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    Thread Downgrade from

    I am using a mate 30 pro now with When i try to do a downgrade with hisuite proxy with hisuite 11 i have always error, so i have understood that i need to use hisuite 10 because hisuite proxy is not compatible with emui 11. But now i have a new problem: the apk of hisuite 10 is not...
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    Thread About GMS

    With a freezed GFS to have working push notifications with GMS, Google Pay still works? Google auto? Which are the other things/app that can not work with a freezed GFS? Google Meet is usable? Thanks
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    Thread Petal Maps

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    Thread Vanilla microg and google account

    Please use this fork, instead. It is only GMS Core, and login using "Huawei" Button. :)
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    Thread Huawei email apk

    Hey folks. For my mistake i unistalled huawei mail app! I use that and now i have a problem. Please, someone can post here the huawei mail apk from mate 30 pro? Thanks so much.
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    Thread Huawei email apk

    Hey folks. For my mistake i unistalled huawei mail app! I use that and now i have a problem. Please, someone can post here the huawei mail apk from mate 30 pro? Thanks so much.
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    Thread [Q] Why my fingerprint scanner is so awful?

    Hi, question: i have a Note 10+ with all updates and updated via adb to Android 10 but my fingerprint scanner is still really awful. I have seen all yt video, seen all tuto on how to set the fingerprint but nothing! Still awful, especially when finger is a bit wet. Is there a solution or is it...
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    Thread no more 4g+ on Global mi mix 3

    Hi, this night i flashed last beta build. I see no more 4g+ on my mi mix 3 purchased in europe. I can see now the + simbol only for 1 second and then it disappears. Also lte obviously speed is really slower now. How is it possible that .eu buils caused this problem? And is there a fix?
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    Thread Widevine L3, not L1

    Hi, i have europe/global version, but why Widevine is L3 and not L1 ? It's a shame honestly. Is there a solution?
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    Thread Fingerprint sensor

    Hi folks. is true that the fingerprint sensor is not so good when there is too much humidity and the fingertip is a little damp?
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    Thread Block private numbers

    Hi to all, is there an option to block private numbers with stock dialer?
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    Thread 9.6.20 Dev Global Beta doesn't pass the SafetyNet: cts fails

    Why last 9.6.20 doesn't pass the SafetyNet? I have cts fail and so problems with playstore and app. Mi9 is all stock, no root, bootloader locked. Installed this 9.6.20 through fastboot rom. So is it a problem in this last that will be solved in the next update? Or? What i need to do?
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    Thread Update official rom with Magisk

    Hi to all, if i want to stay on stable EEA version but only rooting with Magisk, what i need to do when a new official update is out? Can i update ?
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    Thread Global Stable to Global Dev

    Hi, i have used XiaoMiTool.V2 to move from EEA to Global Stable but now when it try to manually update to Global Beta (already downloaded it) i have no option to do it in system update. When i click on those 3 points there is not the option to choose file manually. How is it possible? And how...
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    Thread [MI 9 SE] [Xiaomi EU rom] Ok Google bug!

    Ok Google is broken on MI 9 SE with last eu rom version. Every time we store our voice never changes. Like the voice can be stored correctly.
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    Thread Widevine L3 on 9.5.23

    Flashed last 9.5.23 on MI 9 SE and Magisk, but why now Widevine is L3? What i can do to have again Widevine L1 ?
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    Thread From .EU to Stock

    Hi. i want to come back to stock from last beta .eu version. What is the right way? And which software i need to use? Thanks
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    Thread [Recovery] TWRP 3.3.0

    New version available 3.3.0-0 as of about 20190412 for most devices. Maybe useful if we need encryption. Not yet for Poco, hope we will have new version soon :(
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    Thread AI Preload

    Hi to all. I have just installed last official global beta on my new Poco. But i can not found the AI Preload menù/option. Is it normal? I need to install the for that? Thanks
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    Thread Android 9 Pie: will arrive ?

    Hi. I have model CPH1875, when we will have finally Pie?
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    Thread Lag/touchscreen problems

    With last beta update these problems are finally fixed? Thanks
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    Thread Install/flash stock pie and lock again bootloader

    I would flash stock PIe. I have the .tgz file to use with fastboot. But how is the procedure? Thank you for help.
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    Thread MI8 update

    Hi, why no more updates for MI8? Nor stable nor beta.. :(
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    Thread Where is the Developer Beta 8.12.27 for MI 8 ?

