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    Thread ECG/BP on Android 6

    Hello, I have a Galaxy Watch Active 2 with Tizen 5 on the Korean region. Is it possible to get ECG, or at least BP, working on my Android 6 phone? The APK I found fails to install because it's Android 7+. Thanks.
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    Thread Weather not working on GWA2

    Hey all, I've recently gotten the Galaxy Watch Active 2, and already gotten around to changing the region to KOO. Now have the latest Tizen 5. However, I'm having issues with a few things. Most importantly, the Weather app on the watch wants me to add a location, so I click "add", and it tells...
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    Thread Block app installation

    Hello, I have a daughter and she's using the Galaxy S2, with LineageOS 16 (Android 9) as her phone. I want to block app installation from unknown sources completely, since this is a security threat and she can install anything. I've scavenged Google for about 2 hours and can't find a way to...
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    Thread Best ROM for Le 2 in 2019

    Hello! I am searching for a stable, fast and updated ROM for this phone. Most of the ROMs I've seen have a lot of essential bugs and I want a ROM in which there are no problems with basic features (camera, battery, screen, hardware buttons, IR remote...). Is there any ROM like that, Android 8+...
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    Thread Is ARCore supported?

    Is ARCore supported on this phone? (x526) If yes, how can I flash/install it?
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    Thread Is this phone worth buying now?

    Simple question, simple answers: Is this phone worth getting now for ~80€(~90$)? What are the long term usage problems (if any)? Should I go for a warranty if I plan to root and flash ROMs in the future? Thx for answers;)
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    Thread Looking for app

    Hi, I am looking for a app which will be used for a game (in real life). Here are specs of the game: -People will read NFC tags which will add/remove them score (life, hunger etc.) -NFC tags could be readable only once - this will avoid spamming the app (could be done by writing another data...
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    Thread Lineage 14.1 bugs

    Hi, I found a few bugs in Lineage OS 14.1 and I need to get them fixed. I am very sorry for my noob post and bad english. 1. Loud volume when calling - minimal call volume is SO loud. 2. When installing update of system, it deletes busybox, flashed zips (I must flash them again) and Lucky...