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    Thread ICS rom for CDMA [LEAK]

    Thanks to the Virtuous Team!! Keep the work up guys, we all <3 U! GSM: CDMA:
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    Thread Petition for official Sense 4.0 on our devices!

    Sign it here: (I know I don't own a HTC Sensation, but this also applies to you ;) )
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    Thread Petition for official Sense 4.0 on our devices!

    Sign it here:
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    Thread Sense 4.0 leak

    I just want to raise awareness for this :)
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    Thread [TUT] Port CDMA roms to your GSM

    Hello XDA-members! After I've got some positive feedback in the Evo 3D general section, I will explain how I got the Evo 3D CDMA rom working on my GSM Evo 3D. First of all I'd like to thank the warm team for figuring out what the exact differences are between the CDMA & GSM roms. Also thanks...
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    Thread Porting CDMA -> GSM

    Hello XDA-members, Today I've tried to port over a Evo 3D CDMA rom to the GSM version, with succes! It really isn't that hard. The first thing I wanted to know is what files are acually different in those 2 versions. It seemed the warm team already figured that out, thanks guys!! Then I took a...
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    Thread Android 4.0 SDK system rip

    Here is the android 4.0 SDK system rip! Odex version: Please enjoy! :cool:
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    Thread [Q] New to SGS, I'd like to know some stuff!

    Hi SGS users, Yesterday I've got my SGS, 2nd hand, it works really amazing ^^ I came from a HTC Hero which is also an amazing device, but this is soooo much smoother & faster. Now when I opend the forums, I saw a ****load of roms, with all different kind of number/letter combinations like JVQ...
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    Thread [Q] Similar widgets to those in the pics.

    Hi folks ^^ As you know Apple is going to bring out Ios 5, now I have seen a screenshot of what it looks like, I think it acually looks pretty cool. The one on the right Then a guy in a IRC came up with this picture of touchwiz, Looks pretty much the same.. but as we know touchwiz widgets...
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    Thread Do you like waffelz?!

    YEAH WE LIKE WAFFELZ?! (continue the song :D)
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    Thread [Q] Flickr, photo's of the day

    Hey XDA members! I have a HTC Hero myself, and as we all know, it doesn't run the new SPB-shell, which is really amazing btw. Now my friend has a HTC Desire, and it runs SPB-shell, and I'm just really impressed by the Flickr widget! It gets really nice pictures from Flickr every day, so I was...
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    Thread Overclocking

    Hi XDA members, First of all, I know this has been asked pretty much before, but all those topics were pretty old and dead. That's why I started this thread, to get more up-to-date information. Now my question, is there a app which can overclock the Xperia X1 without problems? No crashes and...
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    Thread YB_SUIMIX - For VillainRom13 *

    Hi VillainRom members, I have mixed up some themes from other phones, resized them, and with result I think! First of all you have to be running VillainRom13, I don't know if it works with any other roms, if you try, it's your mistake if it goes wrong. If you don't have VillainRom13 yet, you...
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    Thread [Q] Why is it that hard to get the camera working on 2.2 Sense UI?

    Hi guys, I have a pretty simple question, why can't we get the camera on 2.2 Sense UI to work? I mean.. we got gingerbread with camera working, so why not Sense UI? And if we port it from the legend, which has a 2.2 Sense UI rom, would the camera work? Or is it because HTC = closed source...
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    Thread [REQUEST] GTX PSD files

    Hey XDA, I'm willing to try to port the GTX theme from windows mobile to android..(at least give it a try) But for this I need the PSD files, or at least, every image the theme uses, I've already tried to copy the images from a .cab file, but no success.. If anyone could give me those files...
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    Thread [THEME] Themed standard android widgets

    Hi folks, I decided to "buy" photoshop, and start editing the standard android widgets, I hope you guys like them :-) The result is there, and I'm really happy about it. Black themed GenieWidget: Should work on both MDPI & HDPI devices, please give feedback for the HDPI devices. Download: -...
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    Thread [HELP] Radio-Rom Name

    Hi XDA, I've Froydvillain on my phone, but my batterylife is really worse, it became bad after i updated a Radio-Rom. It was the Radio-Rom which Orange-UK users couldn't use because it would lock there phone.. Does anybody know the name of this Radio-Rom? Thx Yannick
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    Thread [SOLVED] Widget identification

    Hi XDA, I need some help with identifing some widgets from these pictures: I'd like to know what the messenging widget is called, and what the clock widget is called. Thx for reading! :D gr. Yannick
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    Thread OpenGL livewallpapers closing at our hero's

    Hey XDA members, As most of you have noticed is that the openGL based live wallpapers are closing when you go into standby/sleep mode, or launch a 3D app, like "gallery". I asked it at the Villainrom IRC, and a good developper there told me that it's because our hero's don't have proper openGL...
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    Thread Kind of Touchflo for android

    Hey XDA, I have a question about our Sense UI, it really looks GREAT, but is there a way to make it look like the Touchflo on the HTC HD2? With the slidingbar down there, and when you slide it you get certain tabs with specific information, like weather, news, apps, etc. 2nd question, what is...
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    Thread Why looks the T-Mobile G1 better then the HTC Hero?

