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    Post I have mine in hand. Ask any question.
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    Post [TWRP + MAGISK] FULLPROOF Guide for all Razers! Wifi Fix!

    For anyone having driver issues. Use the latest Google usb drivers from google. Your phone is in fact two devices with only one active at a time. Adb driver is for when an OS has been loaded such as twrp or android itself. Fastboot driver is the Samsung USB driver is the one that works for...
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    Post [TWRP + MAGISK] FULLPROOF Guide for all Razers! Wifi Fix!

    leapfrog2 Your twrp.img file is not in the same Directory as adb.exe and fastboot.exe
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    Thread [TWRP + MAGISK] FULLPROOF Guide for all Razers! Wifi Fix!

    This is the new official way to root the Razer! Please forget all older methods. If you follow this guide, you will not have problems. Ok, so there isn't some file you download to fix the Wifi, but this is how you make it work, when you swear you've tried everything. (Trust me you didn't even...
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    Post Razer phone can do casting?

    Google Chromecasting works, as well as miracasting. Which is not than the Google Pixel would do.. Answer is yes and supports all forms of casting well.
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    Post Android Pay

    The chip is in the middle, not the top like in most phones, and it's a bit slower than say on a pixel phone. Hold the middle of the phone directly at the top of most terminals for 3 seconds and you should get a 100% success rate. I had the problem too, but since doing this is works good.
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    Post I have mine in hand. Ask any question.

    Yes, but it is barely visible. You can only see it if looking directly at the phone. This is a good thing if your complaint is it keeps you or your spouse up at night. This will NOT do that. However if you are one who likes bright notification lights you will be disappointed. Located...
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    Post I have mine in hand. Ask any question.

    No, and is officially the worst thing about this phone. This phone does not stay clean at all. Even natural oils from hands do not clean easily on the painted aluminium. You WILL get like in the speaker holes! Unavoidable! Keep near at all times some gum or sticky tack to clean!
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    Post I have mine in hand. Ask any question.

    Supports all of the above:
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    Post I have mine in hand. Ask any question.

    It's pretty good. I don't feel it's as bad as they say. If you coming from a Samsung device, you may complain as they were really good outside, but it's decent enough for me.
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    Post I have mine in hand. Ask any question.

    No where to be found on the phone. They do have some nice dark Tron like backgrounds though.
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    Post I have mine in hand. Ask any question.

    WiFi calling works for me. Just tried. I had that issue with the pixel. I had to call T-Mobile and they ask for imei and can set it up for you. Good luck with it.
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    Post I have mine in hand. Ask any question.

    Yes, it's all in the display settings like on traditional Android OS.
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    Post Guide to Unlocking the Bootloader

    zipxavier How did you get fastboot to work? ADB Drivers work, but I do not have a driver for fastboot. I've downloaded the latest Google USB Drivers and it still will not detect it or take the new drivers even when pointed to them while the phone is in Download Mode.
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    Thread Factory Images - Not yet?

    So I was going to contact people in TWRP about making TWRP recovery for this phone, then I realized that we probably will need to have some factory images lying around in case I break something, I can restore the phone in the mean time. I checked the Razer website for these images and they are...
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    Post Just got mine ordered in the US!

    I just went to the Microsoft Store by my house and picked it up at 10:00 AM. No line for it. Plenty in stock. In the US. I'm in Charlotte, NC.
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    Post T-mobile Razer phone

    I'm on T-Mobile and have mine in hand. Working great.
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    Post What Theme engine does Razer Phone use, and can you create your own themes?

    Here are some screenshots. Some pics are bad, sorry. But these are the non-gaming ones offered.
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    Post Screen warp?

    I saw that when in 120hz mode, but it looked more like an intended effect to me. It wasn't unpleasant in my eyes. Also seemed to only happen on long scrolling windows. Short scrolling I could not see it.
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    Post I have mine in hand. Ask any question.

    I have it from adb. Anywhere I can upload them to you? PM me with some details. I don't have a public cloud share.
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    Post I have mine in hand. Ask any question.

