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  1. alanhenrique

    Post S9+ Snapdragon problem with BT conection ans stability.

    nothing guys? these forum seems dying.., but ok, the phone has a bad structure and BT anthena are located in a bad position inside the phone make these problens comuns in some models that are selling in some countries. The samsung support says that it caused by poor material used to build...
  2. alanhenrique

    Thread S9+ Snapdragon problem with BT conection ans stability.

    Hello Guys!! I've been some issues with my s9+ snapdragon, my device has a poor conection using BT, i've detected some fails during using devices trhouth BT, the songs fails, some times stop or pause, some interferences during calls, i have 5 devices BT like speakers, headphone, microphones and...
  3. alanhenrique

    Post [ROM][7.0][TW][Exynos][Stable]Refined Nougat N7FE Port 6.0

    Im here one more time to say thanks!:fingers-crossed::good: And take your time to rest... note FE pie is coming in March, rom pie 100% done and ready to internal testing! But unfortunately we need wait and respect the samsung policies. Good luck in your new projec, i really like AOSP, but a note...
  4. alanhenrique

    Post [ROM][7.0][TW][Exynos][Stable]Refined Nougat N7FE Port 6.0

    Amazing job! I have a FE note and all the developers involved in this port deserve respect! A good rom on overral except for bugs mentioned all other functions works like a charm. I fixed the screen of my note 4 this week after 16 months with him saved and now im feeling very happy to see...
  5. alanhenrique

    Post [SM-N935F/DS] How to flash TWRP & Root with Magisk (Int. Ver.) [Pie Updated]

    Hello Brother, fine? Did you find a fix for our problen? i writed a message to dr.Ketan and i still wait for anwser. if know something please share :D :fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed:
  6. alanhenrique

    Post Note Fe Oreo Update for SM-N935K - Source, Root & TWRP.

    my phone is a korean version and i don't have RMM verification. but if you have a RMM verification, you need wait 7 days or more to root your device again if you flash this rom.
  7. alanhenrique

    Post Note Fe Oreo Update for SM-N935K - Source, Root & TWRP.

    yes, with root is possible change you csc. and nope, secure folder not works! its a simple question very explained on internet, please read the post explained about root on samsung devices.
  8. alanhenrique

    Post Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition Multitasking Preview Bug

    Try install update with odin! For me everything works fine.
  9. alanhenrique

    Post Where are the stickers in camera?

    Now we have it on oreo. Just update you device if your model is K Korean, if not, so wait for samsung release you android device note international.
  10. alanhenrique

    Post The Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition (FE) has started receiving the update to Android 8.0

    For me everything works fine, but it works because i do a factory reset. When i do update e some apps and features stop working too, after reset all apps and features work.
  11. alanhenrique

    Post Note Fe Oreo Update for SM-N935K - Source, Root & TWRP.

    Unfortunate not, this is for korean version! International version has dual sim and other system of archives. Dont flash it!
  12. alanhenrique

    Post Note Fe Oreo Update for SM-N935K - Source, Root & TWRP.

    Dear, you just need follow sources in the post. Everything you need are explained in others posts that I shared here.
  13. alanhenrique

    Post Note Fe Oreo Update for SM-N935K - Source, Root & TWRP.

    See other coments! Dex, live wallpapers and bixby voice are not present.
  14. alanhenrique

    Post Note Fe Oreo Update for SM-N935K - Source, Root & TWRP.

    Stable, final release! everything works fine! baterry improve, system are smooth, note 8 apps are here! note8 / s9 AOD is here! S8 camera with stickers and bixby vision! Whats we do not have? Live Wallpapers, Bixby Voice, Dex!
  15. alanhenrique

    Thread Note Fe Oreo Update for SM-N935K - Source, Root & TWRP.

