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    Post Latest U1 update

    Same here, just received an update today. It's still the August security patch, though. Nothing specific in the release notes.
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    Post From a now-reluctant Samsung Note fan to OP7 converts

    For a while Chrome got updated and only displayed in 60hz on the 7 Pro. The issue has since been fixed though.
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    Post Any chance of being Verizon compatible?

    No band 13, but Verizon also uses bands 4 and 5 which this phone supports. I actually believe band 4 is their main band. I didn't have to do anything but put my SIM card in. Although in the past when I had a OnePlus 6T, I had Verizon provision my line to be LTE only. Don't know if that step...
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    Post anyone else stuck on May?

    Same. Finally getting July 1 security patch update on the 975U1
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    Post Any chance of being Verizon compatible?

    This phone works fine on Verizon, I currently have both the phone and Verizon service. VOLTE works and everything, just no wifi calling
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    Post video play issue with gaming touch buttons on top

    Do people experience another bug where if you're in chrome browser and touch the fingerprint sensor it brings up the "find in page" on the screen? Really annoying. I'm using the North American version, software 1.15
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    Post sm-n9600 cdma USA

    I'm interested too. Is it as simple as insert your already activated SIM card and you're good to go?
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    Post Screen on time

    Your cell reception plays a big part in battery life. I guarantee all the high SOT people have excellent reception. If your reception is low or borderline it can decimate battery life. Also have to take into account whether people are using one or two sim cards in their phone.
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    Post Honest opinion: V40 vs V35

    I've had both phones, and it's weird because my feeling is that the V35 is actually faster and more responsive in use than the V40.
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    Post brightness slider on auto?

    It's a T-Mobile issue. Dunno if it's intentional or a bug
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    Post Verizon compatability

    Has anyone ever tried using 2 SIMs, using Verizon as the default for calls and TMobile as the default for data? Even with the dual 4G toggle to on, I find that the Verizon SIM only operates on their 2G network (1x RTT)
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    Post White Mi Mix 2S Global 6/64GB

    I just received my 64gb global version from the Houston eBay seller. I can't get dual LTE working when I have both Verizon and T-Mobile SIM cards in the phone at the same time. If I just use the Verizon SIM only I can get LTE. But using Verizon for voice and T-Mobile for data, the Verizon SIM...
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    Post Just released Mi mix 2s LTE bands??

    It looks like all global versions of the Mi Mix 2S are compatible with T-Mobile LTE. But only the 256GB version of the Mi Mix 2S is compatible with Verizon. So if you're only worried about T-Mobile you should be fine.
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    Post [ROM][8.x][TREBLE][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS, ResurrectionRemix & more // personal builds

    Do you happen to have one GSM carrier and one CDMA carrier by any chance?
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    Post [ROM][8.x][TREBLE][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS, ResurrectionRemix & more // personal builds

    Yes this works for me, thank you. Guess it's an issue with the newer versions of the GCAM mod not being compatible or something
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    Post [ROM][8.x][TREBLE][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS, ResurrectionRemix & more // personal builds

    For the life of me I can't get Arnova v7 beta 9 to work with this ROM. I flashed the HAL3 api enabler through Magisk, is there any other step I need to take? The camera app just freezes and I can't take any photos. I've searched different threads, found a black screen fix to flash but I...
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    Post WI-FI signal, drops

    My wifi constantly drops wifi then immediately reconnects. February update did not fix, as reported by others on this thread.
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    Post Google Camera port with HDR+ and V30

    I have both a Pixel 2 XL and a V30+. Was torn between which one to keep, but I was going to keep the Pixel. However, this thread alone single-handedly made me change my mind.
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    Post Screen on time

    What theme is that on your phone?
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    Post Google Camera Port

    I just ended up uninstalling the Google Camera port and just using the stock Essential camera app now. Just had an update yesterday, good enough for now I guess.
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    Post New Camera update is out 11/29

    What does the slider on the bottom of Portrait Mode control? The bokeh/blurring effect?
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    Post Google Camera Port

    I can't get the camera to work if there's any HDR settings selected. I'm on Nougat. The camera screen is just black and you can't take any pictures. Anyone else encounter this?
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    Post Google Camera Port

    So where is it? Edit: Never mind, thought it meant look in phone developer settings lol
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    Post Did OP order a production stop for the Op5 ?

    Same, I'm sure I was one of the first people to order this phone during the presale in the USA, and I don't notice anything wrong with the display. And I use a ton of different phones, rotate phones every 2-3 months....
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    Post Who is returning their OnePlus 5? [MEGA THREAD]

    I also just chatted with a rep, and he confirmed I would get 100% refund as long as I initiated the return within 15 days of receiving my phone. I am also in the USA.
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    Post Samsung Tmo Free VR promotion. Received Gear 360 instead.

