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    Thread samsungapps.apk and samsungappsUna.apk

    Hi, can someone kind enough to provide me these two apks from p7310? I accidentally deleted it during my bloatware cleanup apps process hehe.. Thanks in advance
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    Thread (q) bootanimation

    As the title says, anyone hav tried changing their bootanimation? Can we used apps tht can chg our boot animation on the market? Izzit compatible..? Im getting bored with the defaut se logo, thinking of chging to other boot animation tht is available out there... Thanx..
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    Thread [Q] need Trackid.apk

    guys, can i hav trackid.apk from xperia arc? ive accidentally deleted mine and need it again for song tracking reason.. thanx a lot..
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    Thread [Q] preinstalled apps that is safe to remove? for rooted x8..

    guys, sorry if im asking a wrong question here, but i do need to know which preinstalled apps that is safe to remove? i do hope someone can list out as there are many rooted x8 users now.. thanx guys :D