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  1. blazzer12

    Thread Any magisk module that can make sd card as adopted storage on Android 10?

    Did google remove the option of adopted storage? I don't see it on my SM-T295. I rooted it so I was wondering if there is a Magisk Module that can make sd card act like adopted storage. Thank you.
  2. blazzer12

    Thread Is it possible to use a GSI Rom on "treble enabled" T295?

    There is a Recovery for this device. So what is stopping from a GSI ROM running on this treble enabled device? I installed recovery and flashing a GSI ROM (Q Mod) but it is bootlooping. Have any of you figured it out? How to do it?!
  3. blazzer12

    Thread What is the default "minimum width" for SM-T295?

    I messed with "minimum width" setting in developer options and now I don't remember the default value. Please help. Model : Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 (2019) [SM-T295]
  4. blazzer12

    Thread [USB Headphone] Audio pans mostly to a single side on Samsung Galaxy A7.

    Headphone Model: Sennheiser PC 8 Over-Ear USB VOIP Headphone with Mic I am trying to use the USB headphone with Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018). The problem is the audio come out from mostly the right channel. Like 90% from right and 10% from left. To ascertain in which device, the usb headphone or...
  5. blazzer12

    Thread What are some low latency wireless earphones for mobile gaming?

    You know how phones don't come with headphone jacks these days and USB-C earphones are scarce. I know one can just just a USB-C to stereo adapter but I want to know are there any wireless options. So are there are cheap low latency wireless earphones for mobile gaming? How to detect the latency...
  6. blazzer12

    Thread [MODULE] Inter Font v1

    COMING SOON I created this post so I can link back in the Module description. Inter font for system UI. Comes in normal and a "easier to read" bolder version. Magisk Module Downloads: Inter Font Inter Font Bolder
  7. blazzer12

    Thread Is camera working on GSI Q Roms?

    Is there is any fix or patch? What needs to be done to make it work?
  8. blazzer12

    Thread [GSI] [Lineage OS] [Pie] Display is not sleeping automatically after inactivity.

    My display will not sleep and I have to manually switch off display. No matter which values I set at `settings -> display -> sleep` the display never sleeps. If I forgetfully leave the display on, it will stay that way till I attend to it. I observed my device did not have this issue if I am...
  9. blazzer12

    Thread What to do with "NFS support in custom kernel"? How to mount a NFS share on android?

    What to do with "NFS support in custom kernel"? How to mount a NFS share on android? We often see NFS support in custom kernels but is it really useful in mounting a NFS share on android? How do I go about it? I don't want app level buy system level access to NFS mounts so all the apps can't...
  10. blazzer12

    Thread [GSI] [Lineage OS] [Pie] Display is not going to sleeping.

    My display will not sleep and I have to manually switch off display. No matter which values I set at `settings -> display -> sleep` the display never sleeps. If I forgetfully leave the display on, it will stay that way till I attend to it. I observed my device did not have this issue if I am...
  11. blazzer12

    Thread [Stock based only] How to enable VoLTE & VoWiFi for India on any region phone.

    Why: You imported the phone to India from another country and now VoLTE doesn't work for you. Maybe you unwittingly messed with your phones "/odm" partition. This guide will help you get back the VoLTE functionality for INDIAN MOBILE CARRIERS*. Participate in the poll you want similar guide...
  12. blazzer12

    Thread How can I connect my phone to a Monitor with a HDMI port?

    Can this be done? Looks like prashantp01 brought "Samsung DeX support" with his kernel. Is my thinking correct? Can I play games?
  13. blazzer12

    Thread Soft brick cannot enter either recovery or bootloader mode. Advice needed.

    I formatted data and flashed Quantum Stock ROM (did not flash "RMM bypass zip"). After starting the phone once I tried to install a GSI (Treble) ROM. Disaster. The phone is softbricked(?). 1. If connected to power source or PC the phone keeps restarting. 2. If no cable is attached, after...
  14. blazzer12

    Thread PSA: I bought the phone from some other country & I want VoTLE to work in my country!

    PSA: I bought the phone from some other country & I want VoTLE to work in my country! Given your Mobile Operator supports VoLTE, working of it depends on your phone's firmware. Especially two components of the firmware called "CSC" and "CP". CSC, depending on who you ask, is either Country...
  15. blazzer12

    Thread How to make VoLTE work in India (A750FN) for a model from Malaysia (A750GN)?

    I have a model from Malaysia. 2/3/4G works. But I cannot get VoLTE to work in India. Will flashing Indian firmware work? Where can I download it from?
  16. blazzer12

    Thread Can we expect custom ROMs for this device?

    Looks like the 2017 version has a good custom ROM scene going on.... But for this device (2018) only custom Recovery is available. I am wondering if any one will be working on the device or know anyone that is working.... I search for "samsung galaxy a7 2018 kernel source" but looks like Samsung...
  17. blazzer12

    Thread Is there a way to lower the resolution to FHD?

