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    Thread [Q] Notification Delay Problem.

    Hey everyone, I've been having this awful problem with some of my apps (not all) on my Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite phone, running the Global Stable ROM. Most of the times there's a delay in receiving the notifications - sometimes I get them instantly, sometimes the delay is just 2-3 minutes, but...
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    Post [Guide][Mi 8 Lite](Global) how to install TWRP + root with Magisk

    Thanks for the reply. Tried to edit my original post, but am getting constant errors. Problem was with the Magisk version - tried with a previous one and it worked perfectly fine.
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    Post [Guide][Mi 8 Lite](Global) how to install TWRP + root with Magisk

    So I did everything correctly, installed Magisk v18.1 (which is the latest) - it all installed correctly without errors in TWRP, but after the phone rebooted itself, there's no Magisk app on the screen... any idea why that is?
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    Thread Downgrade from Miui 10 to Miui 9 without root?

    I just received my MI 8 Lite today and it came with MIUI Global Stable ROM. Previously I owned Redmi 5 Plus, and when I updated it from MIUI 9 to MIUI 10 I started having notification problems (some apps don't show notifications, no matter what I do - I tried everything possible that I...
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    Thread Delete

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    Post Sense 5.5 lockscreen

    Any way to put the clock on the upper part of the screen as before ???
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    Post Camera problem: red/blue/purple noise in low light photos

    My red tint is not heat related. At cold phone if I cover the camera with my finger it is red immediately. I think my sensor was damaged at start, cause it didn`t take night shots well enough ... there was always a lot of noise on every pic, but it got worse and worse, until I`m not able to...
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    Post Recommended pouches?

    Anyone has an experience with this ?
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    Post [PHOTOS][POLL][21 March]Share photos clicked from HTC One

    Is this 100% a broken sensor and if not, can it be fixed with a software update? And btw ... how does that sensor break in the first place ?
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    Post Things you don't know about your HTC one

    What exactly is that ?
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    Post HTC One tiny gap between casing

    This is REDICULOUS :mad::mad::mad:
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    Post Wakelocks and 60 Hours of Battery Life This is what I`m talking about ... Look at the held awake time and no battery loss for 5 hours. That`s what I`m trying to accomplish !
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    Post Battery Stats Thread

    How did you manage to do that !??!?!?!!? That`s what I`m trying to figure out in my wakelocks thread. Can you PM me or post some screenshots of your wakelocks please ?
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    Post [PHOTOS][POLL][21 March]Share photos clicked from HTC One

    Macro with sharpness set to - 1. First is without auto enhance, second with. Sent from my HTC One using xda app-developers app
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    Post Wakelocks and 60 Hours of Battery Life

    Some of the screens are exactly from the app you are talking about :) I`v read a lot in this thread about the different wakelocks, problem is that phones have different reasons for the wakelocks, but I could try the upload you are mentioning, to see if someone will respond. Thanks !
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    Post Wakelocks and 60 Hours of Battery Life

    Yeah ... what you suggested works well with the weather flip clock widget. But not only it doesn`t show on the lock screen, but on the app drawer weather and the blinkfeed screen also. Which is awful tbh ... a plain text that irritates my eyes lol :cyclops: ! So that won`t work for me :) , but...
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    Post Wakelocks and 60 Hours of Battery Life

    Location reporting set to "Do not update your location". So yeah ... it`s OFF
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    Post Wakelocks and 60 Hours of Battery Life

    I have disabled google now the minute I got my phone out of the box, cause I`m not using it at all. That option can be easily accessed from Settings>Location btw. Problem for me is that when I disable that option I cannot set the weather to show my city after I manually add it. It also says...
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    Post Wakelocks and 60 Hours of Battery Life

    Haven`t got any problems with play store tbh, but maps is a huge pain in the a**, as you can see in the shots provided. As I said... turned almost everything off and still can`t disable the wakelocks it is causing (as even I haven`t done anything)
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    Post Wakelocks and 60 Hours of Battery Life

    Mmm ... don`t think that`s something normal, I`m afraid
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    Post UPDATED NON-ROOT METHOD: Identify the binning of the SoC on your HTC One..

    That means that`s another reason to keep the phone then ? Cause I have some slight issues with it, like build quality etc (not something too bad though). Isn`t it supposed to run on a lower temp while gaming then ?
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    Post Wakelocks and 60 Hours of Battery Life

    Location : Bulgaria ; Provider : Mtel
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    Post UPDATED NON-ROOT METHOD: Identify the binning of the SoC on your HTC One..

    Edited my post, hamdir, can you please explain in just few words, what exactly does that 6 mean ?
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    Post UPDATED NON-ROOT METHOD: Identify the binning of the SoC on your HTC One..

    I don`t have any clue what that means but mine says: Bin : 1 PVS : 6 Not rooted, just checked in the last_kmsg file. If that Soc has to do with battery, battery life and temp, here are some results : Highest temp I`v seen while playing...
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    Thread Wakelocks and 60 Hours of Battery Life

    I know that there are several threads about battery life in the General forum, but I decided to create a new one, cause I want this thread to take a different direction, and actually help the owners, which are having problems with kernel wakelocks as me. So... here it goes. I decided to make a...
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    Post One Battery saving tips

    What do you mean by "last long" ? And yep, I use power saver, but not all of the time and still get same results in wakelocks, so don`t think power saver is the main reason. Radio ... I don`t really know. But that`s why I wrote my comment, cause I see in all those battery threads almost...
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    Post HTC One updated to Android 4.2.2 'Jelly Bean'

    Nothing ... CID 032 , unbranded !
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    Post One Battery saving tips

    I really don`t understand how questions about system wakelocks are getting less attention than the facebook or any other app?! For me the most common problem for all users (incl. me) are those held awake times that are kernel connected. I think the best way of getting better battery time is...
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    Post 7 hours screen on time!

