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  1. epiquiem

    Post Nougat battery life

    I'm going off of what it says on Google's website, and according to it U is the latest build. When sideloading the OTA it even checks to make sure you're on T before it updates.
  2. epiquiem

    Post Nougat battery life

    It's not incremental.
  3. epiquiem

    Post Nougat battery life

    As long as you sideload the OTA, not the factory image, no data will be wiped! Yeah, it's NRD90T to NRD90U.
  4. epiquiem

    Post Nougat battery life

    Been on NRD90T since I got the phone a few days ago. Battery life even today was pretty disappointing, about 2.5 hrs SOT and 23% remaining. Android System was right up with screen on the battery usage charts. Just sideloaded the latest OTA, NRD90U, hopefully it will perform better. NRD90T was...
  5. epiquiem

    Post [LLVM/CLANG] DragonTC ~ The future is now

    Dang, frap! You're a machine! It's almost like everytime I'm on XDA you've come up with something new & awesome haha.
  6. epiquiem

    Post [EOL][ROM+KERNEL][6.0.1] Unofficial CyanogenMod 13.0 with 3.4.0 kernel [Apr 30, 2017]

    Been having issues with a specific wifi network on multiple roms for months now, maybe this is the cause. Good to know.
  7. epiquiem

    Post [KERNEL][Nougat]NKernel 31/08

    Doesn't show up anywhere else in this thread, but I'm having gnarly Bluetooth dropping issues in today's build (both kernel and rom). Anyone else?
  8. epiquiem

    Post [Q] Oneplus X FM radio on Oneplus One?

    The OpO SOC is FM capable, however OnePlus didn't wire up the receiver to the headphone jack. No hope, unfortunately.
  9. epiquiem

    Post [ v2.0 BETA ] BuilduntuVM - Compile Android ROMs with Windows or Mac OSX

    This probably isn't a common issue, but Builduntu wont load for me. Hangs after GRUB. Might have something to do with the fact I'm running Windows 10 (10162), but my other vboxes work fine.
  10. epiquiem

    Post [Kernel] Render Kernel [CM12.x - R21][CM12-CAF: R7][CM13-CAF: R1]

    Hey RenderBroken, any chance you could start including the release name in the kernel version? e.g, Linux version 3.4.107~Render-Kernel ([email protected]) (gcc blahblah ) #1 to something like Linux version 3.4.107~Render-Kernel ([email protected]) (gcc blahblah ) #9 I'm...
  11. epiquiem

    Post [KERNEL][OPO] FrancoKernel - r57 - 16th September - LineageOS 15.1 custom roms

    Welp, turns out I went stupid and didn't read all the search results. Only got as far as the one saying it was added in r14. :p
  12. epiquiem

    Post [KERNEL][OPO] FrancoKernel - r57 - 16th September - LineageOS 15.1 custom roms

    CM12 nightly 4-4, MultiROM is telling me I don't have kexec hardboot. Using r40. Anyone else have this issue?
  13. epiquiem

    Post [CLOSED][ROM][5.0.1][Official][BETA] EDGE - Advancing Performance

    Does the first line of the OP override this statement? Just curious.
  14. epiquiem

    Post OnePlus One DroidKit | by iTechy OPEN SOURCE! | No longer being maintained

    Is "fully complete" v1.0.0? I'd love to stretch my C# muscles a bit. EDIT: I can't read. Sorry.
  15. epiquiem

    Post [I9305] boot.img Splash Screen

    I've created one attached. Had to add an apk extension to upload it, it isn't an apk. Give it a try?
  16. epiquiem

    Post [MODEM] Complete Modem List for both I747U & I747M

    I'm using the MJB set, which shipped with the 4.3 OTA for stock users. I've been on multiple ROMs and android versions from CM11 to a month of 5.0.x unofficials. I'm currently on the latest CM11 nightly. No issues, still.
  17. epiquiem

    Post [MODEM] Complete Modem List for both I747U & I747M

    Due to issues with APNs and Mobile Data in every nightly past October for my d2att, I've updated successfully my bootloader and modem from LK3 to MJB using this thread for modem and this one for bootloader. Many thanks!
  18. epiquiem

    Post [Firmware][4.4.2] NE4/NE6/NF2/NH2 Recovery Flashable Firmware

    I'd love to be gifted the AT&T download link, if the OP is still around.
  19. epiquiem

    Post [Q] Best Governor and I/O for gaming?

