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    Thread [Q] Download mod did work anymore?

    I have GT-P7500, 3.1 stock + Root/CWM according Now I want to go into download mod by pressing "power on" + "volume down" but nothing happens. Any ideas how I can get into Download modus? Thanks.
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    Thread [Q] How to search a thread? Search function offline.

    Seems to me that "search thread" functions got lost! tried that with Firefox, Chrome and IE. Seems that search was taken offline. Any idea how I can search a thread? Thanx
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    Thread Galaxy Tab 10.1 P7501 vs, P7500

    Does somebody knows what the difference between P7501 and P7500 are? As I understand both have UMTS and WIFI? Also rest of spec seems to be the same. (It is not a mistake P7501! Not P7510)
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    Thread Market didn't list my installed apps anymore

    Had some problems with new google market app ( So I clear cache & data for this app but now in market app there is no app shown as installed allthough still all of my apps are there. Also all installed paid apps are only listed as not installed. I now wait over 24h but nothing...
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    Thread How to get PDA/PHONE/CSC for tab?

    How do I get the - product code - PDA/PHONE/CSC for my tab P7500 With my tab I can't use secret codes like *#1234# on my phone.
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    Thread [Q] How to input Secret Codes like Galaxy S/S2

    Is there a way to enter secret codes in Galaxy Tab like I can do with the phone S/S2, e.g. *#1234# to get PDA/PHONE/CSC? Or is there another way?
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    Thread [Q] XDA android app is not foun in market anymore

    XDA android app is not found in market anymore. From market I am notified that there is an update for XDA-Developers but when I go into its market page I get not found. Can someone confirm that problem? I use SGS I9000 (PDA I9000XWJs5, PHONE I9000XXJPY, CSC I9000XENJS3). Thanks! PS: Paid...