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    Post AM3D Zirene® Sound [Unity][Deprecated]

    Come back to telegram daddy
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    Post [ROM][15-08][6.0.1][920/5][DPH4][4.2] XtrALite ROM - Fast/Smooth/Battery Optmized

    The ROM developer for XtrALite has already stated in a previous post a few pages back that he's moved onto a different device and development for the S6 has ceased.
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    Post Shallow hibernation - issues or misunderstanding ?

    TFW this thread is now the top search suggestion if you google "shallow hibernation greenify" If you're gonna respond to someone and tell them to search for it, you might as well give them a proper answer while also reminding to make a more thorough search in the future.
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    Post [ROM][15-08][6.0.1][920/5][DPH4][4.2] XtrALite ROM - Fast/Smooth/Battery Optmized

    OH MY GOODNESS YES! Your rom and aroma installer makes debloating such a breeze. Everything is smooth and battery life is phenomenal. Thank you for continuing development of XtrALite, Jascon!
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    Post [Firmware][Bootloader & Modems][Odin] - G920T - DOJC | DOJ7

    You can flash the MM bootloader/modems found in the xtrestolite thread for our device (g920t) here: DOWNLOAD LINK FOR G920T 6.0.1 EPD1 BOOTLOADER: (flash with Odin under...
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    Post Collective Dolby Atmos® Port Thread [Unity][Deprecated]

    It sounds so good and it's working flawlessly on MM Samsung Galaxy S6. Thank you for all the work that you do Ahrion!
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    Post ARISE Sound Systems™ - Auditory Research in Sound Enhancement

    Version numbers are used to designate different builds within each sound system. Example: Exodus 1.0, Leviticus 1.3, Numbers 3.5, Deuteronomy 0.017 (in testing). Any version under "1.0" is considered to be in testing.
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    Post [G1 doesn't work but is alive] Help me XDA

    I had a hard time understanding exactly what you're trying to say, but i'll give it my best shot. If you're able to access the bootloader, then you're not bricked. If you have the default, original, stock bootloader (spl) you shouldn't have a problem downgrading using the dreaimg.nbh rc29 file...
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    Post G1 won't update radio

    haha, good point! when in doubt, just follow the guide! this one, if you don't already have it, shows you how to "downgrade/un-root" your device. happy flashing!
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    Post G1 won't update radio

    not sure if this will be of much help, but you can always try to revert back to the stock firmware using the dreaimg.nbh file and stock spl. i had a friend who, like with your radio, couldn't flash the more recent custom recoveries. whatever the reason was, i suggested that he just "unroot"...
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    Post Unlocking bootloader and warranty...

    That's not true at all... i'm assuming when you say "that road" you mean the road to "brick-dom" and that's just plain wrong. It's not like your unlocked nexus' spl's gonna go flashing radio's and spl's on its own now. It's all about your decisions, so your decision to unlock your bootloader, is...
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    Post {Official thread} New lockscreen.. Questions?

    hah, thanks for doing what you do anyways pershoot, your charity work is greatly appreciated! :]
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    Post [ROM] CyanogenMod - No, you can't have a pony (STABLE) [UPDATED 03/04 - v4.2.15.1]

    i used advanced task manager, and i got a reboot as well :(
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    Post Merry Christmas to all the dev's

    wooh! Merry/Happy whatever xda community! thankyou for all the android fun!
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    Post Cyanogen Mod plus BFS/10M hack HTC input & HTC recovery image Swarm

    dude, i freaking love cheesecake! damn! xD Aww come on now King, there are several people in this thread that have benefited from Ahronzombie's torrent post. Yeah sure he's infamous for being this forum's biggest troll, he's doing something that's benefiting the community here. This animosity...
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    Post Cyanogen Mod plus BFS/10M hack HTC input & HTC recovery image Swarm

    if cyan's server on seeded, and he distributed his updates via torrents as well, we could get a massive swarm every time he releases. initial downloads could be handled by his server and after enough people have the file, the swarm can take care of the rest...
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    Post Project: OpenAndroid aka Open Android Alliance

    Great idea! this thread's been dead for a while now though, and the site isn't really much of a site... is this project dead? D:
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    Post [ROM] MYHEROv2.2 (would like one more dev to help me with 2.3 just email)

    Hey! we're a community guys, a lot of the veteran dev's you see around here started out like this fellow, so please, just keep an open mind and give him a chance would ya? I think you should just start out with the regular ROM thread format. List which hero dump each of your ROM's are based on...
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    Post [ROM-Beta] Android2.0_AOSP_Master for Dream Final Beta Version (12/02/09)

    LMAO! exactly Mr Endre Dude. I mean, it's not that much work to do it yourself, and by just responding to these forum posts, you're probably creating more work and wasting more of your precious time! and yeah, Jubeh's rom is all about the "experience" he's putting it up here for us to preview...
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    Post [ROM-Beta] Android2.0_AOSP_Master for Dream Final Beta Version (12/02/09)

    No, reading is exactly what i've been doing. Reading through your added clutter in this thread. Just nandroid, geez. It can't be that hard, and throughout this entire time you've spent on the forums, if you're proficient enough, you'd probably have been able to flash back and forth now and...
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    Post [ROM-Beta] Android2.0_AOSP_Master for Dream Final Beta Version (12/02/09)

    DUDE, just flash the damn rom and stop wasting everyone's time. Yeah, useful and constructive. If you've been keeping up with this thread, you'd know that jubeh won't really be working on this rom full time because its just a preview beta. He's already told us it won't necessarily be "useful"...
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    HEY YOU read this and get back on cm!