    Is there a way to change the resolution permanently without root?
  18. blazzer12

    Thread Does this phone support Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0?

    I have a power socket situation and I can't plug in any more adapters. I do have a USB charging hub with four normal charging sockets and one Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 socket. Can I use the Qualcomm Quick Charge with the phone? I have been using the normal sockets for now.
  19. blazzer12

    Thread What is the DAC used in "Samsung Galaxy A7 [2018]"?

    Since this one has a Exynos chipset I am wondering if the DAC is any good. So you like the audio quality of this device? What is your rating on a scale of 1 to 10?
  20. blazzer12

    Thread What is the official download page for STOCK MIUI ROM for Redmi 1s?

    My not so impressive google-fu led me here: But there is no entry for Redmi 1s. If you say the support is simply dropped, that is not the case because Xiaomi is indeed releasing new roms and updates for this device. Case in point...
  21. blazzer12

    Thread What is the exact name of the DAC used in Galaxy Note 10.1 2014?

    People on the internet claim Samsung uses top notch Wolfson DAC's in it's Exynos variants. How true is it for this device?
  22. blazzer12

    Thread [ZE551ML] Phones does not recognize inserted sims. IMEI value shown as unknown!

    I inserted SIMs in both the slots, still it shows no sim inserted icon in statusbar but for only I SIM tray. Usually when both the SIM trays are empty it shows two no SIM icons. The phone is acting like it's not a dual SIM phone :: 1) Settings->more does not show the usual "manage sim cards"...
  23. blazzer12

    Thread [ZE551ML] [VoTLE] "... this feature will be added further firmware update." ~ ASUS

    [ZE551ML] [VoTLE] "... this feature will be added further firmware update." ~ ASUS Apparently this guy got a mail from the ASUS Tech Support. It's says the VOTLE for ZE551ML is in the works as opposed to being considered. Read the post here on Zentalk forum...
  24. blazzer12

    Thread [Dell Venue 7 3730] Boots into that opened up android image. No way to start normally

    One fine day, the Dell Venue 7 3730, decided to boot into the opened up android logo. So I tried the "POWER + VOL DOWN" and tried to reboot into recovery. Guess what, it doesn't or so it seems as all I can see is the opened up android logo. But when I connect it to my computer and try "adb...
  25. blazzer12

    Thread [P600] Any way to get multi windows running a custom ROM?

    Stock like custom windows on custom ROMS is that possible. I mean without deal breaker compromises like camera not working. Is that possible? All xposed modules I saw are very outdated!
  26. blazzer12

    Thread Any mod or something to increase in call volume? I hardly hear the otherside.

    During call, sometimes I can hardly hear the other side... is there a way to increase the volume? Model : ZE551ML
  27. blazzer12

    Thread [ZE551ML] [TWRP -] [CM13] Cannot access storage from recovery.

    I switched to adopted storage. After starting MM for the first time you will be given an option to reformat the sdcard in which case it will be fused (figuratively speaking) with the internal memory. Now, the storage will not mount on computer, will not be seen from the recovery! What I am...
  28. blazzer12

    Thread So what's stopping me from using x86_64 gapps for CM13 on ZE551ML?

    Isn't the processor 64 bit?
  29. blazzer12

    Thread CM13/crDroid - ZE551ML - Cannot access storage from recovery.

    I opted to use SD card as internal storage. Now I can't access any files from TWRP! :confused: The file manager opens at root directory. There are directories named "sdcard" and "external_sdcard" which are empty. I don't remember the exact names though. I "migrated the data" so to speak...
  30. blazzer12

    Thread [WIP]List of VR Cardboard Apps that work on CM13:

    Our phone sports x86 for mobile which has been recently abandoned by Intel. Yes I read that PR article where they claim they didn't, but they just made sure developers care even less of the x86 arch. I mean how many apps does our phone runs as an emulation thereby decreasing it's efficiency...
  31. blazzer12

    Thread Is there anyway apps can normally write to the EXTERNAL SD CARD on CM13?

    Is there a fix or something?
  32. blazzer12

    Thread [CM13] [ZE551ML] How to properly calibrate a generic Cardboard I/O 2015 viewer?

    As I scan the code on this generic cardboard viewer the Cardboard app recognized as "Cardboard I/O 2015". But I see everything double! Is the fault with the cardboard or the settings in the phone? :silly:
  33. blazzer12

    Thread Do you think MM will ever be released for ZF2 with Intel SOC?

    I mean ZF2 with Snapdragon SOC are already on beta for MM. But not a peep about Intel SOC? So what do you think?
  34. blazzer12

    Thread [meta] Need to change forum introduction for Zenfone 2 :

    This forum is created well before it's released anywhere but now it's released, it's time to change it! Maybe like this :
  35. blazzer12

    Thread How has been your "Search of the incredible" so far?

