Windows Mobile they also decided that they wouldn't be developing for WP7 any time soon. article here
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    Thread [APP] RockClock - FREE Alarm Clock

    v1.5.0.3 RELEASED ! - [email protected]:15 - DISCONTINUED RockClock is a simple FREE Alarm Clock for Windows Phone/Mobile 6.1 and 6.5 Professional devices with .NET Compact Framework 3.5 (and above). Being my first ever .NET application, RockClock started life as a simple wakeup timer…which would...
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    Thread Pocket Outlook Revamp?

    I've done some searching and not managed to find any answers so I figured I'd just ask.... I saw this thread about the Revamped Pocket Outlook for exchange 2010 users a while ago but have not managed to find any updates or projects relating to it. Does anyone know of anyone working on a...