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  1. MystaMagoo

    Post Pie Call recording -Working-

    none of them are the correct file. you and I and probably others need the latest combo file
  2. MystaMagoo

    Post [ROM]13.08.16] [5.0] [Stock] [N9005.../GBPB1/GBPD3/GPG1/GBPH2] QS-N9005-LP

    Don't suppose you have a working black theme/mod for the ph2?
  3. MystaMagoo

    Post Is there any way on earth to rollback to oreo.

    So that's all you needed to do? What version is the camera?
  4. MystaMagoo

    Post Need help to downgrade my note 8 to a previous update (N950USQU7DTA3)

    If your updated to bootloader 8 you cannot go back to 7
  5. MystaMagoo

    Post battery for note 8

    note8 is a sealed unit
  6. MystaMagoo

    Post Galaxy Note 8 LED Case - Icon Ideas

    Shame the case cannot give me message sender id knowing who is calling without opening the case is cool but I'd also like to know whom the message is from.....
  7. MystaMagoo

    Post Problem rooting SM-N910 F with CF Auto Root

    did you remove battery after the flash?
  8. MystaMagoo

    Thread how to update tsp fw?910C

    screen has become unresponsive to touch,except the very bottom back/menu buttons. *#2663# gives "unfortunately device keystring has stopped" adb shell command gives same error can it be updated with any different commands? putty,terminal etc Thanks
  9. MystaMagoo

    Post S8 to get Android 10 update after all? and note 8?

    Yep Was just elaborating on the security patch release. I doubt we will get A10 for our N8.
  10. MystaMagoo

    Post S8 to get Android 10 update after all? and note 8?

    just getting an update today ---> N950FXXS8DSK1
  11. MystaMagoo

    Post Does Root still work after the october 2019 patch

    can we hide root from banking apps etc?
  12. MystaMagoo

    Post How to disable a system update after it’s downloaded but before it’s installed?

    I heard you and as far as I know it should not but as said double check 1st.
  13. MystaMagoo

    Post How to disable a system update after it’s downloaded but before it’s installed?

    I think if u boot into recovery and delete cache should delete the download?
  14. MystaMagoo

    Post device id changer on pie?

    Edit build.prop?
  15. MystaMagoo

    Thread bluetooth and win 10 only goes 1 way

    note 8 950F will not connect to my pc running win 10 via bt but pc does connect to note 8 and can send files,note receives the file what gives? tried clearing cache of bt but that didn't work read I need to clear cache of phone? any other ideas? was working both ways using same pc running win7
  16. MystaMagoo

    Post How long until it auto updates to BL7....?

    Hi Ye I do those also. I read recently you can only put it off only so many times? I'll do the cache clean if it tries to download itself.
  17. MystaMagoo

    Thread How long until it auto updates to BL7....?

    My phone knows there's an update waiting,I know I can't stop it only delay it. Says its bootloader 7 which may derail option to root in the near future? If I root and flash a custom rom now before it's to late.........
  18. MystaMagoo

    Post how to change CSC on international unlocked note 8

    have you tried the simcard trick? I changed csc on my note 8 but was using BL of 5 but now there's seems to be no combo file for BL6 so no go.
  19. MystaMagoo

    Thread kids have been at my phone,how can I...........

    Now when an alarm goes off my screen shows a coloured band around the outside/edge instead of snooze and stop. What have they done and how do I fix it?
  20. MystaMagoo

    Post Help changing CSC to INS for S8 G950F (PDA G950FXXS5DSF1)

    Or try the S8 forum? This is Note 8 forum
  21. MystaMagoo

    Post Help changing CSC to INS for S8 G950F (PDA G950FXXS5DSF1)

    try here
  22. MystaMagoo

    Post Pie Call recording -Working-

    Anyone have a combo file for bootloader 6?
  23. MystaMagoo

    Post Not Receiving updates

    Where did you move from? Maybe you need to change csc to Aus?
  24. MystaMagoo

    Post Downgrade SM-N950F 9 Oreo

    You cannot go lower any more as your on bootloader 6. Back up then try a factory reset? Pie should 'learn' your phones behaviour after a while which should make it more responsive and better battery life.
  25. MystaMagoo

    Post How to Root Note 8 N950F/DS Exynos already in One UI PIE.

