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  1. ThePiGuy3141

    Thread Config for ZGCam 7.4 on S8 Exynos

    So this is exactly what the title says. The config is availiable for download below. To download ZGCam, please visit Zoran's website. NOTE: If you need help applying the config, please refer to this post Also, please don't complain that it is laggy, there's nothing I can do about it. It is...
  2. ThePiGuy3141

    Thread [APP] [4.0.1+] LineageOS Jelly Browser for S20+ and other older samsung phones.

    If you don't know what LOS's jelly browser is, it's basically a very light and fast web browser. See attached images below for interface. I have tested this apk on exynos S20+ running Android 11 and Alcatel One Touch Pop D3 running Android 4.4. Plz let me know if it works on your device...
  3. ThePiGuy3141

    Thread [PORT] [APP] [5.0+] OnePlus weather 1.6.0 for Moto E2

    Ok, so this port works on stock ROM and custom ROMs that are Android 5.0+ Tested on Moto E2 surnia XT1527 Should also work on other 32-bit devices. Download link: Direct download from XDA if attachment won't download
  4. ThePiGuy3141

    Thread [PORT] [APP] OnePlus Apps for Exynos Samsung Phones

    Hello, you already know what the thread is about so the file is attached below. :)⤵⬇⬇ I have tested this on my S20+ exynos and it works. Best if your screen resolution is FHD+ or WQHD+. Let me know if it works on Snapdragon or other phones in the S20 series. **UPDATE** I have added the apk for...
  5. ThePiGuy3141

    Thread [FLASHABLE] [MOD] OnePlus Cyberpunk 2077 Bootanimation for Moto E2

    !!!DISCLAIMER!!! I am not responsible for any damage done to your device. YOU chose to apply this modification to your device. I did not force you to! If you break your device and blame me, I will laugh at you!!! Hello! I ported OnePlus Cyberpunk 2077 bootanimation the Moto E2 2015 (surnia &...
  6. ThePiGuy3141

    Thread Working GCam and config for S20+ Exynos

    This is what the title say. Download the latest version on ZGcam here Download my config file below NOTE: Front camera and other cameras will not work with GCam because they do not support the Camera2API. At least that's what I think. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Another thing...please...
  7. ThePiGuy3141

    Thread [FLASHABLE] [MOD] Dark Pixel boot animation & logo for Moto E2 2015

    ¿hola esta animación funciona en surnia con lineage os 17.1 android 10 ?