    Where is the Developer Beta 8.12.27 for MI 8 ? Why it's impossible to find it? Someone can post the link? Thanks
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    Thread Security app crashes on 8.12.20 global dev rom

    Opening Security app: java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError at Source:0) at Source:57) at...
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    Thread MTP driver

    Hi, someone can post MTP driver for this phone? Windows 10 can not see this device in MTP. The same problem also from recovery. Thanks
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    Thread Face unlock with raise to wake

    Sometimes after the "raise to wake" happens that IR face unlock function remains off. So in these cases i need to use the fingerprint sensor. I have all batteries save options off. Any solutions?
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    Thread In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

    Mate 20 Pro use the first or second generation? I have seen the OP6t and the fingerprint is faster. One Plus says that Mate 20 Pro use the first generation. Is it true?
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    Thread 3D Face Unlock: problem, issue, inaccurate

    Hey, have this phone from yesterday, europe dual sim version. How is for you the 3d face unlock? I feel it's often inaccurate and in these cases it it does not unlock the phone. Also, when i am in a dark room wit a good light behind me it's often inaccurate and, again, in these cases it it...
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    Thread MIUI optimization in Developer Options

    Hey, what you think about this option: MIUI optimization in Developer Options ? Better leave that enabled or switch to disabled? I have read some things but i am not sure what to do with our MI Mix 2S...
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    Thread Global

    MIUI Global 9.5 Stable Having problem with Google Assistant Voice Match and last Google version from Play Store. When i try to configure the Access with Voice Match nothing appears for some seconds and to the end i have this error: Connection problems, check connection and try again...
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    Thread Default scaling governor

    Hey, sorry for stupid question. What is yours default/stock scaling governor from cpuz ? Thanks
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    Thread S9 Plus Firmware

    Hey, more or less when will be out firmware for S9+? Asking this because i want unbrand my S9+. Thanks
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    Thread Problem with Gravity Screen app

    Hi. I have problem with Huawei Mate 10 Pro. The Keep screen on by motion seems broken on this phone. Is there a solution? Edit: seems like the app works only if i open app and keep it in foreground but if from multitasking i switch to a different app, then Gravity stops to work. I obviously...
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    Thread SafetyNet Lineage OS 14.1 by Superluminal

    Hi. I am using last Lineage OS 14.1 build by Superluminal. I nave tried all. All safetynet zip founded in Leeco forum bit i nave always this: How fan solve this? Thanks
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    Thread Ota vky-l09c432

    Which is the last official OTA checking from update system for this model VKY-L09C432? I have had only the OTA 123. But I see with ff also 125 and 130 but not from system update. Thanks
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    Thread Multitasking ram battery optimizations problem

    Hello. I have a few days a Mate 9 latest version. * Already tried elsewhere. Turned off all battery optimizations that could be the problem. The problem: every few minutes, I do not know if 90 or 120 more or less, even if the apps that I want are locked and protected in multitasking and...
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    Thread 4.4.3

    We will have a 4.4.3 ? Some parts in changelog: fix break in data mobile and wifi connection; fix led after lost call; Do you guys have some news from motorola?
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    Thread Battery saving akways off on 4.4.2 and art

    Hi, I am on kk and art. If i switch to on "Battery Saving" it comes back always to off. Is it an art problem? Before to switch to dalvik and re-try, i need to know if others in this have the same problem. Thank you :highfive:
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    Thread Extract firmware

    Ok. I have this firmware: 14.81.2 falcon umts EURetail en.EU This is not available on sfb.droid, one of less not available. This firmware is for Italy, Belgium and Spain. I want simply extract every single partition from my phone to make a complete firmware to flash every time when i need of it...
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    Thread Relock and stock

    Hi, my question is: if bootloader is unlocked, is it possible to relocked it and then re-stock all? I mean how can if i unlocked bl to return to complete stock rom and bl blocked?
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    Thread QUALCOMM release driver adreno for ARMv6 !!!!!!!!!!! :)
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    Thread [OUTDATED] (Dont use...) Recovery simply flashable from odin ;__)

    Hi, someone with linux can make simply a flashable tar for odin for this last recovery for all us? $ tar -H ustar -c recovery.img > recovery.tar $ md5sum -t recovery.tar >>recovery.tar $ mv recovery.tar...
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    Thread [ROM] S5570XWKS2 [09.2011][Android 2.3.5]

    Here we go! New european 2.3.5 release now on sammobile S5570XWKS2 ## TASS.OPS 2.3.5 2011 September BSE
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    Thread [ROM] S5570XWKQG [09.2011][Android 2.3.4] ## TASS.OPS 2.3.4 2011 September new european firmware appears today on sammobile, but i think that it was already in net
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    Thread Android Gingerbread 2.3.4 for Samsung S5570 Mini/Next/Pop is out

    From samfirmware: S5570XXKPI ## TASS.OPS CSC - S5570SERKPI 2.3.4 2011 June 2 Download page
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    Thread Samsung Galaxy Next S5570

    Hi to all,, i bought this phone, my first android. My request: is there some porting of some roms for this phone? hXXp:// PDA : S5570XIKA1 PHONE : S5570XXKA5...