    Hello Guys, Samsung start release out Android Oreo for note FE and i tested rom, root, Twrp and Magisk. everything works fine! Follow image to download for with samfirm: SamFirm_v0.3.6. Works fine here! Samfirm...
  16. alanhenrique

    Post XCam LG v6.2.4 [G3]

    Sent from my LG G3 F400L using your data connection. So, My english is bad, but i accept your opinion. Its just my opinion if you use xcam and you like or paid for it, your or my coments are to say opinions for good and not for bad. That's all.
  17. alanhenrique

    Post XCam LG v6.2.4 [G3]

    Hello xdabbeb, It is possible to make manual focus work like on KK, i know that lg remove libs and other parts of camera framework on lp and mm but, is possible to port? because i see your job to port xcam for aosp but, manual focus and pro modes i think it is so more util and important. this...
  18. alanhenrique

    Post Insanity S7 Edge v3.3

    Nice job, beautiful look. But Manual mode, manual focus and api camera 2 works like on s6, s7 and All? Thanks fornecer job!
  19. alanhenrique

    Post [ROM][N910C/H/U] CyanogenMod 13 Discussion

    Hello guys, I like CM but s pen functions are important on my day at day, but i want to try manual mode on camera, manual focus and shooting control, i don't know if CM13 has the "camera API2" on note 4, anyone can try it and tell me? Samsung does not implemented this api on note 4 and on...
  20. alanhenrique

    Post [Discussion] Android Marshmallow for Note 4

    [/COLOR] Yes i know it, but this so disgusting, i come from LG G3 D-855 and they have support for RAW mode and manual focus on KK, support to raw on LP, works partially, but works! its a feature shered for LG ? NOT! But the sources still there for any people works on it! thanks for your...
  21. alanhenrique

    Post [Discussion] Android Marshmallow for Note 4

    Humm it is a great news, but for today the big question is Marshmallow really coming with piCamera 2 or Samsung still going ****ing your users???
  22. alanhenrique

    Post ROM 5.1.1 Note 5+S6 Edge port for Note 3 * LordWolf_FR *

    ihullllll You Are Welcome Fagner Wolf!!! BRAZIL RULES!!! HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE
  23. alanhenrique

    Post LG G3 replacing the camera module with G4

    amazing initiative !! now i stay really excited for try it! i don't have any experience on development but if you need help, dont esit on tell me! now just need buy the module. you can tell us the actual stage of development of mod. you did real test with driver kernel and hardware module...
  24. alanhenrique

    Post Collection of LG Supported Themes - Home + Nav-bar + Keyboard[coming soon]--05/05/15

    yes, i have this theme... but S6 is a little different... thanks mate!:good:
  25. alanhenrique

    Post Collection of LG Supported Themes - Home + Nav-bar + Keyboard[coming soon]--05/05/15

    hi, it's possible to create a theme as S6!? thanks for you themes :D
  26. alanhenrique

    Post [APP][AOSP/STOCK]QCView - QuickCircle for AOSP/Stock[1.2.4]

    Hi, i try it on blisspop and works, now i have MIUI6 running on my phone. this mod works on MIUI? thanks for your job!!!
  27. alanhenrique

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][5.1.1] BlissPop ROM 3.7 [D855/0/2][ls990][vs985] 07/25

    hello ! good rom, fast and stable, but... radio Fm not work, this kernel stock has suport ? i have spirit 2 and i receive message "please, install a kernel with suport!" when open the app. thanks for all !
  28. alanhenrique

    Post [MOD][26 FEB 2015] [D855 Only] Multirom

    hi skin1980! can you post the method for the inject kexec hardboo in other kernel ? i have problens with your kernel, freezes, some lags on touch screen, lockscreen freeze, i have this in my first rom, KN virus. i use currently kn virus 16 v20I + your chupchups kernel 2.1 . My second rom as...
  29. alanhenrique

    Post [ROM] [d85x,ls990,vs985,f400,dualsim] [7.1.2] [LOS-based] **crDroid**v3.8

    uooooollllll downloading !!! thanks bro !! :victory: hummmm delicius !!!
  30. alanhenrique

    Post [CM11.0][UNOFFICIAL][BUMPED][D855] CyanogenMod 11.0

    fast, stable, smooth, but miracast not work. Hi, Tthis rom is great and works fine for me, AOSPA and MAHDI have same performance and usability. but all roms have same problem: Mirror function on miracast or ezcast not work. if you try, wifi turn off and stay stuck. necessary reboot. Thanks...
  31. alanhenrique

    Post [ROM+KERNEL][CM11][KTU84Q][CAF&AOSP] Nexus 5 Experience - CM11 Based [R10.3 - 23Oct]

    hi, thanks for reply but not work for me ! i made this test for three times, and not work ! i switch the rom and work,i made flash stock rom and work, i flash again nexus 5 experience and not work, see for me any 9 update not work, now i use update last release 8 and works fine. this is strange...
  32. alanhenrique

