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    Thread S3 Neo now available for installing Ubuntu Touch

    In case someone is interested, you can install Ubuntu Touch on the S3 Neo (not DS, s3ve3g only). Device page here:
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    Thread [ROM][Ubuntu Touch - Xenial][30-01-2020] Ubuntu Touch for s3ve3g

    Currently I am porting Ubuntu Touch to the Samsung S3 Neo (s3ve3g) and I am therefore looking for alphatesters. Note: This port is not ready for a daily drive! Note: There is no dual-boot available, you will have to dedicate the device for the time of the test Any interested individuals please...
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    Thread Bluetooth MACs: Stock FW / CM / LOS

    Hello all, I am part of the Ubuntu Touch community and we try to get the port for OPO fixed. Currently we see an issue with invalid Bluetooth MAC addies starting with all zeroes: 00:00:00:00:5A:AD For proper research I would like to have someone with an original stock FW post here, telling me...
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    Thread Ubuntu Touch porting - where to post?

    Hello All, I am trying to re-vive the Ubuntu Touch port for Galaxy S3. In which of the many areas of XDA this would be placed? - Its no official or unofficial Android ROM - its rather like Sailfish OS How to name the thread correctly according to [ROM] etc flags? BR Florian
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    Thread Ubuntu Touch for HOX: A new experiment on an old device

    Hello all, I´m picking up this thread again. Meanwhile long time has passed, but I see that the time is now much better for a working port. There is ubports project, which has a working tree based on CM12.1 and there are some custom ROMs which have ported 12.1 also. So its hopefully just a...