    We'll see, because like I said I sold the camera on eBay immediately and shipped it already. I've not received any email from Samsung..... Yet.
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    Post Samsung Tmo Free VR promotion. Received Gear 360 instead.

    I got the Gear 360 delivered today as well! What if I don't return it I wonder.... I already sold it on eBay. I have not received an email from Samsung though
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    Post T-Mobile DIGITS

    I don't see that option either, and I'm using a T-Mobile Galaxy S8
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    Thread Phone sometimes does not charge when plugging into charger?

    Is there a known issue where sometimes the phone will not charge when you plug the phone in to the OEM bundled AC adapter/cable? I have found that the type C USB cable is not really reversible, it only recognizes it when plugged in one way, but if you turn it around it will not recognize it and...
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    Post [ROM][X720|X727][6.0.1][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 13.0 for LeEco Le Pro3

    Android Pay cannot work with any rooted devices from what I understand. But even if LineageOS was not rooted it still won't work I think.
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    Post [ROM][ALL VARIANTS] LineageOS-14.1 for LG V20 [Weeklys']

    You cannot update through the LineageOS updater with any device that has lower than 3.03 version of TWRP. This is nothing specific to the V20 I think
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    Post [ROM][ALL VARIANTS] LineageOS-14.1 for LG V20 [Weeklys']

    LineageOS 14.1 builds are weeklies. Look at other devices on the download page, they are only once a week.
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    Post [ROM][ALL VARIANTS] LineageOS-14.1 for LG V20 [Weeklys']

    Official build is up for download on the LineageOS website for h918
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    Post Low light

    I too felt the S6 edge/edge+ camera is the best I've ever seen. I think only the Pixel produces better pictures now (with HDR+ mode on)
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    Post [ROM][ALL VARIANTS] LineageOS-14.1 for LG V20 [Weeklys']

    So this means LineageOS will become official for this device?
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    Post Google Play Music killing battery

    Thank you for keeping us updated. I am experiencing the same problem with multiple phones and I did a Google search which led me to this thread. I use Adguard Pro, so I will turn off ad blocking for Google Play Music app specifically, and see how that goes!
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    Post Trying to Flash the Stock Rom Via ADB sideload

    Any resolution to this? I'm getting the same problem, saying it cannot read the zip file when I try to sideload
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    Post [AKT] Advanced Kernel Tweaks v1.6 FINAL | Insane Battery & Performance(SD820/1|OP3/T)

    Mobile signal reception is probably one of the most overlooked factors when people compare battery life. If you have marginal signal or keep going back and forth between LTE and HSDPA your battery life will suffer no matter what tweaks you do to your phone. In other words, the people who report...
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    Post [AKT] Advanced Kernel Tweaks v1.6 FINAL | Insane Battery & Performance(SD820/1|OP3/T)

    Mostafa Wael, so what kernel do you personally use on the phone?
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    Post Community development strength

    I haven't even rooted the phone, don't feel a need to. I used to root to change dpi and block ads. Now Nougat has built in dpi settings, and i just use Adguard. Plus Android Pay will work, so that's nice.
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    Post Photo quality

    I wouldn't blame you. I personally feel that the camera on the Galaxy S6/Edge/Edge+/Note 5 is one of the best ever. I somehow like those photos better than the S7 even though the consensus is that the S7 is the best mobile camera. Regarding the Mate 9, the photos are great to me.
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    Post Photo quality

    Even shooting a 12MP resolution photo, I'm under the impression that both cameras are still used. The details still come from the 20MP camera. I was wondering if it oversamples the pixels to create a better image, much like what Nokia Lumia phones used to do. The Lumia 1020 had a 41MP camera...
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    Post Photo quality

    Does setting your photo resolution to 12MP produce better quality photos compared to 20MP? In other words, is the 20MP camera sensor oversampling to produce a better quality 12MP photo?
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    Post Google voice is not compatible with this phone

    I cannot send MMS via Hangouts on this phone. Very frustrating some things don't quite work
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    Post Wired headphones audio quality

    The PocketNow audio review seemed kind of harsh to me. Just using my ears to judge, the audio sounds crystal clear and has excellent low end sound. I use Xiaomi Piston 2 earbuds, and this sounds better to me than anything my old Pixel XL could crank out, and even the Galaxy S7 Edge Exynos...
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    Post Hangouts MMS

    Is there an official Huawei forum for this phone where we can notify them of these issues?
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    Post Hangouts MMS

    BTW, Google Hangouts also does not work for me with sending MMS
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    Post Hangouts MMS

    I also have the USA variant of the phone running on T-Mobile network. I cannot get Google's Messanging app to work with MMS group chat. Stock Huawei messaging app works, but I find the performance of the app to be terrible with handling group chats. The screen keeps refreshing when you scroll...