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    Thread [Humor] You know you're rooted when...

    This is a funny thread based off of a few other threads that I've found, and basically complete the sentence "You know you're rooted when" in the funniest manner possible. My (first) contributions: You know you're rooted when a factory reset might be the solution to you girlfriend not...
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    Thread Mute mod attachment sound?

    Does anyone know how to mute the mod attachment sound? I haven't seen anything in settings, nor do I know a way to mute an app.
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    Thread Touchwiz - What are the data_1, data_2, and data_3 folders for?

    Right now I have a Sprint S3 (D2DPR) on the latest touchwiz and am wondering what the data_1, data_2, and data_3 folders are for? There's nothing in them, they aren't mounted in recovery , so what are they?