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    Thread Magisk + Xposed and safety net issue

    Does Magisk + Xposed pass safety net check? I have magisk installed and everything works. As soon as I install Xposed via Magisk Module, it breaks safety net. Is it supposed to work? Thanks. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Thread Q: What if relock booloader and OEM unlocking is disabled from developer option

    I'm always a bit hesitate to relock bootloader if I'm on custom rom or rooted. I'm wondering what will happen if: 1. bootloader relocked. 2. OEM unlock is disabled from Developer option 3. device goes into bootloop or cannot boot up At this point, does this mean device is essentially hard...
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    Thread App Settings (Xposed module) on Fire TV

    Anyone able to use App Settings (Xposed Module) on Fire TV? I can install and enable it. However, when I tried to change a settings of an application, it always quit after I click on the app.
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    Thread [Q] ATT HTC ONE touch screen doesn't work on stock rom

    I upgrade to latest firmware and hboot for the international 4.2.2 ROM. Everything works fine. Now, the OTA arrived and in order to apply OTA for enabling new LTE band, I need to go back to stock. So, i download the stock ROM and flash. After boot up, touch screen doesn't work. I tried to...
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    Thread [Q] How to mount the sdcard partition on Mac?

    I'm using HTC DNA with UKB rom (1.2.1). While having the usb debugging on and plug into the Mac (Lion 10.7), i don't see be able to find a way to mount the /sdcard. From the notification area, I click on the USB Connected message but it's all about tethering but nothing to say change it to USB...
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    Thread [Q] Brick..No screen, cannot turn on or download/recovery mode

    Yesterday, I was flashing back to the JH6 again. It stuck at factory.rfs for a long time. Then, I tried to restart. After phone is off, it couldn't turn on any more. No matter, press vol down + power or press vol up and down then plug in usb with ODIN on. Or just press power button. I've tried...
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    Thread Issue with mounting SD card on OS X with JI6?

    Any one use OS X and JI6 froyo leak on captivate? I got an issue where if I mount the internal SD card, it shows up on the desktop. I can see the content. However, when I tried to copy files (like more than 1) out, I got error and the mount disappeared. Does any one have the same issue? I've...
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    Thread Does Captivate support IMAP?

    I went to setting and account and sync . Then I try to add an IMAP mail account and have no option. All I have is corporate and gmail. Anyone know how to add IMAP and POP3 accounts? Thanks. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I897 using XDA App