    HEY YOU read this and get back on cm!
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    Post [Think Tank] Lets PORT the Eclair Browser to the G1

    loccy made a post stating his plans to backport the browser already, into his "betterbrowser" i dont think we necessarily need this thinktank
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    Post Google dropped 2.0 in AOSP!!!

    hopefully the dream will be able to run it, it all depends whether or not htc decides to give use the proprietary drivers to have 2.0 working on our phones. RT @cyrowski "Eclair won't build for ADP1 or ADP2 out of the box. Will need to wait on vendors for proprietary drivers." RT...
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    Post [ROM] SenseHERO-v1.4 - "Themed & Fast" mytouch/dream 11/28/09

    that's odd, see i wanted to test out the orange theme, because i was tired of accidentally flipping out the keyboard and having HTCsense die on me. it worked. i was using the stock de-sense, de-themed version of the sensehero rom on 1.3 and 1.3r1 all the applications worked, everything...
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    Post SPEEDiest stable donut ROM - challenge me...

    No, cyanogen claims his will keep you legal for less. nothing about being the fastest there! xD
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    Post Wiped phone now nothing works!!

    run fix_permissions if you have the amon_ra recovery, it's in the menu "fix apk uid mixmatches"
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    Post [ROM] SenseHERO-v1.4 - "Themed & Fast" mytouch/dream 11/28/09

    It works, after the app prompts you that the kernal doesn't support wifi tether, just press ignore, if the app closes on you, just reopen it and ignore again, then tether away.
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    Post Motorola Droid forum on XDA

    WARNING that site is an absolute zoo D; noobs everywhere asking the most basic android questions HOWEVER, they've already established a couple threads on rooting the droid.
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    Post Motorola Droid forum on XDA This seems to be the largest so far
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    Post Is it possible to have working MMS over WiFi?

    why don't you try and find out for yourself? xD just get wifi?
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    Post Is it possible to have working MMS over WiFi?

    why don't you try and find out for yourself? xD just get wifi?
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    Post G1 fails at flashing and reboots

    just reflash both radio, then spl you wanna make sure everything's in good order. sometimes if all these things don't work, it might just be your sd card has crapped out on you and its time to get a new one, sd cards and the flash memory on them are limited to however many read and write...
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    Post G1 fails at flashing and reboots

    most times when trouble shooting these things, you'd want to repeat steps to ensure that what you're doing and what you have done at the moment aren't causing your problems, only by redo-ing these steps can you validate what's a problem and what's not, and in the process you'll most likely find...
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    Post G1 fails at flashing and reboots

    yeah that's the one, but DO IT AGAIN anyways because it also cleans out the system.
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    Post Are you a victim?

    Seriously buddy, there are warning signs posted on almost all the threads on this forums when dealing with flashing stuff. All the risks are laid out and people will tell you to do your research before doing anything. I was scared ****less the first time i installed the "death/danger" spl even...
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    Post quick question with fastboot

    SAME HERE wow, couldn't get the damn sdk to work on vista either GO XP that's what i did, worked instantly, find someone with xp and ask them to let you borrow it for about an hour ---- you have an appropriate spl btw, it'll be able to fastboot correctly in the meantime, i'd read up on those...
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    Post G1 fails at flashing and reboots

    REFLASH THE HAYKURO "DEATH/DANGER" spl! it'll repartition (also wipe) your phone's internal phone memory if you haven't already done so, it's usually the cause since some roms are too big and leave residual files next stop to ensure a clean install is to just do a data/cache wipe from the...
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    Post Help with Cyanogen ROM

    alright buddy, you don't need to have any ext or linux swap partitions to run cyanogenmod just make sure you have his recovery image, 1.4, or amon ra's recovery flashed on your phone now you might as well just flash the haykuro "death/danger" spl to repartition your phone's internal memory...
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    Post quick question with fastboot

    alright, to check what spl you have, turn off your phone and hold camera and the power on button, you'll go into your bootloader, and it will display what spl you're running it's been a while since i remember what numbers belong to what spl, but as long as you don't see the multicolored spl...
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    Post Hero Install Question

    are you sure you have the "death/danger" spl installed on your phone? make sure, but even if you don't, why not just install it again, it repartitions the phone memory, and makes it clean when you flash things on top of it. that's the most common problem for xbin errors when flashing a hero rom...
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    Post quick question with fastboot

    if you messed up like i did a few months back , and lost root because you flashed the htc recovery image and didn't flash cyan's rom on top of it then...i can help. i'm assuming you lost root on your rom because of that, and when you rebooted it took out cyan's recovery image as well, so you can...
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    Post [ROM] SenseHERO-v1.4 - "Themed & Fast" mytouch/dream 11/28/09

    i can tell you right now it's not faster than kingklix's 2.0 hero rom. for a 1.0 port though, this particular rom is AMAZING. ive flashed back and forth between both roms since this one was released to see the discrepancies. when i say "faster" i mostly mean switching between homescreens and...
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    Post Project Black - T-Mobile

    that's the trend of the US market, for a while now. Competition for products and commodities raise prices for everyone. Some people think that all 4 major carriers somewhat conspire to keep prices high, but relatively the same on all carrier to milk us customers for all our money.