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  1. marchetto

    Thread Gps problem

    Hi, I've one problem with my GPS..When i start gmaps it locate my position, but after few seconds it loose gps signal..why? how can i solve it?
  2. marchetto

    Thread Camera don't function

    Hi, my phone function normally but i can use only front camera becouse can't change in retro camera!! why?? I've change also ROM but is egual, the problem is the same. How can i do?? I've super CID and S-OFF..
  3. marchetto

    Thread Sleep / wake function

    Hi, this phone have this function? I've read that any flip cover have Sleep Wake Function using magnet on case, is possible?
  4. marchetto

    Thread No signal, antenna broken?

    Hi, i've problem with my One S..I've not any signal!! I've tried with a lot of rom but nothing..have you any idea? can i change the antenna?
  5. marchetto

    Thread Help to unlock Wildfire S Bootloader

    I've tried to unlock my bootloader with htcdev my it fails with this code: Error Code: Invalid Bootloader Token Length. Error Reason: The submitted Token appears to be the wrong length and won't work. i've paste the right TOKEN: <<<< Identifier Token Start >>>> 530DF6CB2A91426A53949459F20CAA56...
  6. marchetto

    Thread Can't install any ROM, Sensation in bootloop!!

    Hi, i have one sensation 4G with hboot 1.180000, unlocked with htcdev and S-ON; My cid is T-MOB010 The problem is that is in bootloop and i can't install any rom!! How can i do? please help me!:crying:
  7. marchetto

    Thread [q] help me!! Safe mode!!

    Anyone can help me? My sensation is boot in safe mode and i can't exit from this Mode. How can i do? I've change a lot of rom, i've tried to reboot a lot of time but it appear always "safe mode"!! Only one time i've turned off my phone for 2 days withous the battery and it reboot in normal mode...
  8. marchetto

    Thread Disable Safe Mode

    Hi, anyone can help me? In every reboot my Sensation go in "Safe Mode". i've tried a lot of reboot but in every moment appear Safe Mode. Can I disable it?
  9. marchetto

    Thread [ROM] Ormet ROM | A2SD | HTC Sense

    Version: 0.3 Creator: Ormet Release Date: 09/11/2010 Description: HTC Legend ROM Based on the ROM series with HTC Sense + App2SD + (see the programs included) Programs included: Java box Google Maps(with maps included) Rom Manager Spare Parts Superuser Permissions Teeter Titanium...
  10. marchetto

    Thread KITCHEN #Ormet#sense 2.5.2012 (23568) ita,fra,wwe,esp,dutch,ger

    In my kitchen I've insert a lot of packages (office 2010, sense 2.5.2012 with monser and standard slider, cookie home tab,..).. I've work only on italian, french and english rom, but is available also Dutch, german and spanish languages. sys version is 23568. good work! If YOU WANT, YOU CAN...
  11. marchetto

    Thread Ext packages for kitchen

    I post a lot of external package ready for kitchen.. If YOU WANT, YOU CAN OFFER ME ONE BEER:
  12. marchetto

    Thread Ormet ROM Diamond(23568) 6.5.5\6.5.3 |ITA-WWE-FRA-GER| 03\8\'10| ★Sense 2.5.2012/2.1★

    Ormet ROM Diamond(23568) 6.5.5\6.5.3 |ITA-WWE-FRA-GER| 03\8\'10| ★Sense 2.5.2012/2.1★ If YOU WANT, YOU CAN OFFER ME ONE BEER...