    It's been a while since the ZF2 is released. ZF2 is not a flagship killer. It was never advertising as such. The selling point of the ZF2 is the biggest bang for the buck. So, why did you buy it? Did the phone impressed you in those aspects?
  36. blazzer12

    Thread How is "Asus AFLU002 ZenFlash"?

    So does this "Asus AFLU002 ZenFlash" improve camera performance in low light conditions? How much feet away can the subject be before making "ZenFlash" useless? Any Pros or Cons?
  37. blazzer12

    Thread Fast charging => Fast discharging? What is your experience with you ZF2?

    Is seems logical on the surface. Will fast charging mean discharge will also be faster? Did you ever use a 'non quick'/ normal charge adapter? Did you find that the battery charge lasted longer?
  38. blazzer12

    Thread Are any Dolby Mods working on our ZF2?

    Dolby mods gives amazing audio even on mid level headphones and speakers. But they are mostly made for ARM devices till now. But ZF2 has libhoudini which helps in running ARM apps on INTEL's x86. So did any of you try and make these Dolby mods work on ZF2? :confused: If so how did you do it...
  39. blazzer12

    Thread Any batteries available for ZF2 with higher capacity?

    That would be great! Not just from ASUS but even from a 3rd party vendor.
  40. blazzer12

    Thread [need help] [Z00A] Change resolution to 720x1280 and still use the physical nav keys.

    I have been flashing ROMS since it was cool to do so (no, not before). But I am a complete n00b when it comes to dev stuff and this whole post is written at that point of view; this post MAY contain incorrent information and n00bish mistakes. Why change to 720px1280? Frame rate doubles when...
  41. blazzer12

    Thread [CM 12.1] How to make physical navigation buttons work after change of resolution?

    Using ZE551ML, CM 12.1. I want to change the resolution 720x1280. The problem is once the resolution is changed the physical navigation buttons don't work. So how to make them work again?
  42. blazzer12

    Thread Rate audio quality of ZF2!

    So which earphones / cans do you use to listen to music. On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the best, how would you rate the audio quality? Have you used ASUS earphones/headphones with ZF2? Discuss!
  43. blazzer12

    Thread KitKat 4.4.4 : Any working method to mount /sd-ext as /data?

    I need to increase internal memory to install more apps. Mounting /data on an sd card partition seems to be a way. But how to do it? Device : WT19i ROM : PACMAN 4.4.4 1-24-2015 Method : [MOD]{CM10.1}{CM10.2}{CM11}{AOSP}Working Int2Ext for Xperia 2011 [ART-compatible] Problem : SIM not...
  44. blazzer12

    Thread [Q] [LWW] - Doesn't start. On pressing Power Button, 3 red led blinks. Please Help :)

    My phone is Live With Walkman (WT19i). I was running CM 10.2 (JB 4.3). The phone kept restarting and before restarting the screen used to puts off with an orange hue. I thought something was wrong (software) and reflashed CM 10.2 Same problem. So flashed Stock Rom...
  45. blazzer12

    Thread blazzerIRS : IRS - Dolby, Cyberlink - Viper4Android [[email protected]_02_13]

    blazzer_IRS : Dolby, Cyberlink Impulse Response Samples How to use IRS : Android - Get Viper Audio Windows - foobar, ffdshow (get klite codec pack), viper audio Linux - ?!!! :( NOTE : No mirrors please. If you want to link, link to this post! :cowboy:
  46. blazzer12

    Thread iBall Slide 3G7271 - Bricked (?) [RESOLVED]

    I have used SP Flash Tool to flash a supposed JB rom ( for my slide. It resulted in the screen "Encryption Unsuccessful". So banged my head for sometime and final figured out how to flash the back up I made before (have to select the...
  47. blazzer12

    Thread [Q] Mod for Volume Key Track Change?

    I am using Zelly Cream and it doesn't have 'track change with volume rocker' feature. Is there any mod or script I can install to get this functionality? :confused:
  48. blazzer12

    Thread [Q] How to change MTU for 2G networks?

    I usually use WiFi or 2G. I noticed some sites don't load fully or stalls forever. So I wanted to change the mtu just like I did in my PC. With wifi it is easy. "1460" >> sys/class/net/wlan0/mtu and an startup script to change it every time! It worked great. It is easy to figure out wlan0 is...
  49. blazzer12

    Thread [Q] [LwW] [RECOVERY] Clockworkmod - No Restart Option

    I am using CM 9 nightly in my Live With Walkman (WT19i). 1) When I goto the recovery->reboot system now-> "there is no RESTART option" the actual menu displayed "ROM may flash stock recovery on. THIS CAN NOT BE UNDONE" - No - No - No - No - No - No - No - Yes - Disable recovery flash - No -...