    Call quality sounds great. I've only used it a couple of times. I had a Google Pixel XL before and this seems to get signal better than that slightly. Using T-Mobile out in the woods, and I would sometimes get spotty coverage, but with this phone it didn't miss a beat.
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    Post I have mine in hand. Ask any question.

    I don't have root access for /media. Is it under the /sdcard somewhere? I don't see it at the root of /sdcard. Phone is not yet rooted. Is there a way I can check using adb or fastboot?
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    Post I have mine in hand. Ask any question.

    I did not see a max bg apps in the build.prop If it's there, what's the exact name so I can search for it? I searched for max and bg, and no results. Here is the night mode, it is supported:
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    Post no Notification Led?

    LED is not in the middle of the camera, that's a reflection from his other recording device, not the phone. It's in between the two as seen here. (From my own phone). It is not very bright though at all. The picture looks brighter than it does to the human eye. For those worried about it...
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    Post Unlockable Bootloader?

    You would not be able to select that option if the bootloader was unable to be unlocked. It unlocks the first key. If that key is unlocked, then fastboot oem unlock bootloader can work. So it is valid proof that it's unlockable.
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    Thread I have mine in hand. Ask any question.

    I picked mine up from the Local Microsoft Store. They had a small few in. I've already confirmed bootloader is unlockable as we knew it was. If you want me to test or try anything, just ask. Kernel: 4.4.21-perf+ [email protected] #1 Sat Oct 21 01:14:31 UTC 2017 Build Number...
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    Post Unlockable Bootloader?

    I have one already. It works. Just tried it. Bootloader unlocked.
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    Post [ROM][flo|deb][UNOFFICIAL][LineageOS 18.1] -> 2021-04-07

    Beta 7. 5 seems to have issues with the auto-rotate ability. Seems that the accelerometer isn't working. I checked the settings, and it is enabled.
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    Post [Guide] Stock 8.0.0 with root and SafetyNet OK (Android Pay working)

    This is a dumb question, but I did read this entire post as well as the OP's post multiple times, and I'm unclear on this as it was not mentioned. We can re-lock the bootloader after all of the steps correct? I mean I assume that's why we run the boot signer v8 so that it will use our newly...
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    Post Question: SafetyNet Failed: CTS profile mismatch any idea how to fix this?

    OMFG! This worked for me!!!!!!!!! Why the hell wasn't this explained when I installed it? Do you have any idea what I went through trying to get this **** to work? I reinstalled my rom like 4 times, then factory image flashed it, Reinstalled my custom rom again! This should be in HUGE BOLD...
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    Post [ROM][Pixel-XL][7.1.2_r24]★ Pure Nexus ★ Substratum | Fi | WiFi Calling ★[07/25/17]

    BeansTown106 Any updates on Miracast functionality? I know the change log shows didn't work. The nexus 5 also didn't work when it was released. Dirty unicorn Rom 6.0 for nexus 5 has it working. Maybe we can grab the libraries used there to get it to work. I believe there is a required...
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    Post [KERNEL/ROM]Sharkey Kernel and Uberstock for Pixel/Pixel XL

    Is Miracast working on this rom? So far it doesn't work on any custom Rom I've flashed. Please add this as a feature request if it does not. Thanks
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    Post [ROM][Pixel-XL][7.1.2_r24]★ Pure Nexus ★ Substratum | Fi | WiFi Calling ★[07/25/17]

    Are there plans to fix Miracast in this rom? I want to use it, but lack of Miracast is a deal breaker for me.
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    Post [7.x.x][WEEKLIES] CarbonROM | cr-5.1 [marlin]

    I couldn't find a feature list. Can someone confirm that Miracast works with this rom ? I'd like to know before flashing as that is a deal breaker for me. Thanks
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    Post Miracast Unable to Connect After Editing Build.prop

    +1 for Miracast support! I've done the build.prop edit, and it indeed does enable the checkbox "Enable Wireless Display". It sees and attempts to pair to my Belkin Miracast device. The Belkin device begins the connections and then disconnects, and nothing more happens. If someone will...
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    Post Google Pixel (XL) Miracast

    I have now tested this, and it does not work. It works as the last poster described. The "Enable Wireless Display" button does work now and you can pair it with a device. But once you attempt to connect to the paired device it is disconnected. Seems like it's missing some library or...
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    Post [ROM][Pixel-XL][7.1.2_r24]★ Pure Nexus ★ Substratum | Fi | WiFi Calling ★[07/25/17]