    Oof. I wouldn't recommend using Dart until I mark it as stable. It's a work in progress. I would love to have an extra tester around for when I pump out some builds though!
  20. epiquiem

    Post [Q] Best Governor and I/O for gaming?

    I use my own kernel atm (says in my signature :p ). SIOPLUS is a mix between noop and deadline that improves on the original SIO, so maybe it does fix the slow random-read speeds. One would guess that ROW (read over write) would have the best read speeds, if thats what your looking for. About...
  21. epiquiem

    Post [Q] Best Governor and I/O for gaming?

    I'd go for InteractiveX and SIOPLUS or ROW, personally. I never get lag in M:PE with those settings, but I do have a different kernel.
  22. epiquiem

    Thread [Q] Implement intell_plug

    I'm attempting to implement faux123's intelli_plug into my kernel. It was added in this commit and enabled in "make menuconfig". However, it throws me errors during compilation: arch/arm/hotplug/intelli_plug.c:166: error: undefined reference to 'avg_nr_running'...
  23. epiquiem

    Post [Q] init scripts in 4.4?

    Most OEM kernels have startup scripts disabled, in my experience. Try using something like this app (safer) or this (could softbrick your device). You could also flash a custom kernel, as most have init.d support built in.
  24. epiquiem

    Post [Q] Implement Undervolt in a Kernel?

    The file for controlling frequencies / default voltages in most kernels is located at /arch/arm/mach-msm/acpuclock-8960.c Do be careful while adjusting these! Keep in mind that not all devices can undervolt the same amount before bringing these down to the extremes.
  25. epiquiem

    Post [Tutorial] Building Your First Kernel

    I need help implementing faux123's intelli_plug in my kernel. It errors out when building.
  26. epiquiem

    Post [Q] odin rom flashing problem

    audit13 is right. I have tripped my flash counter and I am running a custom ROM and kernel. You might have tripped your Knox flag, and I think (maybe?) that causes your phone to refuse to do anything.
  27. epiquiem

    Post [Q] Lollipop ROM Timeframe

    Devs need the actual sources to build, which have been released. Unfortunately they can't work with the factory images for Nexus devices. :) If I remember correctly, it took 2 or 3 months to get a usable KitKat build from Slim. (the first ones to do it, I recall.) We'd be lucky to see it by the...
  28. epiquiem

    Post [MOD][FEB 10] MultiROM v33

    Would it be possible to multiboot recoveries with some modifications to MultiROM? Some ROM's don't play nice with TWRP when I'm installing a new primary ROM.
  29. epiquiem

    Post [Xposed Mod] [ALPHA] RecEnabler v1.0 (Enable call recording!)

    This mod is being phased out. A change to enable it is in Carbon's gerrit.
  30. epiquiem

    Thread [Xposed Mod] [ALPHA] RecEnabler v1.0 (Enable call recording!)

    Support thread for RecEnabler. HEY! This module is becoming useless. A change in CarbonROM's gerrit is in the works that accomplishes the same thing. Just letting you know! RecEnabler (SHOULD) enable(s) Call Recording on supporting ROMs (e.g: CM, Carbon) Submit bugs to the GitHub...
  31. epiquiem

    Post [Mod][Xposed]Twitter Token Patcher : no more 100k limit

    If your unrooted, but still want this, a guy by the handle of carbonclient on twitter modded an apk and uploaded it here: link TwoPointZero
  32. epiquiem