    Don't think you can root as I read only bootloader 3 can be rooted?
  26. MystaMagoo

    Post please help! Odin doesn't detect Note 8.

    Which note 8 you have? Have you checked usb configuration?
  27. MystaMagoo

    Thread Combo file bootloader 6

    Is it available anywhere,I can't find it.
  28. MystaMagoo

    Post Revert to Oreo from Pie

    It does work,tried it,used INS. Only thing was there was no 'choice' to do a recording. You either have to record all or just certain numbers. There was no 'start' recording button,at least not in the rom I used,stock/standard default UK rom. May be it is different feature if flash different rom...
  29. MystaMagoo

    Post No Call recording on Android 9 and above

    Yep did that. Phone settings were different,no call recording available though. Sim is a 'true move H'
  30. MystaMagoo

    Post No Call recording on Android 9 and above

    The Thai sim I just tried did nothing like that,just went to roaming. 4G Tourist sim,maybe that's why?
  31. MystaMagoo

    Post Downgrading to oreo help

    get the BTU one. can you not find photo editor Pro as an apk? which photo editor Pro by the way?
  32. MystaMagoo

    Post No Call recording on Android 9 and above

    Is the record button available or it is still add call?
  33. MystaMagoo

    Post Pie Call recording -Working-

    It looked like india pay yes,had all india adverts etc Accepted my card. May be different if flashed india rom? I've reverted back to BTU for now.
  34. MystaMagoo

    Post Note 8 N950F - Convert to dual sim?

    Strange how there's 2 sim toolkits running still. I'm ok with pie but oreo starting to sound better. Call recording and dual sim would be nice...
  35. MystaMagoo

    Post Pie Call recording -Working-

    It seemed to kinda work..... Went through all settings and updates,turned off,inserted sim card. Turned on,phone said new sim,restart phone to use,restarted phone. Option appears in my settings and it does indeed record calls. But it does not appear on my phonepad dialler. (probably as I flashed...
  36. MystaMagoo

    Post Pie Call recording -Working-

    Thanks for clearing that up :) Diving in sometime today...............
  37. MystaMagoo

    Post Pie Call recording -Working-

    Sorry,still not clear. Steps 1-3 I change csc from BTU to INS. Now after that ( step 4 ) do I have to flash an Indian rom or I can flash a UK rom? Thanks
  38. MystaMagoo

    Post Pie Call recording -Working-

    So if I change from BTU csc to INS csc I also have to flash Indian rom? Or can flash again BTU rom?
  39. MystaMagoo

    Post [GUIDE] How to change S9/S9+ CSC (Only Same Model Number's CSC)

    How to revert back to 'original' if say samsung allow cr in the future? Just the same way but choose original csc? Also if I change csc from BTU to INS I have to flash Indian rom or can flash BTU rom? pie has inbuilt dns now making it a lot easier to try and block ads system wide...
  40. MystaMagoo

    Post HELP NEEDED reverting back to the old Software

    cutting out 3rd party call recording in pie is a biggy
  41. MystaMagoo

    Post How to stop ota update

    Can update be stopped without root? Most package disablers are not working,dev option not working. Have gone back to oreo from pie don't want be forced back onto pie.
  42. MystaMagoo

    Thread Prevent phone from locking whilst talking?

    Phone is open,using browser or whatever.... Phone call comes in,answer it and talk.... Call is finished but phone is now locked. Have to unlock to be able to use again. Any way to stop it from locking whilst talking?
  43. MystaMagoo

    Post Is it worth it to update to Pie..?

    Plenty of black themes plus a built in night mode. Just check out removed features before you flash. No 3rd party call recording etc etc