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  1. wujke

    Thread [FIX][CM13/CM14]Flashlite Tile Dirty Hack

    It's so easy. Magic is: su restart media or the same as init.d scrpit (attachment, flashable zip) thank's ottmi BTW A6K Developers * / Porters look at lower link, maybe you can find something more * dev_harsh1998 * bugerxXx
  2. wujke

    Thread Who says there is no FM

    Some of very good roms are missing FM radio application. At first I was just changing roms, but some of them are really good, and I really need FM. So, I decided to do it myself. Just flash it in custom recovery. Tested at Resurrection-Remix-LP-v5.5.9-20160206-msm8916...
  3. wujke

    Thread Single SIM Mod For CM-based ROM

    Flashable .zip for single sim device. This will disable second sim in settings for phones with one sim card. Tested on A6000-m with ED300 CM12.1 and TeLo Mokee.