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    Post [ROM][X52X][UNOFFICIAL][10.0] NusantaraProject

    I don't use this ROM, so I can't tell you, but definnitely not on stock Android.
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    Post [ROM][X52X][UNOFFICIAL][10.0] NusantaraProject

    That's a feature, not a bug. Really, every Android behaves like this. If you have a BT headset connected, ringing your phone too is pointless.
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    Post [ROM][X52X][UNOFFICIAL][10.0] Resurrection Remix Q

    Hm, okay, would a screen recording help to show you exactly what's happening to me?
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    Post [ROM][X52X][UNOFFICIAL][10.0] Resurrection Remix Q

    Also, I see you maintain quite a few ROMs here (props for that), which one would you recommend as a daily driver for the X526?
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    Post [ROM][X52X][UNOFFICIAL][10.0] NusantaraProject

    Wow, really? I need to try this then, I'm sick of all the half-baked ROMs on here. A few questions if you're willing to answer them: Which model do you have? How fast does GPS lock? What's your SOT? How is the camera quality? Does dual SIM work without issues?
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    Post [ROM][X52X][UNOFFICIAL][10.0] Resurrection Remix Q

    Oh, nice, seems like the developer of this ROM is active again (I flashed it and last checked in Fall and back then it seemed dead). Has the SIM card issue I reported been fixed in the latest version? I also have quite a few bug reports (I use this as my daily driver) if you're willing to take...
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    Post [ROM][X52X][UNOFFICIAL][10.0] Resurrection Remix Q

    Yes, I've just recently flashed this ROM, but they worked fine on stock. They also work fine here, it's just the annoying unlocking procedure I have to do, described above.
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    Post [ROM][X52X][UNOFFICIAL][10.0] Resurrection Remix Q

    Okay, now I'm able to unlock it again, but it's a stupid workaround. When I start up the phone, it asks me for the PINs, so I enter them real quick, quickly unblock and switch to airplane mode. Then it asks again, I enter, wait a few moments, turn off airplane mode and it works. A fix would be...
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    Post [ROM][X52X][UNOFFICIAL][10.0] Resurrection Remix Q

    Hello, the ROM works well in most aspects, however, I can't get my SIM cards to stay unlocked. I unlock them, and then it asks for PINs again in like 5 seconds. Did this about 4 times when I first started up the phone, and then both the SIMs locked themselves in my pocket. Now it won't unlock...
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    Thread ECG/BP on Android 6

    Hello, I have a Galaxy Watch Active 2 with Tizen 5 on the Korean region. Is it possible to get ECG, or at least BP, working on my Android 6 phone? The APK I found fails to install because it's Android 7+. Thanks.
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    Post Weather not working on GWA2

    Nevermind, I figured it out! I installed the Samsung Weather Forecast app from apkmirror and restarted my phone afterwards. Not sure which of those fixed it. Maybe both. But it thankfully works now!
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    Thread Weather not working on GWA2

    Hey all, I've recently gotten the Galaxy Watch Active 2, and already gotten around to changing the region to KOO. Now have the latest Tizen 5. However, I'm having issues with a few things. Most importantly, the Weather app on the watch wants me to add a location, so I click "add", and it tells...
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    Post Block app installation

    Is there really no way to do this in Android? Such a shame, I thought this was achievable.
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    Post Block app installation

    Nope: java.lang.SecurityException: Permission android.permission.INSTALL_PACKAGES is not a changeable permission type And yes, I'm in SU mode.
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    Post Block app installation

    Wait, perhaps I could disable a specific activity of PackageInstaller? Would that work? I can't find any info on that online, just that you can also disable an activity by doing adb shell pm disable <package>/.<activity>
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    Post Block app installation

    That puts the phone in a bootloop, similarly to when I removed it completely. That's not the way unfortunately.
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    Post Block app installation

    Ah right, I didn't know I had to run adb in root mode. Let me try. :good:
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    Post Block app installation

    Nope, that's unfortunately not possible. ADB doesn't allow that: java.lang.SecurityException: Shell cannot change component state for to 2
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    Post Block app installation

    How would I do that? Wouldn't it cause a bootloop like when I removed it completely?
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    Post Block app installation

    No, that's not what I want. She doesn't have Play Store on the device, just the browser, through which she can download .apk files to install apps.
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    Thread Block app installation

    Hello, I have a daughter and she's using the Galaxy S2, with LineageOS 16 (Android 9) as her phone. I want to block app installation from unknown sources completely, since this is a security threat and she can install anything. I've scavenged Google for about 2 hours and can't find a way to...
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    Post Best ROM for Le 2 in 2019

    Everything else is good? Battery life, GPS, IR, screen..?
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    Post Is ARCore supported?

