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    Thread all official & unoficial treo 750 roms

    ok ppl, this is just an idea, we could just put all the WMROMS and treo app's we know about on the same Thread... No questions and no answers... Just the names pics and links for download... what do you "all" think?? Please post them here... Thanks
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    Thread Urgent Help Please!!!

    :( :( I realy don`t know what to do... :confused: I have a Treo 750v, it was spanish version, I wanted the english version, so I did everything that I found here to do it right, but, wen i try to flash any WM6rom even the original from Palm. I`m stuck in the bootloader, when flashing it just...
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    Thread A litle BIG pRoBlEm...

    I have a treo750v spanish version... But as I`m not from spain I`ve tried to change WM5 to WM6 UK... But i can`t understand what went wrong... it just died... :( when i first got to xda-developers, I did download the "treo750_5.2.1 933_akuo.7.0lite, did everything as it was told to do... but i...