    Post [ROM+KERNEL][CM11][KTU84Q][CAF&AOSP] Nexus 5 Experience - CM11 Based [R10.3 - 23Oct]

    wifi problem Hi, guys !!!! I follow this work since the first release and never had problems,:highfive: but now with the release 9 onwards i'm having problems with wifi.:p My case is as follows: i not turn off the wifi never because I'm Getting around by the company and use the LINE to...
  33. alanhenrique


    its possible ? hello guys ! excuse my dumb question... but is possible extract the KDZ, and now flash ".cp" and ".bin" files with lgflashtools or smartflashtools?
  34. alanhenrique

    Post [KERNEL] Semaphore N4 3.4.2

    This kernel is good ! i have more battery, but now my phone reboot on player video. Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk 2
  35. alanhenrique

    Post [APP][ROOT] LMT Launcher v2.9

    uowwwww very nice !!! thx !
  36. alanhenrique

    Post [REQ] Port the LGMessage.apk from LG G2

    Req hello ! can someone post the stock videoplayer.apk and libs OptmusG? also like the Smartshare.apk and also the libs and frameworks. thx !!!
  37. alanhenrique

    Post Nexus 4 Gaming Thread (Updated 7/20/20117) CHECK LAST POST

    Works Fine on ppsspp dragon ballz tenkaichi tag team - works fine 98% with sound ! NFS UNDERCOVER - 60% slow, but works. PUZLE BOBBLE - 100% with sound ! God of war: ghost of sparta and chains of olympus - works 80% Assassins creead bloodlines - works 80% Yu-gy-oh - works 100% little big...
  38. alanhenrique

    Post [KERNEL][GPL][N4] franco.Kernel - r217

    i read, this topic again and see this... thanks !
  39. alanhenrique

    Post [KERNEL][GPL][N4] franco.Kernel - r217

    I'm using voltage control to change the frequencies, but with your kernel shows me 1512mhz as max frequency. what i should do in this case?
  40. alanhenrique

    Post [KERNEL][GPL][N4] franco.Kernel - r217

    problem... sorry my stupid question ... 'm paranoid in RC-2 3.99! I tried to use the kernel matrix and have lags when using the phone. i tried franco kernel, I flash the boot.img as described at the beginning of the post to AOSP rom. But I have the same problems I had with the matrix! PS: i...
  41. alanhenrique

    Post [KERNEL] *Matr1x* v14.5 | Lollipop - 5.0/5.0.1

    problem... hi, I'm using the rom rc2 paranoid, with this kernel matrix gpoc. however the screen has some lags to update, when I enter the menu or between applications. have any solution for this? thanks !
  42. alanhenrique

    Post new phone !! i need sugestions !

    thanks guys, the same day I posted my doubts I had already bought the nexus 4! really is a good phone, I can say that the nexus 5 not wait worthwhile, because with 2GB memory the nexus 4 will last a long time. i believe it nexus 5, only have snapgron 800 and a camera maybe better. screen size...
  43. alanhenrique

    Post [ROM] [4.4.4] [OFFICIAL] ParanoidAndroid 4.4x/4.5

    LTE works on Canada with 4.1 JB, my friend have good results! Nexus4 have LTE 4, this frequency (2100 MHz and 1700 MHz) not exist on other country(or exist ?). I do not know if T Mobile,have this frequency on the 4G!
  44. alanhenrique

    Post [ROM] [4.4.4] [OFFICIAL] ParanoidAndroid 4.4x/4.5

    is not problem buddy! this is my third day with this smartphone, i go wait more time after i go and try again, now i dont have time for find solution, the more I believe that data formatting and SD card solve this problem.
  45. alanhenrique

    Post [ROM] [4.4.4] [OFFICIAL] ParanoidAndroid 4.4x/4.5

    new backups works fine, but my old backup not work. i dont want lost my apps, and now i come back my stock backup LOL works fine stable, but dont have customizations :( thanks for all !!!
  46. alanhenrique

    Post [ROM] [4.4.4] [OFFICIAL] ParanoidAndroid 4.4x/4.5

    thansk for reply, but with me this method not work... :(