    Post [Windows][Hacks]Winsploit 1.0-beta

    lol what is this you have here that has nothing to do with this
  33. epiquiem

    Thread [Windows][Hacks]Winsploit 1.0-beta

    Winsploit is a little thing I made for an "educational experience". Very simple little collection of tools to create a flash drive you boot from and a few clicks and letters later, you can activate the built-in admin account, with a password of your choice. Very n00b, I know. But, I learned a...
  34. epiquiem

    Post Stock Nexus 7 2013 WiFi ROM KOT49H Android 4.4.2

    This doesn't auto wipe data, I assume?
  35. epiquiem

    Post [MOD][FEB 10] MultiROM v33

    I would be grateful if you could explain how this works - it is my understanding that it injects your current boot.IMG with the multirom files, right? So if it didn't work, could I just advanced restore -> restore boot.img and all would be working? Thanks in advance. Flo, elementalx kernel...
  36. epiquiem

    Thread [MOD]Change Boot Logo! CyanogenMod!

    So, here we go - I really liked the new CyanogenMod logo they outlined here. So, I made a boot logo (pre-bootanimation) with it. It is simpler than stock, unobtrusive and quite amazing. Just flash this zip in recovery, and whala! Profit! Here's a sneak peek - image
  37. epiquiem

    Post [GUIDE][MOD][KERNEL] Change Bootsplash Image

    So how do you put a modified kernel in a rom zip? I built a rom from source, and want to change the uninstalled kernel to my own. P.S I have a tool that does this and creates a flashable zip for you, if anyone wants it.
  38. epiquiem

    Post [Mod]Sense 4 Style Multi Tasking Mod for Xperia 2011 [ Stock ICS | Cm10 ]

    Ahh, sorry if i'm being super noob here - but your saying in KK, the stuff controlling recents are in both SystemUI and framework-res?
  39. epiquiem

    Post [Mod]Sense 4 Style Multi Tasking Mod for Xperia 2011 [ Stock ICS | Cm10 ]

    Could you explain exactly what you mean by "SystemUI is merged with the framework"?
  40. epiquiem

    Post [GUIDE] Sense 4.0 style Multitasking with Reflection on CM9/CM10/CM10.1 ( HDPI )

    Why not do it yourself? AOSB has this feature built in its CM11 based ROM. I ported it from there and it functions (somewhat) well.
  41. epiquiem

    Post [port][guide] sense style mod / htc recent apps mod with Reflective tabs

    :) :) :) Do you mind sharing any code you used that was different from the OP's? (e.g. the dimensions of the recents views.....) ---------- Post added at 11:35 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:33 PM ---------- And, I hate to revive a dead thread, but would this work on 4.4 CM-Based...
  42. epiquiem

    Post [ROM][AOSP][Linaro]CarbonRom Nightlies/Releases [d2vzw]

    Dude, you are my favorite developer. Wow. :good:
  43. epiquiem

    Post Get more RAM and faster responses by disabling verify-bytecode!

    after doing this, the phone only boots every time I clear dalvik cache and cache in recovery. Really annoying you know to have to do this all the time just to boot the device. Not blaming you, just kinda frustrated
  44. epiquiem

    Post [KERNEL][4.3/4.4][AOSP] ¤ BMS ¤ d2att 3.4.y [2014-08-03]

    I suppose i have a "problem".... I cant get any logs or anything sorry :( When i flash, the boot animation turns orange, when its normally blue. (warning flag one) The green LED lights up because the phone is plugged in. (normal...) The screen goes black and has no response to buttons or...
  45. epiquiem

    Post [KERNEL]BionicSheep Kernel (4.2.2) (4.3) - FINAL BUILD

    Seen this kernels got a lot of famousness lately..... Maybe I'll flash it but can't really see any current advantages over my current kernel.
  46. epiquiem

    Post Liquid Smooth 3.0

    He speaks the truth.... TouchWiz is terrible in my opinion.
  47. epiquiem

    Post [Solved] Screen comes on but does not respond to any touch

    This happened to me once. I fixed it by factory resetting and reflash the ROM.