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    Thread Broken screen - No usb debugging. No recovery. How do I recover data?

    So I've been having a really unlucky day so far. My Xperia Z2 6502 fell and the screen got cracked. The touch screen is going haywire. I had usb debugging mode enabled and was trying to recover the data using a screen mirror software but due to some bad luck, the random touches on the screen...
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    Thread TouchPad Charger replacement

    Hi guys, let me start off by saying that I've owned my TouchPad for 2 and a half years and have been lurking on xda for some years. Recently my TouchPad Charger got damaged due to fluctuating voltage. My touchpads battery is drained. I have no way to charge it. Now I have searched a lot and...
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    Thread HTC First charger rating?

    I don't have my official charger anymore, can someone check and post the output of the charger?
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    Thread Similar looking phones like the First

    So I went to the market to buy covers for the first but I couldn't find any. Do you guys know any phones which are similar to the First in size and in the port placements? And please don't give me amazon/eBay links.
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    Thread Fix for no WiFi connection when Sim is active

    I imported my HTC first from America and a major problem I found was that the WiFi didn't work. I was prepared to return my phone citing hardware problems but I waited and instead tried to find a solution by myself. I finally got it working. This thread is for all others who have the same...
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    Thread [Q] S-On Htc First?

    So I've run into a problem with my new Htc First phone, the wifi doesnt locate any access points. Its unlocked,rooted and S-off-ed. I can unroot and lock the bootloader but does anyone know how to S-on it?