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  1. BlackOtaku

    Post [DEV] MeeGo for Nexus S (Also, Help Required)

    Tizen seems really unimpressive though at this stage; it's UI is rather underwhelming and it doesn't have much going on under the hood, aside from HTML5 (At which point, Boot2Gecko is better and already has a Nexus S port). Mer is more stable, powerful, and is actually being used on hardware...
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    Post [DEV] MeeGo for Nexus S (Also, Help Required)

    At this point, it would probably be much more productive to port Mer (an actively developed MeeGo fork) to the Nexus S, considering that MeeGo has stopped development.
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    Post Thought about buying GN, but....

    Y'all have to be the most unhelpful bunch I've seen yet. Of course, then again, there's not much to help here. :p Maybe OP would be better served with an SGSII, if he needs the microSD slot?
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    Post Disappointed in the Galaxy Nexus

    The Nexus phones are the only Android phones I've seen that can truly touch the iPhone out of the box in performance, UI consistency (the manufacturer skins butcher it), software quality, and classy hardware design. This is why I liked my Nexus S, and why I love the GNex. Not to mention as a...
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    Post Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Too Big For the Human Hand?

    I have bigger hands, and I've had no issue with the phone at all. Just fits perfectly in my hand. Yay for big hands, I guess :)
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    Post Time for a Verizon GNex section?

    It's really the only sane and responsible option. The dev section is already "cluttered" IMO; it's a pain to sift through the GSM only posts to find LTE mods/info, and vice versa. Go look at the Galaxy Tab 10.1 dev forum; we're going to become that without a split.
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    Post Disappointed on the phone or ice cream sandwich

    And only mildly different on the hardware side... Really I don't understand all this crapping on the Verizon Nexus. There's absolutely nothing about it that makes it any less a Nexus than my Nexus S save for two Verizon apps that are actually useful for some customers, one which (I believe the...
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    Post [ROOT] Superboot - Galaxy Nexus root solution

    I'd wait at least ten minutes to make sure you're not interrupting anything, then do a battery pull and try to turn it on again. I waited for a while, did a pull and turned it back on, and it booted up fine, and rooted. :)
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    Post [ROOT] Superboot - Galaxy Nexus root solution

    So from my understanding, hanging at the Google logo for several minutes is normal?
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    Post Happy/Disappointed with the Nexus LTE model?

    Settings>Wireless & Networks>More...>Mobile networks>Network Mode :)
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    Post Happy/Disappointed with the Nexus LTE model?

    Best phone I've ever used, period. The screen is amazing, ICS is awesome, and Android Beam makes NFC actually useful (and awesome). Finally, a worthy successor to the OG Droid (and a nice step up from the Nexus S).
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    Post [GAME] [ver 1.3.1] Turtle Slider!

    You can't go wrong with chiptune. :)
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    Post [GAME]Retro-style platformer "Bloo Kid" released for Android

    Runs great on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, this is a great game! :D The only thing missing IMO is Wii Remote support, it would make the game even more of a joy to play.
  14. BlackOtaku

    Post [ROM][CWM][WIFI] Bonsai v0.1.5 -- now w/ ToucWiz option[UPDATED] {7-24-2011}

    I have. I flashed back to my stock backup and I still have the boot lag from Bonzai. Can someone please tell me what partition I need to reflash to get my Tab back to normal here?
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    Post [Q]Streaming Google Music

    -ended up cooperating eventually-
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    Post [GUIDE] Linux Ubuntu: Unlocking Bootloader / Rooting Nexus S

    I believe the .bashrc file goes in your Home folder.
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    Post [ROM][GUIDE] 3.1 TouchWiz UX for 10.1 WiFi [UPDATE: New WiFi Base Rom]

    I did that, the issue is that some sites are still recognizing the Tab as a mobile device despite changing the UAString, which did not happen with the stock browser.
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    Post 10.1 vs Transformer vs Ipad2

    I stopped reading here, it's equivalent to:
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    Post Tablet fragility

    The warranty is that much? I guess I'll get it considering that the cost of the warranty is a fraction of what I was about to pay for the tablet (free tablet + $129 warranty < $600 tablet), but I still hate to see that money go. :p
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    Post Is it worth it?

    I'd just say get the Tab... but then again I've never been one for HTC products. (And yes, I realize XDA is probably the worse place one could say that. :p)
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    Post [ROM][GUIDE] 3.1 TouchWiz UX for 10.1 WiFi [UPDATE: New WiFi Base Rom]

    Um... do a factory reset? Besides, there's no personal data in /system.
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    Post 10.1 vs Transformer vs Ipad2

    Um, wow. Glad everyone else said already literally everything I could think of responding to the OP with. And personally, I will never buy a Win8 tablet until I can wipe it and install Android, Ubuntu or MeeGo on it.
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    Post Touchwiz UX on Acer Iconia A500

    I don't want to be rude, but are y'all just trollin' or incapable of looking around? There are like, four threads on this! :p
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    Post [REQUEST] Add legacy mount option

    Ahh that's good. Just hoping that someone was working on it. :)
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    Post [Q] Fool apps?

    I thought it was some hipster term for a trojan app, myself. :p
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    Post [GUIDE] How to transfer files in Linux

    Is there anyway to compile the SGT support into libmtp8 and then replace it with the repos' libmtp8?
  27. BlackOtaku

    Thread [REQUEST] Add legacy mount option

    Would it be possible to patch a USB mass storage option back into Honeycomb? The new MTP method doesn't work right now for Ubuntu users and has been a pain for some Mac users.
  28. BlackOtaku

    Post Tablet fragility

    Well, we can't all be as perfect as you buddy. :p
  29. BlackOtaku

    Post hardware acceleration even after Ice Cream.....?