    I just can`t understand how exactly did you manage a 2 min held awake ... For the same time I have like 2hours of held awake. Can you upload screens of the applications running (from Settings>Apps>Running)? And maybe a detailed look on the Kernel wakelocks from Gsam Battery monitor options...
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    Post Battery Stats Thread

    Have exactly the same wakelocks as yours.... any fix for the msm_hsic_host and main wakelock ???
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    Post Battery Stats Thread

    Don`t think carrier has anything to do with the battery. I don`t use the 3g data ... just wifi ...
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    Post Battery Stats Thread

    Forgot to mention ... haven`t rooted yet so all stock... China factory, 30th of April ...1.29 SW ! Autosync is on but ALL is set to OFF except, contacts and gmail from GOOGLE, 2 more emails and Weather (set to refresh in an hour interval) Facebook is disabled, all settings for locations are...
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    Post Battery Stats Thread

    Anyone could help me sort my wakelocks out please ? Took the phone from the charger like 30 mins ago and already down to 96% (was on 97% a sec after I took the screens) ... wifi is on and it synced my mails, but thats all... almost no screen on time, but look at the Held Awake section... Also...
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    Post Cleaning HTC One

    lol About the logo ... yeah ... mine is awful atm after just one week of use, but I don`t care about it that much, cause I don`t like it !
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    Post Cleaning HTC One

    What about the beats audio logo ? How can we remove it ? And anything else that works well except the eraser on the plastic ?
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    Post Post your M7 homescreens

    Can you explain how you did that :eek::eek::eek:
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    Thread Cleaning HTC One

    Hi guys, I couldn`t find a topic about cleaning our phones, so here it goes. I`m scared of using any kind of chemical before someone actually posts a good result after trying it :) I assume that different parts of the phone must be cleaned differently: 1. White plastic around the phone - micro...
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    Post How to clean your HTC one ?

    I`m interested in that topic too. There are several parts that must be cleaned : 1. White plastic on sides - I`v read that you can use Mr. Clean Magic Erase, but there is nothing like it in my country ! What would happen if we use a micro fiber towel and alcohol or water ? 2. Speaker grills -...
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    Post HTC ONE Buyers Guide

    I think you should read this thread here :
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    Post HTC ONE Buyers Guide

    When you pay a lot of money for a device, you expect it to be perfect, right ?
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    Thread HTC ONE Buyers Guide

    Hi guys, as most of you here, I`m planing on buying THE ONE as soon as it gets to the stores in our country. Because of that I started checking and reading the general ONE forum almost 15 times a day :o. One of the most important things for me, when I buy a phone and give like 600+ euro, is for...
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    Post ICS soft keys for Gingerbread

    Same here with my HD2 ... if someone can port it to Miui GB it would be soooooo nice !!! :p
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    Post [1.Dez.2012][All in One] EvoHD2v10 ICS 4.0.4-full HWA "Fastest ICS ever"

    Can someone please guide me how can I sync my contacts with my google acc? I have tried everything possible but still don`t have the option in the accounts and sync menu in my gmail account (there is only an option to sync with browser) Also if I try to sync from contacts app I cannot see my...
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    Post I search Nand EvoHd2 ICS 4.0.3 Beta Tester

    + 1 on that :p:p:p
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    Post [17th Aug] MIUI ICS 2.8.10 Ported by smokin901 [tytung r3.2 HWA]

    Can you please give me a link for the new camera? Thanks !!!
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    Post [08 April 2012] [CMR] Team Blue Droid V3.7 Sensation XL Gen3 EU & Tmobile SonyXloud

    Guys, thanks for the ROM ... downloading the themed version, but with little over 60kb/s ... can`t wait for it to finish and test it ! A bit of a noob question - Does every sense ROM freeze, after removing the sd card, while the phone is working? Till now I was using MIUI Rom and also tried ICS...
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    Post [08 April 2012] [CMR] Team Blue Droid V3.7 Sensation XL Gen3 EU & Tmobile SonyXloud

    Some widgets are really not working ... like sms and radio widgets. If you try to place them on the screen the HTC logo screen appears and sense restarts itself ...:(
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    Post [THEME] Android Multilanguage Keyboard - MattedBlues, Lucid, MinimalBread, MIUI ...

    Brain Master ... first of all thanks for your great work ... just wanted to ask, does all of those themed keyboard have Vibration Feedback working on MIUI ? I have installed your keyboard with vibration feedback you posted a week ago and it`s working perfectly, but don`t really like the skin ...
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    Post What does your MIUI look like?

    Can you please share details, best ... just post your mtz .... I know that you`re not using stock miui launcher, but I love the status bar, and WALLPAPER ... it`s sick ... also witch exactly are those social widgets ... THANKS IN ADVANCE !!!