    Hey XDA, I was just wondering why there are so many cool things for the T-Mobile G1 and not for the HTC Hero.. Not that there are no cool things for our hero, but the T-Mobile G1 has a less CPU less memory and stuff like that, and they still can get a higher MBflops then the HTC Hero!?!? What i...
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    Thread What launcher is Sensehero 2.1 Build 5 using?

    Title says all, I'd like to know what launcher Sensehero 2.1 Build 5 is using. And if it is possible to apply a livewallpaper-patch. Thx for reading!!
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    Thread extracting kernel from boot.img from Sony Ericsson X10

    hey XDA here i'm again, :P i need some help with extracting the kernel from boot.img i already got system.img and boot.img, i also can covert more files, but i don't think thats a high priority rightnow. check this mediafire map for the files(system.img and boot.img)...
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    Thread Possible to port X10 android to HTC Hero

    hey guys, i just saw this tutorial: and i'm going to try to port a X10 standard rom to my HTC Hero. does anyone know, if i could brick my device? or fk it up so badly i'm stuck at a X10 rom without root anymore?? someone please tell me..
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    Thread Skype apk file

    Hey xda, I have a question, could someone please give me the skype apk file? I know i can get it myself from the website, but atm i'm running slidevillian and then the website thinks i have a t-mobile mytouch 3g and that device is not compatible with lite skype so i can't download it...
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    Thread Set default lock screen on VillainROM 3.4

    Hey XDA, My question is, how to enable the default lock screen on VillainROM 3.4. Like this one: This one: Or this one: Please say to me if this is possible, and what file(s) i need for the process. Thx for reading!:)
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    Thread how to flash radio rom

    hey xda i just have a simple question. how do i flash a radio rom? just rename it to, put it on my sd card, and flash with recovery menu?
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    Thread Animated clocks on android 2.1 sense ui

    hey XDA since a week i got my HTC Hero, and i just found a vid on the sd-card :P which is showing animated clocks. i have flashed villainrom 3.4, and this one doesn't seem to have animated clocks :S i saw a somewere on other forums.. but these where for android 1.5.. can anyone...
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    Thread slow stock musicplayer at villianrom 3.4

    Guys, im having trouble with the stock android musicplayer. It's reaally slow. It is a pretty big problem for me, cause im using it every morning on my way to school.. Does someone have a solution?
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    Thread Pulse Android on HTC Hero

    Is it possible to run Pulse Android on the HTC Hero? i really like the way how the homescreens are managed, that you can scroll horizontal and vertical..
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    Thread What are some great speed inprovements for the htc hero?

    Hey xda, Since 1 day i have my htc hero, it's rooted and runs the custom rom vallinal (something like that :P) Well my question is, how can i inprove my speed of my phone? - Is there a ram hack for more ram? - is it possible to overclock over 528 mhz? Currently i'm using advanced task killer...
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    Thread What will/is better, Hero or Legend

    Hey guys, i just have a simple question, is the legend really that much better than the HTC Hero? Cause i'm about to buy a HTC Hero, but if the Legend will be MUCH better, then i'll maybe take the Legend. Well, what i'm afraid of is the following: the legend will be rooted/released, custom roms...
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    Thread [DEVELOP HELP] how todo a "enter" in android xml code

    hi guys, very soon i'm getting a HTC Hero, and i'd like to develop apps for it. Finally i got the hello world thing working :P but, i've got a question, i want todo a "enter" in my code, like this: hello my name is.. my age is.. here is my code: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>...
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    Thread [18 FEB] New Android on HTC Touch-Dual *NIKI* --UPDATED

    hey guys, for the fun i tried to run Eclair android on my niki, with in my mind it would not work. well i did follow a tutorial which was meant for Kaiser/Vogue/Polaris. then it just booted in Eclair, i made some pictures for you guys to take a look at. Ill also make a vid, with booting in it...
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    Thread [ANDROID] best combination for NIKI

    hey guys, tonight im getting my HTC NIKI back, and i would like to install android on it. i have steen many combinations for the HTC NIKI, but what is the best combination to use? i would like to use the sound, so the music player, and if it is possible the phone function. and it has to be a...