    Use it with a Linux OS without having an aneurysm. :D On topic; Android certainly needs better hardware acceleration, but I think Android is plenty snappy on high end phones right now. Tablets however, are where it starts to fall apart; but I think they need a bit of time to mature before we...
  30. BlackOtaku

    Post Google+ and the XDA Circle

    Gmail? You can PM me if you don't feel comfortable posting it here. I'm Ĵono Reĝo in the XDA Circle, my fellow Google+ users. :)
  31. BlackOtaku

    Post Tablet fragility

    Yikes! I will invest in a hard case posthaste! :eek:
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    Post [GUIDE] How to transfer files in Linux

    So have people been getting this to work on the retail Tab 10.1?
  33. BlackOtaku

    Post Xoom wifi(now $499) vs SGT 10.1 16gb --- better value

    Heh, I saw a Xoom on display at Best Buy Mobile... I felt like such a pathetic idiot while standing there for fifteen minutes trying to find the power button. I could have just Googled it from my phone, but I almost felt like that would be cheating! :p I thought it was really ergonomic though...
  34. BlackOtaku

    Post So, how stable/responsive is Honeycomb on the Tab?

    Thanks for all the info everyone. My Tab will get here in a week, as per my sig update. :D
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    Post Why is TouchWiz on Acer and not Tab 10.1?

    Ahh, thanks for that, I didn't know. :)
  36. BlackOtaku

    Post [ROM][JULE15]-=Virtuous Galaxy v. 1.0.5=- [HC 3.1 / TouchWiz UX][Kernel: UNITY V7]

    Hey, excuse me if it's the wrong thread, but I just wanted to thank the dev that did this, even though I'll be getting the SGT 10.1 (yeah, yeah, go ahead, laugh at me and my stupidity for getting the device with no SD card :p), and I've never had the Iconia Tab, I just love the all the awesome...
  37. BlackOtaku

    Post Why is TouchWiz on Acer and not Tab 10.1?

    I assume that it was hacked over from the 10.1v, the same way people sometimes do for Sense on non-HTC phones. I'd just wait for the official Touchwiz update, personally. Hacking in these frameworks on foreign devices can be take a lot of time to get stable and full-featured and by that time...
  38. BlackOtaku

    Post [Q] Should I get the GT 10.1 or wait?

    I would get it now, but I don't expect to really push the tablet much. It's just a toy to me, tbh. I might sell it and replace it with a Tegra 3 tablet when they come out, but only if the Tegra 3 tablets really blow me away. As for Windows 8... I left the Windows world awhile ago. I'm not...
  39. BlackOtaku

    Post Xoom wifi(now $499) vs SGT 10.1 16gb --- better value

    If the Xoom's screen is as lackluster and pathetic as the OG Droid's screen is (nice phone, but the screen is rather disappointing), I wouldn't touch the Xoom. A tablet is more or less a giant screen, so I'd make sure I got a good one. IMO, OP, you're asking the wrong question. It's not Xoom...
  40. BlackOtaku

    Post Purchase paid app without root

    Yes, it would have been nice if the OP elaborated on what it was for... I believe it's for those who imported the Tab and live in a country where access to paid apps is not available from the Market. Sent from my Droid using XDA App
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    Post Who is Going to Buy the Tab 10.1 Before...

    Ahh, Oracle. The worst thing to happen to Sun Microsystems since... well, ever. Luckily Oracle stepped on a lot of toes and every piece of software they got from Sun that was worth anything got forked, so I don't have to ever see their ugly logo on any software I use. I hope Google wins, not...
  42. BlackOtaku

    Post Who is Going to Buy the Tab 10.1 Before...

    Ugh. Hopefully this tweet from AnonymousIRC is a foreshadowing of larger attacks on Apple if they continue to try low, dirty tactics like that. Seriously, attempting to block a competitors' ability to sell products when you're the market leader anyway? That's just pathetic, someone please tell...
  43. BlackOtaku

    Post First Android tablet- Questions

    I don't know how well or if it works on Honeycomb, but AnySoftKeyboard has a Hebrew option I believe. (as well as many other languages, even Esperanto :) )
  44. BlackOtaku

    Post Can anyone help me clear my head?

    If you have a Tegra tablet, which you admittedly use a lot more than your Eris, I don't think you really need a dual-core phone that badly, unless you'll be gaming a lot on your new phone. I suggest either the Droid Charge or the Thunderbolt, with my preference being the Charge. Verizon's 4G LTE...
  45. BlackOtaku

    Post Returning GT 10.1 !

    I concur, quite dishonest... Besides, OP is already getting a replacement from Amazon, so it's too late for those sort of antics. Sent from my Droid using XDA App
  46. BlackOtaku

    Post Returning GT 10.1 !

    Hope things go well! :D Sent from my Droid using XDA App
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    Post So, how stable/responsive is Honeycomb on the Tab?

    Supercurio won't need to do the lagfix needed for the Galaxy S devices, but he may still have a few filesystem tweaks and whatnot to contribute that will give a small (possibly negligible) boost to performance on the Tab. He did that for the Nexus S, even though the Nexus S used EXT4. Sent from...
  48. BlackOtaku

    Post So, how stable/responsive is Honeycomb on the Tab?

    Cool, everything sounds good. :) Can't wait to get my Tab now!