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    Post Best ROM for Le 2 in 2019

    Please send the results here, I need Android 8, but don't want to risk losing battery life, camera quality, GPS or anything else. :rolleyes:
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    Thread Best ROM for Le 2 in 2019

    Hello! I am searching for a stable, fast and updated ROM for this phone. Most of the ROMs I've seen have a lot of essential bugs and I want a ROM in which there are no problems with basic features (camera, battery, screen, hardware buttons, IR remote...). Is there any ROM like that, Android 8+...
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    Thread Is ARCore supported?

    Is ARCore supported on this phone? (x526) If yes, how can I flash/install it?
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    Post Did i miss an update? (Leeco Le S3 X626)

    That's bad. I just got this phone and I was suprised that I don't have the bloatware launcher, but Google Now. Also I can't find any system updater in options. Seems like I have the same thing, which is both a plus and minus. And do you have a problem with custom launchers? Google Now is a poop...
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    Thread Is this phone worth buying now?

    Simple question, simple answers: Is this phone worth getting now for ~80€(~90$)? What are the long term usage problems (if any)? Should I go for a warranty if I plan to root and flash ROMs in the future? Thx for answers;)
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    Post [OFFICIAL][7.1.2][i9300] XenonHD 7.1.2

    Is this rom still alive?
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    Post [GUIDE][How-to]Create your Own Custom ROM an easy way

    The cygwin link is dead!
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    Thread Looking for app

    Hi, I am looking for a app which will be used for a game (in real life). Here are specs of the game: -People will read NFC tags which will add/remove them score (life, hunger etc.) -NFC tags could be readable only once - this will avoid spamming the app (could be done by writing another data...
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    Post [OFFICIAL][WEEKLY][7.1.2] LineageOS 14.1 for i9300

    LuciferIII 1. OK, now I know that 1st one is already reported. 2. Oh, thanks, I thinked that it will be normal because...because :). I will try to properly install Magisk and busybox module. And that with LP: yes I know that it is forbidden here, so I don't promoted it any way. I just said that...
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    Post [OFFICIAL][WEEKLY][7.1.2] LineageOS 14.1 for i9300

    Hi, I found a few bugs in Lineage OS 14.1 and I need to get them fixed. I am very sorry for my noob post and bad english. 1. Loud volume when calling - minimal call volume is SO loud. 2. When installing update of system, it deletes busybox, flashed zips (I must flash them again) and patches...
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    Post [TW][4.4.4] Expect for new rom! - Strelka

    Do I see that this ROM has Galaxy Apps? Yea, maybe I look weird, but I did not found a way how to install Galaxy Apps. There are so many useful apps in it! (Sry for little bit offtopic post) -- Sorry for my bad English and...everything
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    Post Lineage 14.1 bugs

    audit13 OK, that is a good idea, thanks for help. BTW should I put there a link on this thread or copy my 1st post?
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    Thread Lineage 14.1 bugs

    Hi, I found a few bugs in Lineage OS 14.1 and I need to get them fixed. I am very sorry for my noob post and bad english. 1. Loud volume when calling - minimal call volume is SO loud. 2. When installing update of system, it deletes busybox, flashed zips (I must flash them again) and Lucky...
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    Post we will have lineage-15.0 unofficial i9300?

    Yup, true, I am very happy with my 7.1 and do not need a 8.0... BUT, yes, Lineage 15 WILL be for S3 (wait for 2018)
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    Post [APP][4.0.3+ & GB][XPOSED] BootManager

    defim I just tested to run xposed with ONLY activated BootManager and...AGAIN BOOTLOOP! I dont know why is this happening -_-.
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    Post [APP][4.0.3+ & GB][XPOSED] BootManager

    This module causes bootloop on my device (Samsung Galaxy S3 i-9300) with CM13. I know it 100% because this is only module i have and Xposed without modules don't caused me bootloop... Please fix it. (Can that be caused by putting BootManager into password protected folder?)
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    Post [ROOT][SM-T53X,SM-T33X][CF-AUTO-ROOT][Simplest method to get ROOT now for 5.02-5.1.1]

    "You can find more detailed instructions and assistance at XDA." Mhm, I am on XDA so where are that detailed instructions? And when I finished root Unified daemon, Media memory and TouchWiz - home are stopping working. Is it normal?