    Okay, we've got to get Miracast working. I just spent $1500 on a Stereo deck for my Camaro, and have a Belkin Miracast Device connected to it. The PIXEL doesn't do miracast default! I rooted, and enabled the build.prop setting persist.debug.wfd.enable=1, and this allows the pixel to...
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    Post Pixel and GM vehicles Bluetooth connection issues

    The official NMF26O OTA fixed this issue. The J release fixed it for those side loading but Google did not release J OTA. So if you are having a problem still, proceed with the update. I have thanked Google for fixing this issue and all the people posting here has had a part in it getting...
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    Post Pixel and GM vehicles Bluetooth connection issues

    So does your Pixel work fine then with hands free audio? Not talking about GMusicConnect, but Your Phone. I just became a subscriber to obtain the update for onstar. When I called them today they stated it could take 1 month to receive the update in your radio. For me that will be the 30th...
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    Post Pixel and GM vehicles Bluetooth connection issues

    So I got their Tier 2 support and it looks to be deflecting. We really need everyone to report this to support. Here's his reply: Hi nikitis, Thanks for contacting Google! My name is Leny from tech-support team, I hope you're doing good. I looked int your case and I see that you'd been...
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    Post Pixel and GM vehicles Bluetooth connection issues

    Update. So I contacted Google again to ask for the bug number they promised me and they wouldn't give it to me. Like talking to a brick wall. What kind of support won't give you a bug number unless they don't plan on fixing it. Everybody better use the support and request this get fix right away!
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    Post Pixel and GM vehicles Bluetooth connection issues

    Update! I spoke with Google and went through all of the troubleshooting steps and it did not fix the issue as I knew it wouldn't. I was escalated and spoke to them and he confirmed the issue with me and there is now a bug opened for this issue. I stated that there were a lot of people on this...
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    Post Pixel and GM vehicles Bluetooth connection issues

    Correction. My phone now won't stay connected to the phone device on my Camaro either and I have DF version flashed as well. Radio flashing will NOT fix this issue with pixel! The GMusicConnect works solid though. This means that the Pixel has an incorrect blue tooth profile. Call Google and...
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    Post 32gig vs 128gig performance differences?

    The answer is no. We're not using cheap components on the Pixel. Apple to maximize profits went with a cheaper 32 GB storage chip with a lower classification. There are good quality class chips for 32 GB versions, Apple just didn't use a good one on their 32 GB chips, but did use a higher...
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    Post Stock Pixel Rom With Unlocked Bootloader, Android Pay?

    You need to complain to the banks if you want this fixed. The Banks have dictated to Google what is required to allow paying via phone as it's their loss if you report money stolen. While I agree, I feel that with a rooted Device using SU, which requires that you allow applications to have...
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    Post Sound Quality From Audio Jack

    Bluetooth Audio plays 320kbps superbly. Best sounding audio I've heard from a phone. I have yet to try the headphone jack.. . . . I have sinned....
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    Post Pixel XL Speaker issue

    Mine is not experiencing this issue. I've tried the reproduction with the piano app you have mentioned and I do not hear static or poping noises. I will admit I wish the speaker was louder, but I believe this was by design, and does not represent a production quality issue.
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    Post Hot to the touch near the camera lens

    The phone is getting warm when you use anything with a constant Internet Access. Like Pandora, DI.FM, Facebook Messenger (God awefully written application, stealing your info constantly.) Remove Facebook Messenger and use the web app version. You're privacy won't be as violated, and you're...
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    Post To root or not to root.

    There's every reason to root, and only one reason to not root. Reasons to root: Kernel modifications to increase battery life. (Sure the Pixel can go 2 days easily on one charge, but why not make it 3?). Filesystem access. The heart of any computer should at the very least give you filesystem...
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    Post Naked?

    If you are the kind of person who drops their phones, you need a case to protect your investment. I on the other hand will NEVER drop my phone. I can say this with 100% certainty because I take a conscious effort when taking my phone out every time and while I'm holding it. I've gone...