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  1. medicjunKie

    Thread Stuck while sideloading 4.4.1

    phew, nevermind. /n00b
  2. medicjunKie

    Thread No Network Connection, help

    Hey y'all, so story is that I rooted my friends Optimus T. And installed a CM7 P500 rom in it, it booted but with no signal at all. Installed kdz firmware 20 , now this gave him signal, but it doesn't have network connection (no internet) and now under phone settings it says P500 instead of...
  3. medicjunKie

    Thread LG myTouch [e739] Development

    Official LG myTouch Development Thread! Alright guys, this is a thread to talk about Development or just General stuff about the LG myTouch a.k.a e739. This is assuming you already have root. If not: Download Unlock Root (Google it if you don't know what it is) 1、Your device must be in...
  4. medicjunKie

    Thread Is this part of the AOKP roms?

    Hello, i ported a AOKP rom to my device (I've never used AOKP before) So it is that's why that I'm asking the following: In the screen, there's always this small white circle following your/my finger, do any of you have this? So, basically my finger doesn't touch the screen, i have to put the...
  5. medicjunKie

    Thread [DEV][HELP] No Data on GB ROM

    Hello, i have this GB MIUI that i managed for it to boot on my device (LG myTouch) Can anyone help me? Here is the logcat of when i opened the Browser and connecting to The browser itself works, it just doesn't connect to the internet. Any ideas are...
  6. medicjunKie

    Thread [Q] ADB Logcat

    I've been trying this for a few weeks now. ADB doesn't recognize my device when am trying to get a logcat at boot. Thing is, am trying to port a rom. The rom stays stuck at the boot animation, the splash screen, it doesn't boot loop it just stays stuck. So i need to get a logcat to see what's...
  7. medicjunKie

    Thread Help, flashing for the first time

    Alright, so i recently found out that we have a stable(?) nightly of CM7 for the E739. I have my phone rooted, installed CWM. Now, am stuck. Please understand that this is my first time doing anything like this. Can somebody guide me through the flashing process? And what are the chances of...