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  1. xillius200

    Thread Just got a nice nexus 6 from Lancashire any kernel recommendations?

    Can anyone reccomend a good kernel for marshmallow?
  2. xillius200

    Thread [Q] Would another ROM be worth it?

    So I have been with the Nexus 5 since it came out and I see there are a lot of Nexus 5 ROM's available question is would it be worth it to make one more? because I am interested in making new ROM's again.
  3. xillius200

    Thread Has anyone else had issues with a jumbled screen?

    I was wondering how many others have had a similar issue to the picture below where the screen is all jumbled up? i'll be taking the phone back just wondered how many have had the issue and did anyone fix?
  4. xillius200

    Thread [Question] ICS Mali400 driver

    I know that they have looked at the galaxy tab mali400 driver however has anyone had a try with the amlogic meson m1 mali400 drivers?? they probably have but just wanted to see xD plus please don't comment if your are going to put noob or flame me for no reason I am just asking a simple...
  5. xillius200

    Thread [Q] Kernel Development - i2c-msm.c - usleep implimentation

    Problem solved the delay.h never had void...blah blah for usleep_range lol
  6. xillius200

    Thread [Q] SQF seems to not be mounting

    I have been trying to add sqf to my rom and no matter what I do have the sqf file and the right kernel and added the init.rc stuff the sqf files dont seem to mount :/ would anyone be able to have a look and help me??
  7. xillius200

    Thread Xillius200's, mikeyman77's XM SLIDE V1.1 FIXED WIFI (THE TASTER) 23/01/2011

    Xillius200's, Mikeyman77's XM SLIDE V1.1 (FIXED WIFI) ABOUT XM Slide 2.1 I dont know about any of you, but i love sense. however sense has never met my standards in terms of speed, and stability.. well thats what i want to fix. this has been a little project of mine for a few weeks, hope you...
  8. xillius200

    Thread Xillius200's & Mikeyman77's XM Froyo Sense 2.2 (CLOSED)(READ OP - 21/11/2010/)

    So OK we started this aria 2.2 project and we have gotten this far we are happy ^^ also with that we also ported a 2.2 legend rom which we were thinking of doing as well but after having both running we only had camera and bluetooth to fix on both xD anyway after having both running we realise...
  9. xillius200

    Thread Void

    Void now sense lx
  10. xillius200

    Thread help with /system/apps/ /system/sd/apps/ /data/apps/

    ok mod pls delete dw got my answer lol
  11. xillius200

    Thread (Calling The Whole Community) - Creation of The Ultimate Rom - (The Community Rom)

    Hey Plz read this a creation of a community rom you should be thinking what well: I am thinking of the creation of the rom called "The Ultimate Rom" for G1/MT3G and hope it also moves onto newer phones as you can see the G1/MT3G is starting to fade as the newer phones begin to be born and...
  12. xillius200

    Thread [ROM] CSrom V1 [Fast!!][Stable!!] [18/05/2010] SpeedTeam

    CSrom By:christiansantana51 and xillius200 This rom is based on cyanogenmod test-5 by Cyanogen. it is heavily themed, and has many tweaks Etc. HTC Dream (32b): T-Mobile G1 / HTC ADP1 Features: -fully functional 2.1 rom -full theme -UV and OC Kernel -great battery life -Super fast(for eclair...
  13. xillius200

    Thread The Inevitable Donut V0.1

    The Inevitable Donut V0.1 Its inevitable not to use this rom This rom is built straight from source AOSP This rom is speedy as hell no theme at the current time Due to the fact im away lol but this speed is great :p Dont forget cachemate to keep it running smooth For best speed download...
  14. xillius200

    Thread Which Do You Prefer RockOn 3 or HtcMusic? 0o

    As the title says Which Do You Prefer RockOn 3 or HtcMusic? 0o Choose from the poll
  15. xillius200

    Thread How would I fix this ecovery problem? 0o

    Anyone got a way to fix recovery so I can wipe dalvik and ext? re-flashed recovery with cm and armon no fix 0o any ideas? :( - also nand restore and backup does not work anymore :(
  16. xillius200

    Thread {ROM} OpenRemix v1.0.0 Beta - Modded OE :) - Has Jit enabled

    Reason there is hardly anything at moment is because I have had problems with compiling XD Bootloops -_- However in v1.0.0 Final there will be a lot of changes including options in spare parts and settings that are not in OpenEclair ^^ So at the moment it is only a bit Remixed XD but will get...
  17. xillius200

    Thread Project Cheese 0o - OpenEclair and HTC Fastest :)

    Scrapped as not enough comments so im guessing it wasn't liked :(
  18. xillius200

    Thread Project Cheese 0o - OpenEclair and HTC Fastest :)

    XD decided against this theme sry going to make a full blown rom instead :)